Friday, April 17, 2009


Waiting, waiting, waiting! How much time do we all spend waiting?
Maybe you have heard that we should "not be anxious for anything but through prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God" Some of you will know that this is a Bible verse found in the new testament book of Philippians, Chapter 4, verse 6. If you're anything like me maybe you also find that sometimes this is a tough thing to do!
It seems like life is sometimes full of delays. I'm sure you have probably experienced some kind of waiting lately, one of those "adventures" supposed to build patience!
I had two of those incidences just today. First of all I went to the airport to pick up my husband, Robert, and his plane was forty minutes late. As is common at most airports these days I wasn't allowed to pull up to the curb and wait and I was too cheap to pay for parking. So, what to do? I ended up exiting the airport maneuvering to about a block away where I managed to find a free parking spot in a small office complex. From there, windows rolled down, light breeze on my face, I had the enjoyment of watching the planes take-off and land. Let me explain that airports hold a special place in my heart. My dad was a commercial airline pilot so I have very fond memories of not only watching jets take-off and land but also actually siting with him in the cockpit during flight. I also spent eight years as a flight attendant in my twenties. But today I sat grounded, windows down, my little Maltese dog on my lap (yes I've turned into one of those who takes their dog in the car with them!) Of course I was disappointed that Robert's flight was late as I was very anxious to see him. Never the less his delay provided me a memorable experience. I was able to stop all the busyness and actually think! For twenty minutes I reflected on the past, enjoyed the present moment, and dreamt of the future. By the time I drove up to greet Robert I was completely relaxed and thankful for his delay.
Next waiting game I played today has to do with my video blog. My videographer, Bobby, dedicated a few hours to me yesterday and we had a lot of fun taping my next two videos. The only challenge was he only had a few hours last night to edit and post one. He left for an all-day educational meeting today with a new web designer that is helping him design our new St. Patrick Project website. He called to let me know that he didn't get my video posted yet and probably won't until at least tomorrow. I hope you all don't mind but I am once again writing.
What's the point here? I think it's just that things don't always go the way we planned. However, when your best-laid plans come undone find something productive or worthwhile to do during your delays. Take a walk this weekend. Read a book. Smell the flowers of Spring! There is a lot to thank God for!

Happy the person, and happy they alone,
Who can call today their own,
They who, secure within, can say,
"Tommorrow, do thy worst, for I have lived today" John Dryden

Until next time, God IS blessing you! Donna


  1. Hello Donna,

    Please do not feel that we would mind that you are "writing again" as opposed to you and Bobby getting a new video up for us to watch.

    Certainly, I would love to hear your kind words and wise thoughts and see your honest expressions but I can hear your words in my mind and see you as you might have spoken to the video camera, your voice and expressions are that impressionable from your several appearances on TV or on-line in this Blog.

    I confess I am feeling guilty myself as I seem to have been the first to post on each of your blogs! Of course, being in Eastern time zone in Toronto, Canada gets me on-line while the West is still sleeping, perhaps.

    Your comments of how sometimes a delay can become a respite from busyness certainly resonates with me and I am glad you spoke on this today. I wonder how many of those reading may have, like I, found themselves diverted in their plans when someone called them to watch Britain's Got Talent with Susan Boyal, the middle-aged woman who had the judges and audience amused that a stereotype "who was about to make a fool of herself" sang not like her clothes and hair and unsofisticated bantor suggested she might so do. How many of us all need to see what we think we need to see to believe we are getting the best and not being 'short-changed' by having a less than perfect setting or scenario. What a wonderful
    wake-up to how God shows us the beauty in that woman's voice, honesty and caring spirit despite her hard life.

    I will look forward to the videos of you and thanks for your blog reminder of how God has many rewarding opportunities available if we stay "open" to the possibilities that are there for the taking.

    Have a wonderful spring weekend, Donna, as will I, now it has begun so well "reading" your blog!

    With Love and Shalom

  2. Hello there from Australia. I don't mind either too. I think that it is good having a mixture of videos and articles Good on you taking your dog in the car with you for a car trip by yourself. I used to do the same when we lived in Melbourne.
    Oh I love that photo God bless
    you both. That photo has cheered me up a lot. Barbie Maple Brisbane Australia

  3. Hi Donna

    I'm glad to see two happy faces and reading your interesting post.

    Much heart and Gos's blessings, Rosemarie

  4. Hi Donna,
    Whether it be video or written word I don't mind at all as long as we know you and Robert are still ministering to us. Thank you for the photo it was wonderful and I can see you are now finally happy and at peace.

  5. A wonderfull smile , a wonderfull life, a wonderfull tomorrow.

    Greets from the Netherlands

    Jeroen Kokke

  6. Hi Donna and Robert,

    I treasure anything you have to minister to us whether by video or blog. I agree that waiting is NOT a fun thing. Sometimes God grounds us into that "holding pattern." Thats REALLY not fun! :) I am so glad you got to rest and relax and live in the moment in that car with your awesome little doggie!
    Oh, just a side thought. I saw Susan Boyle sing her audition on You Tube this week many times. I was just blown away. As a woman of 'plus size' too, I was concerned about people's reactions at first. As a singer, I was I know she was in a presssure cooker as its not an easy song to sing. God has given her an amazing gift. She has inner beauty, which is the most important thing.
    I pray God blesses her and transforms her life inside and out.( I have lost 40 pounds so far. I know its important for her health too.)
    Anway, I am rambling here :)

    blessings today! Please keep writing and taping.

    (from NC)

  7. Hi Robert & Donna:
    So good to see your happy faces once again. Now that was worth waiting for. And I agree please keep writing and taping. You are right there is always a blessing to be found if we just have the patience to wait and watch for it. Till next time God Bless you both.

  8. Hi Robert and Donna,
    Oh what beautiful faces in that photo! You have both been a blessing to us...and any word spoken or written is appreciated. With all that is going on in your lives, we don't mind waiting at all. Your photo was worth a million wouldn't have had to write a thing. Bless you both. Carol and Dave from Fish Creek Door County

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  10. jlsclemens said...
    Hello Donna and Robert,
    I agree, it's nice to see your smiling faces.
    Waiting comes easy for me, maybe too easy. It has become a way of life! I tend to stand back while everyone else goes ahead. I've smelled all the flowers and admired the sunsets.I must rely on God's timing, and move forward like everyone else. ;)

  11. Hi Donna,
    It is a blessing to be able to read your inspiring words or to watch your video. I'm grateful either way. Please don't stop!
    God bless you, Robert and your family.

  12. Hi Donna and Robert.
    I agree with you Donna that there is a lot to thank God for. To see your happy faces, I thank God for that! Reading your wise words, listening to your voice I thank God for that also.
    Looking forward to next Friday.
    Take care and God bless you both.

    With much Christian love,
    Ria (The Netherlands'

  13. Donna: Can't wait to see what God has in store for you and Robert. As you know, we don't always know why we go through what we do until later on when we look back and know that we had to go this road for a reason to get to another place. God Bless and we miss you both on TV. Lynn from Maryland (met you at a book signing)

  14. Donna, I so enjoy your blog. Whether written or videoed, your words are inspiring. God bless your new ministry.

    Love in Christ Jesus,

    Billie Ruth

  15. Jim @ NZ
    Just got your email and blog address. They are marvellous and now we can keep up to date with you, Robert, Bobby, Hannah AND St Patrick!
    Ina and I will be ammong your supporters from "the Land of the Long White Cloud". Prayers, emails and Blogs overcome the distance.
    Blessings > Jim Hamilton

  16. I prefer the written blogs..have an old slow computer I use most of the time. I am looking forward to the new site about your new ministry.

    Please refresh my memory..Donna, have you written your lives story? If not, won't you or at least a bit of it on a site. Thanks.

    OK, last thing...I appreciate your down to earth, every day approach to this blog. I am not a religious person and do not read "preaching and better than thou" writings. As you can see, I never miss your posts. ;)

  17. Greetings and Happy Spring to you Donna!

    As I am teck-na-logic-ly challenged, I often meet with obstacles opening video/audio blogs, so your written words are my choice anyway! So happy to see you and Robert smiling and well. Missing him and his messages each week does not get easier as time passes. I am eager to support him in his new endeavors...the St. Pat's Project sounds like what should be happening in each and every community and possibly Orange County could be a model for the country.
    In His Love, from me to you..Pam Hess

  18. I'm deaf, so anytime you post of video I'm unable to hear what you say. It would be good if there was a way to caption your video messages. Is that possible? If not, then it would be nice if a transcript was made available and provided as an option for people like me, or to others who have dial up or prefer to read what you say.

    My wife and I look forward to what God has planned for you both. We sure do miss Robert's preaching and his awesome positive spirit on Sunday morning. God bless you both in all you do for His Kingdom. You are in our prayers

  19. Thank you for that great advice Gary and I will look into it. You are my second deaf friend that I know is following my blog. I appreciate your suggestion and I will see how I can do this!

  20. Donna,
    You are so right about waiting.

    It is worth pondering that much if not most of the Christian life is waiting. Even Abraham and Sarah waited for 25 years for Isaac.

    In this fast paced world waiting is so hard, yet it is as you say, during waiting that God is preparing blessings.

    Thanks for the good thoughts, glad i found the sight



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