Saturday, August 10, 2019

Healthy Dietary Supplementation

There are so many companies promoting nutritional products and many of them are good.   For every good company, there's probably 100 not so good!

 I use and I trust the Metagenics neutraceutical company because of the certifications and quality assurance I receive from this 30-year old company.  

Here's all the information you need to know that what you're ordering is the very best quality:

Metagenics Quality Assurance Statement

Here's the link to my online store for all of your supplement needs:

Donna Schuller's, Healthy Family online store

If you need coaching or help with selecting the correct supplements, please contact me and I will guide you.   You can also go into my online store and research each individual product there.  If you want extended nutritional and health advice my first 30-minute phone session is free!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Success and Goal-Setting

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? If you are like most people you have dreams, goals, and aspirations that have not yet been met. Maybe fear of failure is holding you back or maybe it’s a little thing called money? Sometimes it’s even the fear of success and you don’t really want to change things up in your life. Or perhaps you’re thinking, “I’m too old.” 
Whatever it is that is holding you back from accomplishing your goals and moving into a more successful future, you can take that first step. Set a goal, make a list of all the reasons you should go for it, and then start. Just do one thing today that will move you closer to your feelings of success in reaching your goal. Then, as soon as you accomplish step one, go to step two, then three, and so on. If you miss a day don’t dwell on your failure, keep focusing on what you do want and keep moving forward. Soon you will see that the goal becomes clearer and more possible. Make sure you ask trusted people to help you along the way. At first, it might seem a tough thing to do but most people like sharing worthwhile goals. Once you get the positive feedback you will create momentum for a positive cycle of success. I ask again, “what would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Make a list and start today!

Maybe your goals include health and balancing work, family and taking care of yourself.  I am passionate about providing helpful, practical information while I help guide you to finding a new path and becoming the best version of you ever!  
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Saturday, August 3, 2019

The One Word That CAN Change Your Life!

How many times have you been told, “don’t forget lunch,” or “don’t forget the birthday,” or how about, “don’t forget where you parked your car?”
The world is full of negative messages and even well-meaning parents, grandparents, co-workers, or friends can innocently speak words of doom and failure into us. 

Here’s the truth:  our brains cannot properly decipher a negative.  If you tell yourself what not to do, your brain really hears the action word and it will more than likely do that!  When you or someone else says, “don’t forget_____(fill in the blank), your brain hears…forget!And there’s a good chance you will forget whatever it is.

Recently, when parking at my local airport, as I got on the elevator, I saw a sign that made my day (and helped my brain!). The signs mounted on each floor of this parking structure read, “Remember Level Three,” “Remember Level Four,” etc.  Whoever thought-up and had those directives prominently posted understood brain health and comprehension much better than others who are responsible for the typical signs I read in most public places.  Most people and places always tell you not to forget!

It’s really simple once you get it.  The well-known motivational speaker Denis Waitley calls it the “R2-D2.” In his best-selling book, “Seeds of Greatness,” he uses the example of a professional baseball player who typically tells them self where to hit the ball when they’re up at-bat.  Not where not to hit it!  They have a much better chance of the ball going wherever their mind tells it to go. Guess what?  Your life is the same way.  Tell yourself what to do and start seeing positive results.   Tell yourself to “remember” (this, that and all things in life).  Always remember that your thoughts are way more powerful than you know. 

Need help telling yourself what to do!  I can help you.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Mental Health Checklist

If you find yourself feeling blue, agitated, or just not 100% on your emotional game lately, there are a few things you can do that will help.

1)    Pray. Spend a few minutes in meditation and prayer each morning before you start your day. Even 5 minutes of quiet time will make a huge difference.
2)   Breath.  Take deep cleansing breaths in and out.  Practice this several times a day.  Deep breathing will help your cortisol levels which in turn will lower your stress.
3)   Exercise.  If a daily walk is all you do, change it up. Vigorously walk up hills or stairs or run a few yards off and on.  Install the “7 Minute Workout” on your phone and add that to your schedule.  Slowly increase the time until you can do 3 or more cycles of the workout.  When you get used to it, change it up again. 
4)   Sleep.  Most people are sleep-deprived and don’t know what to do about it.  All of our “smart devices” are playing havoc with our health, one way is by interrupting our sleep.  Don’t look at your screens 2 hours before you plan on sleeping; 1 hour minimum. 
5)   Diet.  Eat meals that are unprocessed, and include raw, organic food as minimally prepared as possible.  Avoid chemicals contained in most sauces and salad dressings.  Consume all caffeine before noon.  Things like colas and chocolate are culprits too.  Not only will they affect your mood, but later, your sleep, which in turn affects your mood.  
6)   Self-inventory. Your mental health will improve when you are proactive. Spend time examining your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Be courageous and make those tough changes that will help you become a better version of yourself.  Seek professional help when you need it.  

Let me know if I can help.  You can email me at

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

3 Ways to Become a Better Version of YOU

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

If you are guilty of talking more about people, or even events, instead of ideas and other great things found in living, I suggest you implement three things that will transform your life. 

1)    Travel.  By airplane, by train, or by car.  Often, I meet people who give off the vibe that they are more important than those who live in other  places in the nation, or in the world.  Take caution, narrow mindedness, judgmentalism, extremism and bigotry can occupy the minds of those who have limited knowledge of how God’s presence and love spans the globe. God doesn’t love anyone more or less than the person who makes a living sweeping floors in the Midwest or who stands on the side of the road selling bananas in Africa.  

2)   Get a job.  If you don’t need the money, then work for spiritual and emotional growth. (It will also help you physically) If you don’t travel because you “can’t afford it,” save some money in a travel fund.  In just a year’s time, you can go almost anywhere. If you don’t need money, then volunteer. Go to the local thrift store and put in a few hours a week.  Engage with the people who shop there.  Learn their stories. It will transform your life. 

3)   Turn off the news and forget about politics until it’s election time. The constant barrage of negative messages, dispersed via social and traditional media, is exhausting and divisive.  If you don’t use social media for work, consider abandoning it altogether.  Get a social media private family account for sharing photos and other kind, loving information.  

If you need help sorting all this out please contact me and I will give you practical steps you can take that will help you a lot! 

Monday, July 15, 2019

You Still Have Time to Accomplish Your 2019 Goals!

It’s July, and 2019  which means you still have almost 6 months to accomplish the goals you set for yourself back in January! Here are some simple steps that will help you finish a productive year:

1) Write your goals down. Remember- “if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail.” Handwrite them first and then put them on a word doc. Your brain will process the goals differently if you engage your motor skills. It’s like writing them on your brain.

2) Prioritize and categorize. Always list what you do want.

3) Keep your goals visible. Post them in a few different areas where you will see them several times a day.

4) Be accountable. Share your goals with your family and your best friend. Accountability helps you stay the course.

5) Review your goals periodically. As weeks and months go by, scrutinize your goals. Your circumstances may change in any number of ways throughout the year. Update individual goals or eliminate those that are no longer essential.

6) Reward yourself for achieving each goal. Upon accomplishing a well-earned goal, treat yourself with something you’ve wanted. Maybe it’s a new pair of shoes or lunch out at your favorite restaurant. Maybe it’s making a donation to the charity of your choice. Celebrate your accomplishments.

7) Rework goals that seem too difficult to reach. If you find a goal that seems impossible to initiate, re-write that goal in a way that makes achievement possible.
8) Be a goal-setter for life. It’s never too late to start, or, to start over.

By following these steps, you will be more likely to achieve whatever you set your mind on!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Set Your Goals for 2019 Today!

As of today, there are 296 days left in 2019!  So much time and so much to accomplish.  I sure hope by now you've not only got your goals clearly written (on paper and in your heart). If not, it's not too late!  Your goals should include categories like mental, spiritual, and physical health, as well as relational and professional goals.  If you need help with this, it's what I love to people determine, proclaim, and then implement their goals for the year.  

My late, great father-in-law used to say, "if you're failing to plan, you're planning to fail."  If you have no firm goals then you will be tossed this way and that, never having your mind, your heart, and your all, committed to anything.  

Contact me for one or more phone meetings so we can work together to map out your goals. Get going today!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Is your workplace hurting your waistline?

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control finds that not only is it common for us to get food at work, but that the food we eat while in the office is “high in empty calories, sodium, and refined grains, and low in whole grains and fruit.” Respondents averaged 1,080 food calories at work in a given week, with soda, sandwiches, chips, donuts, and pastries making up more than a third of those calories. 
The way we work can also make us more aware of our food choices. It’s common now for folks to eat lunch in front of their computer, but doing so makes us less aware of what we’re eating.

The moral of the story:  bring your own food to work and exercise discipline when passing by the donut bar.  If you are a supervisor or own your own business,  be concerned for your fellow employees' health.  Clean up the workplace and provide only nutritious food and drinks. If someone wants to bring junk food from home, that's their choice.  Don't provide it!

Need help eating healthier?  Email me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Be Careful About Discussing Weight-loss Goals With Children

2019 has arrived, people have already joined and dropped out of the gym, weight loss clinics are packed. Dieting is looked at as common-place. Aspiring to be more physically healthy is wise and admirable, but caution should be used when discussing your weight or dieting, in front of your children.  According to Maura Hohman, as written in People Magazine, “Research has shown that kids whose parents talk about weight are more likely to have negative feelings about their bodies and experiment with unhealthy dieting behaviors.  One study looked at fathers and mothers with sons and daughters around 14 years old, finding that kids are more likely to control their weight in unhealthy ways and binge eat if their parents talk about weight loss in their presence. Another study indicated that parents who talk about controlling weight are more likely to raise high schoolers who are dissatisfied with their bodies. ‘When parents are over-focused on weight, body image, and dieting, it can lead to disordered eating, and can worsen [your child’s] weight status’ explains Dr. Stephen Cook, associate professor of pediatrics and internal medicine at the University of Rochester & Golisano Children’s Hospital.”

If you have weight-loss goals state them in terms of health and not appearance.  For instance, “I’m going to start going to the gym because I need to get stronger and have more energy and exercise will help me.” Or, “I’m going to replace my morning donut with eggs because the sugar in the donut is making me have a stomach ache and I want to feel great.”   Set your weight-loss goals but be careful how you talk about them in front of your children.  One way is helpful, the other may hurt your children in the long run.  

If you need help with any kind of health issues;  body, mind, soul, you can contact me and I can help you.  I am a certified coach and I spend my days helping people find health in all three areas.