Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pain on The Mount

 Hi All,
My husband Robert has decided to start blogging and I thought I would also post the sermons he has done in the USA over the past almost two years.  This first one is from August of last year.   This was delivered in our son, Bobby's church:  The Gathering Community in Orange, California.   Enjoy.  You can also go to to see two more.
God is blessing you    Donna


  1. Dear Donna & Robert A,
    I want to Thank you for your Blogs. They are a valuable Blessing to Me. I have been struggling for quit a while. Since about the same time You left HOP & CC.
    My Husband and I watched HOP every week before going and leading our own congregation in Praise and Worship. We always were feed by the Holy Spirit and Robert A's sermons, they gave us the strength to give out when leading worship. We truly Missed that.
    It's so good to see Robert A and Robert 3rd and listen to them both on my computer. We don't get Amer.Life as we live in AR. Would like to see that Happen.
    God Bless you Are prayers are with you. Karen & Gary

  2. We miss you all too. So glad that you found us here!
    Stay tuned...we will post more when we can. Robert is also speaking for Bobby again the end of September so there will be one more sermon of his to post soon! God is blessing you. Donna


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