Monday, October 17, 2016

11 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

1)  Get more sleep.  Most people need 8 hours a night.  Studies show that people who are sleep-deprived tend to eat more because they mess up their metabolisms.  People who get more sleep have less unhealthy cravings during their waking hours.

2)  Forgive (don't forget) and move-on.  Holding on to anger and resentments will cause you to eat more, drink more, be a lesser version of yourself.

3)  Exercise.   Find something you like to do and commit.  Put exercise in your calendar and treat it with just as much importance as your hair appointment, your nail appointment, etc. (you get it!)  Longer isn't better, intensity and consistency are.  (Read my last post about the new science of exercise)

4) Eat more.  A lot of people skip meals or try to drastically reduce their calories in hopes of dropping pounds.  There's scientific proof that just eating the right kind of calories will help you lose weight.  It will also help you with your unhealthy cravings.  Fasting for longer than a couple of days, or severely cheating yourself of calories you need will only put your body into survival mode.  You will get fatter and less healthy.

5)  Work or get involved and participate in a worthwhile project every single day.  You will find more satisfaction and happiness in your everyday life and you won't think so much about eating, except at meal times.

6) Have a small pantry and a large refrigerator and fruit bowl.  You should be shopping every few days because you should consume mostly fresh food.  Stay away from packaged fake food! Do some food preparation ahead of time.   Clean and chop your veggies and put in a place where they are easily accessible.   When you open your refrigerator may they be he first things you see.  "Out of sight is out of mind."

7)  Drink plenty of water and try having a full glass of water when you are feeling low-energy or hungry shortly after eating.  Dehydration can cause feelings of tiredness and also increase unhealthy cravings.  A simple rule of thumb: Divide your body weight in half.  Drink that many ounces of water every day.  Use a BPA free container to travel with.  If you must drink bottled water, keep it out of the heat and the sun.  

8)  Eat protein at every meal.  It's brain food.  Free-range eggs, wild caught fish, and lean, natural grass-fed meats are obvious choices but protein is also found in plants.  Things such as avocado, broccoli, spinach, kale, and peas are all good sources.   Nuts and seeds and legumes are also excellent food choices.   You can prepare a lot of these in advance too.

9) Say "no to drugs."   The medical model in our society is sometimes quick to prescribe that pill for sleep, depression, weight loss... you name it.   Everyone wants a quick fix. Medicine is great for emergencies but every drug you put in your body has side effects.  All of them.   If you artificially alter your metabolism you will pay in many ways, weight management being one way.   If you need help or think you are addicted go to and we will try to help you. 

10) Love others unconditionally.  You don't have to hang-out with them but try to look at others as God sees them.  Remember, "There but by the grace of God go I." If you can't say something nice about or to someone then don't say anything at all.  Hang-up the phone.  Walk away.

11) Pray often and mean it.  There is nothing more shallow than telling someone, "I'll pray for you" if you don't mean it!  I hear those words being thrown around in Christian circles as much as the "Let's do lunch" and never hearing back from the person.   Next time someone asks you to pray for them please try saying something like, "Ok, do you want to pray now?" or just emailing them or texting them a prayer.  Take the time to do this and you will see your life start to change in miraculous ways.  Sometimes the burdens we carry allow us to hold-on to toxic thoughts and toxic waste which affects our waist.   Embrace God's desire to have a relationship with you by first asking Him into your life.  Then communicate with him daily through prayer (talking to God) and meditation (listening to God)

Contact me if you need any help or advice with health issues or family dynamics.  It's what I love to do!

"For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose."  
Philippians 2:13
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