Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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  1. I am very disappointed about your departure from the Hour of Power program... I truly enjoyed hearing your positive teachings each and every Sunday... I was searching for church when I heard you and your positive sermons... Now I am searching again to see if you have an internet sermon or another channel with a Sunday morning church service... I have even recently purchased your bible and I am looking forward to receiving it. I miss hearing you on Sundays and I am looking forward to seeing your church service to aire somewhere in the near future... Please keep us informed. I truly do miss hearing you preach the word of God on Sundays... Thank You

  2. For thirty five years every 6 or 8 weeks I would drive to Garden grove from my home in San Diego. I needed this time. It was very special to me. I was very excited about having you as the new pastor with a stronger emphasis on God's word. You were meant to be there!! You were called, you were God ordained. But then it all changed. Many questions came to my mind. Is this the Schuller church? Why would my pastor, the shepherd of the flock leave without saying a word to his followers which loved their pastor and prayed for him. I have not heard a word yet. I found this very hurtful as many others. I could not continue going back to this church. It is not the same with Dr Schuller getting older. I finally decided what I should do after 35 years of this ritual. I decided to go back to my other church which I left. Why? One man did not build it to end up as a family run ministry. The bishops decide who will be the next pastor of the church. This would never happen in the catholic church as it does in so many protestant churches.
    So... I am not saying WOW but a few hail Marys. I have peace in my heart as I worship the Lord in my church. I have a quiet peace and joy of God's immediate presence I have never had as I pray in mass..perhaps this journey was for a reason.
    But...I sure wish the Catholics knew how to sing!!
    I love you Robert and Donna.
    I pray for you.
    Don't forget St Francis of Assai, "Lord,... make me an instrument of thy Love..."
    Dr Dave

  3. Our family was so excited to find your blog. We have missed you tremendously. We keep you in our prayers and will continue to support you and your family. Best wishes and blessings on wherever your walk with God takes you. You are a wonderful pastor and we love you so much.

  4. Dear Donna this one lettre for your Robert i have not emailaddress
    I have enjoyed the inspiring series now broadcast on ALF.
    My life is not a tragedy but a long story short, even when you receive your pastor if I had read your books and since then my life changed, also because you yourself have been through a deep valley, and then again disappeared from the church where your true faith preached and baptized, how incredible that touched me.
    I'm just 45 now and have finally bought our house nine years after being married and each had our apartment, my wife usufruct of her first husband who is deceased, and I had bought mine when I was still single. So now we have our family and our house every time I try to go to church because am born again Christian since 4 years and that you believed in the Church and in your books, I put that step!
    It is true that I am by your father have come to believe, but am touched by you and me have gone to Jesus.
    Since the new formula in the Church of your father, I follow his services anymore, you still think as a church pastor to found or lead?
    At work, I was also in deep trouble, as garbage if I do not lift heavy burdens, and I was promoting to warehouse after a test I did, but I'm one year at a place where I ended up not feeling well and then I thought of you "life card" and when I saw the uitstipelde, was more positive than it looked in the short term, but believe me since three months I am back changes depot closer to home and I'm very good feel. Still I miss you like sermons and books still i'm Dutch translates to, basically you're my teacher was like thousands around the world, if I say one or the welvaardevangelie of Schuller (father) I had not looked at me and thereby not inspiration, I had never taken the Bible at hand and you never seen on TV, but I'm certainly not the only one thinking that way.
    I am convinced that you were in my plan, that God has for me, and I wish you know.
    I am calling and Flemings, so I write this letter via google translation, hoping that he gets you out and maybe get a réponse.
    Aerssens MARCEL
    VILVOORDE 1800

    PS = I remember a strong moment of one of your services, you had each given a note to make their prayer request to write, and you have all of their prayers, something does not wow everyone.

  5. Robert, my husband and I missed you so much, and now you are in a different location, doing something magnificent with the television network, delivering some messages that we can view along with Bobby's at Saint Patrick's Project and still have you blessing us in our home about 2,000 miles away, while you are blessing mulitudes like us via media, and you, Bobby, and Donna are serving the Lord as you serve others personally. We have missed you, but the Lord was not finished with you and your family is now stronger than ever and reaching so many. May God continue to bless your ministries in the name of Jesus our Lord, and yes, God loves you, and so do we!


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