Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5 Ways To Holiday-Proof Your Health

Oh to be young again!  Circa 2001

Have you ever noticed that cold and flu season starts at the same time as "junk food" season?  There's a reason for that.  Processed sugar and fake foods weaken your immune system and hurt your body's ability to fight of infections and viruses.
We are coming into the season of parties which means more eating and drinking.   This is good fun and good for us, with the exception of an unhealthy temptation to eat and drink more than we should.  Over the years I have collected and practiced some great and easy ways to stay disciplined and healthy over the holidays.
We just passed Halloween and for those of you with young children or grandchildren, you may have already been overcome by temptation  (I was!).   It's not too late!  Start following just five simple ideas and you will arrive this January feeling great and ready to set your goals for 2017.

1)  Prevention-With Christmas and other parties right around the corner you want to write a strategy for handling how you will eat in the weeks and months ahead.  It's funny how us women will spend hours deciding which outfit we will wear, but rarely spend any time considering what we will eat or drink once we reach our party destination.   Have a solid plan before you go.  In fact it's a good idea to eat a healthy salad and drink lots of water before leaving your house.  You won't feel as hungry once you get there and you won't be tempted to eat (as many of) those bacon and potato things or any other high calorie treat!   If it's an appetizers and drinks only party, consider hanging around the fresh, raw food.  You can't get in too much trouble if you first fill your plate with things like carrots and celery. Skip the dressing.   Consider substituting your drink of choice with water every other time.  Example:  if you have a glass of wine then drink a glass of water before you imbibe in your second glass of wine.  Same goes with soft drinks. Again, the water will make you feel fuller so you won't drink so much.  Also, you will stay hydrated which is so very important.  If you are going to a formal dinner party, try to eat half the plate only.  No matter how good it half.  Take one bite of the delicious desert then let it sit.

2)  Relaxation-Shopping, decorating, hosting, baking, children's programs, and any number of things are added to our already busy lives this time of year.  Make sure you carve out some time to center yourself each day.  I like to spend time in prayer and meditation first thing in the morning, even if it's only five-ten minutes.   If you control your stress levels as much as is possible, your body will react in healthier ways and your hormones, including your cortisol levels will stay more balanced.  When you are stressed you actually pack on the fat, and who wants fat!?   Join a restorative yoga class.  I went to my first one last week. A friend of mine plays the cello while the instructor guides the participants to relax and restore.  It was amazing and I felt relaxed and rejuvenated for two days after.

3)  Optimism-This might sound trite or silly but it's important that you actually believe you can and will stay healthy over the holidays.   The way you think affects your decisions and your decisions largely determine the rest.   Picture the person you want to be going into the season.   If there is something bothering you, figure it out now so you can be healthy not only physically,  but also in top shape emotionally and spiritually.  Make amends with that family member who is attending your Thanksgiving meal this year.  Don't just tolerate them, actually find something good about the person and share it before they arrive this year.   See them as God sees them.  Talk gently and in a kind way about everyone, especially yourself.  Be a peacemaker.

4)  Options-Consider what has worked for you and what hasn't.  If hosting your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner has caused you too much stress then think about doing it a different way.  Go out to a restaurant this year.  If you are a control freak who insists on preparing everything (because no one could possibly do it as well as you) think about letting go a bit by assigning dishes for each to bring to your house.  You can even send out the recipe ahead of time if you can't let go any more than that!   I've known hosts who are more concerned with everything being perfect than they are with showing love to their guests.  If you are one of those then please think about what you can do to make everyone feel comfortable and loved.   If you are too stressed and busy to spend at least a little time listening to a relative, a friend, or playing with your grandchildren, then you are doing it all wrong!  People will not always remember how perfect your meal was but they will remember how you made them feel when they were in your home.

5)  Fitness Goals-I know it's tough to stay on your exercise schedule when there's so much going on.   My best advice is this:  put your workouts in your calendar and keep them.   When someone asks you to meet them at the mall and it conflicts with your plans to visit your gym, tell them so.  You can meet them any other time but______(fill in the blank).   Most people will respect you for taking care of your body and you will be a good influence too!   Many of us work and it becomes even tougher to stick to a regular schedule of exercise when holiday extras are tossed in the mix.  You might have to workout earlier or later than you normally do.   This year don't be that person who only shows up to the gym on January 2.  Start will make a huge difference in your life.   And remember.....

"If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail."    Dr. Robert H. Schuller

I am proof that the above strategies work!
If you need help with any of the above I am here to talk to you anytime.  That's what I love to do!
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Monday, October 17, 2016

11 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

1)  Get more sleep.  Most people need 8 hours a night.  Studies show that people who are sleep-deprived tend to eat more because they mess up their metabolisms.  People who get more sleep have less unhealthy cravings during their waking hours.

2)  Forgive (don't forget) and move-on.  Holding on to anger and resentments will cause you to eat more, drink more, be a lesser version of yourself.

3)  Exercise.   Find something you like to do and commit.  Put exercise in your calendar and treat it with just as much importance as your hair appointment, your nail appointment, etc. (you get it!)  Longer isn't better, intensity and consistency are.  (Read my last post about the new science of exercise)

4) Eat more.  A lot of people skip meals or try to drastically reduce their calories in hopes of dropping pounds.  There's scientific proof that just eating the right kind of calories will help you lose weight.  It will also help you with your unhealthy cravings.  Fasting for longer than a couple of days, or severely cheating yourself of calories you need will only put your body into survival mode.  You will get fatter and less healthy.

5)  Work or get involved and participate in a worthwhile project every single day.  You will find more satisfaction and happiness in your everyday life and you won't think so much about eating, except at meal times.

6) Have a small pantry and a large refrigerator and fruit bowl.  You should be shopping every few days because you should consume mostly fresh food.  Stay away from packaged fake food! Do some food preparation ahead of time.   Clean and chop your veggies and put in a place where they are easily accessible.   When you open your refrigerator may they be he first things you see.  "Out of sight is out of mind."

7)  Drink plenty of water and try having a full glass of water when you are feeling low-energy or hungry shortly after eating.  Dehydration can cause feelings of tiredness and also increase unhealthy cravings.  A simple rule of thumb: Divide your body weight in half.  Drink that many ounces of water every day.  Use a BPA free container to travel with.  If you must drink bottled water, keep it out of the heat and the sun.  

8)  Eat protein at every meal.  It's brain food.  Free-range eggs, wild caught fish, and lean, natural grass-fed meats are obvious choices but protein is also found in plants.  Things such as avocado, broccoli, spinach, kale, and peas are all good sources.   Nuts and seeds and legumes are also excellent food choices.   You can prepare a lot of these in advance too.

9) Say "no to drugs."   The medical model in our society is sometimes quick to prescribe that pill for sleep, depression, weight loss... you name it.   Everyone wants a quick fix. Medicine is great for emergencies but every drug you put in your body has side effects.  All of them.   If you artificially alter your metabolism you will pay in many ways, weight management being one way.   If you need help or think you are addicted go to and we will try to help you. 

10) Love others unconditionally.  You don't have to hang-out with them but try to look at others as God sees them.  Remember, "There but by the grace of God go I." If you can't say something nice about or to someone then don't say anything at all.  Hang-up the phone.  Walk away.

11) Pray often and mean it.  There is nothing more shallow than telling someone, "I'll pray for you" if you don't mean it!  I hear those words being thrown around in Christian circles as much as the "Let's do lunch" and never hearing back from the person.   Next time someone asks you to pray for them please try saying something like, "Ok, do you want to pray now?" or just emailing them or texting them a prayer.  Take the time to do this and you will see your life start to change in miraculous ways.  Sometimes the burdens we carry allow us to hold-on to toxic thoughts and toxic waste which affects our waist.   Embrace God's desire to have a relationship with you by first asking Him into your life.  Then communicate with him daily through prayer (talking to God) and meditation (listening to God)

Contact me if you need any help or advice with health issues or family dynamics.  It's what I love to do!

"For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose."  
Philippians 2:13
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10 Minutes To Extend Your Life!

These photos are updated and combined from 1942 and 1962 by Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine. 

For those of you who have read my blogs for a while or who know me, you will know that I love exercise. I like sweat. I like challenging my body, my mind, and my spirit to do more than I think it can.  As part of my practice in the natural health world I have always recommended exercise in conjunction with other lifestyle adjustments.   I have also had to come to a realization that there's a whole lot of you out there who do not like exercise at all!

 I just finished reading the new Time Magazine article, "The New Science of Exercise" and if the results of the studies being sighted in this article are not enough to get you doing some form of physical activity on a regular basis, nothing is!

 The pendulum is finally swinging the other way and younger people in particular are trying to be more natural and more healthy.   I think they know that there's got to be a better way to live.  The first comprehensive study on the striking benefits of exercise is being done now and it's sponsored by the NIH (The National Institute of Health)   If you study medicine and body movement as far back as Hippocrates (400BC) who is known as the father of medicine, you will find that humans have always known, almost instinctively, that exercise is good for them.

Can't do anything about the loose skin but weight-lifting keeps me strong at 60!
 Fast forward to the very early 1900's when a couple of very wealthy families in the USA found a way to sell medicine and make a ton of money.   The story just goes on and gets worse from there.  Here we are in 2016 and people are fatter, sicker, more miserable than ever.  Alcoholism and drug abuse (prescribed drugs as well),  to name just two addictions, are epidemic and things don't seem to be getting any better.  The latest fad diet books are still best-sellers and even for people who do exercise, they just can't lose the weight they should for their health.   Bad, fake food is the culprit combined with too much sugar and /or too many calories.  It  doesn't matter if you ride a bike, hike, play sports, or do any kind of strenuous exercise that burns, say 500 calories a workout.  If you are eating even 600 calories more than you should for optimum health, you are going to start putting on weight.  The latest studies on exercise don't show that it causes weight loss unless it's combined with a healthy diet.

So what does this Time Magazine breakthrough article called, "The New Science of Exercise" say then?  What is the good news?  First off, you need to buy the magazine and read it (I tried to download and provide a link here but they want me to subscribe and I already get the paper copy)  I am providing a few of the stand-out facts from the article below.  These are direct quotes from the genetic metabolic neurologist who is co-leading the study.

1)  "The most  effective, potent way that we can improve quality of life and duration of life is exercise." 
2)  "If there was a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed."   This comment is made after the study of the blood of subjects being drawn and looked at right after completing exercise.
3)  "The scientific benefits of exercise mean slower aging, better mood, less chronic pain, stronger vision, and the list goes on.  These results are real, measurable, and almost immediate."
4)  "Medicine shifted it's focus from the prevention of disease to it's treatment.  In the 1905 Journal of The American Medical Association the authors reported that they mourned how many people were losing sight of the health benefits of exercise."
5)  In this study, "they think they will be able to identify every single molecule in the body that is tweaked or turned-on by exercise."
6)  If you are willing to do HIIT  (high intensity interval training) you will gain the benefits of exercise in as little as 10 mins!  Most are not willing to do "intensive" training because it's just too hard.  I think it's fun and also very effective if you have only a small window in your day. in which to get in your exercise.     I have written a bit about this is the past.  You can read one of my older blogs on "quick"  exercise here.
7)  "Standing more and sitting less is linked to a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, and early death from any cause."
8)  "You can't just walk, you have to do some kind of weight-bearing exercise to reap all the benefits."
9)  "Even very ill people can benefit from exercise.  It can help them get well!
10)  "Some of the best results of the benefits of exercise don't require a gym membership at all."

So if the above was just too much for you because you just do not like exercise,  I am sorry but "it's the facts, only the facts."

Let me know if there is some way I can help you with your health.  Besides being a nutritionist I also hold a second-degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and I love teaching about high intensity, short burst exercises as incorporated in a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Silent Killer

Most of us know that dangers of high blood pressure:  heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and damage to the blood vessels in the eyes, to name a few. High blood pressure can have deadly consequences so you'll want to make immediate lifestyle changes if you've been diagnosed with high blood pressure.  A very successful treatment for high blood pressure is chiropractic adjustment.   This article here lists a study that was done using chiropractic adjustments of the cervical spine and the effects on neck pain and blood pressure.   
Like anything in life, you'll want to find the best possible chiropractor so if you need a recommendation you can contact me and I will refer you to a great one.

 Rarely is low blood pressure mentioned in the media so most don't even think of low pressure as a sign that something might be wrong. For those of us that are athletic we are accustomed to a low resting pulse rate (mine is between 48-58 beats per minute-BPM) and blood pressure on the low side (mine is typically 110/70 with 120/80 considered normal)  Did you know that low blood pressure can also be a warning sign for some serious health problems?  Conditions such as adrenal fatigue, hyperglycemia, or even the onset of diabetes might be a culprit if you have too low blood pressure.
When the blood pressure is not sufficient to deliver enough blood to the organs of the body, the organs do not work properly and may be permanently damaged.  

The older we get the more important it is to know what our blood pressure is and it's now really easy to be proactive and find out, especially if you have any symptoms of hypertension, dizziness or chronic fatigue that are not going away. .  And remember,  lack of symptoms does not mean that everything is okay That's why they call it the "silent killer."

 I was recently introduced to a digital blood pressure monitor by Vive Health. I ordered mine online and it arrived within days.  It's so easy to use because you no longer have to "jump through hoops" hoping to get an accurate reading while you take a person's pulse whilst check your stop-watch and waiting to calculate the results.  This great device does most of the work for you!  Now you don't have to wait weeks to see your doctor because with this latest technology in blood pressure monitors anyone can check their own blood pressure.  The best part is it's very reasonably priced!

 If you are interested in your own digital blood pressure monitor I highly recommend the one by Vive Health (picture above).  You can click here or here for more information.  This knowledge you gain by having your very own blood pressure monitor just might save your life.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge."  Hosea 4:6

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Always Look UP!


I recently had my second go at wake-boarding on Lake Powell in Arizona.  My first time enjoying this fun sport was only three years ago.   I love being able to still participate in athletic activities like this, especially at my age,  and I get really frustrated if I can’t do things well without too much effort.  As I was attempting to stand up and wake board for more than 10 seconds at a time, my host, who was also the driver of his ski boat, yelled out over the water at me to “look up, keep looking up!”   With that one command I was able to achieve several nice rides and I finally dropped the rope (pictured in my last ride above)  because I needed a break! 

As I finished that day’s adventure I was reminded that looking up is a great rule for everything in life. Any endeavor I’ve ever attempted and achieved has involved looking straight ahead or up at the goal in order to stay focused.  Life is filled with many distractions and there’s always something or someone who is trying to tempt us to take our eyes off of our goals.  Stay focused.  If you live your life with faith and hope, while keeping your eyes on your goals,  you will achieve great things.   Look up, and look to God, for he leads to an abundant life.   Always look UP!

Lift up your eyes on high And see who has created these stars, The One who leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name; Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, Not one of them is missing.                 Isaiah 40:26

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