Wednesday, September 16, 2015


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Thursday, September 10, 2015

How To Be REALLY Happy

Since the name of my website and my ministry is Healthy Family Happy Life I do a lot of thinking and writing about the subject of happiness.  Here’s a couple of thoughts from one of my favorite writers:

  ... happiness is unaffected by the constant onslaught of happiness and

“The end (goal) of life is not human happiness; it is human growth. . Growth in character and achievement. Happiness is a by-product of that growth. The universe therefore had to be a semi-hard universe—it had to be sufficiently hard to sharpen our souls upon. Were their no disease, there would be no research to find remedies and thus no growth. No earthquakes then no improvements on buildings being built and no growth. No weeds in our gardens then no need to figure out how to get rid of them…no growth.

This was posted on a wall inside the Manila Times newspaper.

We have to be unfinished masters of an unfinished world. The world is imperfect so we can make the effort to perfect it. In finishing the unfinished we help finish ourselves.” (and pages later): “the goal of the individual as perfection of character and life is not to get to Heaven but to try to bring heaven to earth.” (later in the book) “The goal of human society, then, is the Kingdom of God on Earth. There are thus two goals which are really one-namely the perfected individual in a perfected society. ” 
E. Stanley Jones “Growing Spiritually"

If you want to find some mid-month encouragement and/or learn how to grow spiritually then one thing you can do is to join my husband and I for THE CALL on the 15th of every month at 6pm Pacific time.  Dial 530-881-1300 and key-in 642848#  We have a special surprise this month, September 15th, but join us any month.  Or you an go and listen to our previous CALLS on our podcast at

*Check back in soon for my series on manners, etiquette, and civility.  My friend and author, Julie Ann Ulcikas has been home taking care of her kids or traveling all summer but we are almost ready to post the exciting and helpful series of blogs!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Cleaning

Way back Wednesday!  I decided to post something from 5 years ago!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eat Break-Fast!

 As a health coach I write about issues of health meaning that of the body, the mind, and the soul.  Here's one regarding what you eat (or don't eat!)

For me and my family we have a habit of drinking a "green drink" every morning This drink is blended and filled with fresh green vegetables, a combination of healthy fats, (coconut or avocado are my go-to)  high-quality protein powder, water and ice cubes.   In addition I may or may not have an egg or two, either scrambled in coconut oil, poached, or made into an omelet containing more of the same healthy greens.  I am satisfied for hours because my body is getting real food and it is happy about that so I have no cravings and I begin the day energized and ready to face whatever comes my way.
Remember that breakfast can be called break-fast.   That's are breaking an overnight fast.   Most likely you have not eaten all night and your insulin levels will be all out of sorts if you leave the house without adequate fuel.  In turn your stress hormones will be messed up and once this happens you are setting yourself up for a potential cascade of health issues in body, mind and soul.
Please eat breakfast!!
*join me for The Call this coming Saturday, August 15th at 6pm Pacific Time.  Dial 530-881-1300 and key-in 642848#  We will be interviewing Daniel Brigman, the founder of NuManna Foods. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Watch Your Tongue!

 "For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"   Matthew 12:34
As a health coach I try very hard to balance the issues of body, mind and soul.  Learning to, and encouraging others to speak with honesty and kindness is an important piece in putting the whole health puzzle together so for the next few weeks I will be writing about manners, etiquette, basic civility, and healthy, constructive human behavior.  I just interviewed an expert on the subject, my friend Julie Ann Ulcickas, who has published a book, "Urbanity Fair, An Abbreviated Guide to Modern Manners" and I will begin writing about my time spent with her next time.  I know you will be inspired, informed, and helped in some way by her words and her simple yet profound advice.  

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary the word civility means: polite, reasonable, and respectful behavior.  In my opinion our society has swung so far in the other direction as I observe many individuals who do not exemplify the cited behaviors listed in the definition of the word.  It seems more and more people these days speak, write, and use their words as weapons, to break-down or even try to destroy anothers reputation, sense of self-worth, or feelings of security.    As public figures for many years I know that my family and I have been hurt by unkind and destructive written words, many of which are untrue.  Some have also been opinions of our work or our looks which are mean-spirited and not helpful in any way.  If  you've had this happen to you or your family you may know what I'm talking about.

You've heard the saying, "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me." In truth, often times the words that come our of our mouths can cut much deeper and injure much greater than most physical harm we may experience.

With the proliferation of the Internet and social media sites it seems even easier for some individuals to sling angry, hurtful, thoughtless, and irresponsible words around.  Words they would rarely say to another person if they were face-to-face.  Words that are forever;  as if they published a book and had it registered with The Library Of Congress.  Angry, demeaning, unforgiving rhetoric posted on people's social media pages, "Tweeted out," text, or which are penned on any one of the numerous digital newspaper comment sites can do much to destroy someones reputation, or even worse, can negatively affect their feelings of themselves to the point where we've even seen some young people tragically take their own life.   Those who criticize and put others down in such brutal ways do not embody emotional health themselves.  They attempt to "level the playing field" and they try to bring others down to their level by saying disparaging things to and about them.

How can we make a difference in this "playground of bullies?"  To begin with we must model what it looks like to lift others up by speaking edifying words and showing kind and helpful deeds.   We need to teach and witness to them:  "A rising tide lifts all boats."  We must teach our children, our grandchildren, and other young people who are influenced by us that words are forever and once spoken or written are very difficult to take back.  Like squeezing-out a tube of easy to come out but try putting the toothpaste back in the tube.
"Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing."  Proverbs 12:18

Let's be part of a solution and demonstrate what it looks like for people to treat others with respect and love.  Let's start by only speaking and writing kind and polite words to one another.  The health of our communities, our state, our nation, and our world depends on it. 

"But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."    Matthew 12:36-37  

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