Friday, May 1, 2009

Grandma's Gratitude


  1. Thanks once again Donna for your great point of view in God's favour! May God bless you abundantly for your blog. "God is in control. "Rosemarie

  2. Inspired always. Youre message is a duplicate the way i am watching my Sons Eli, Ilja and Ezra growing up in a world that is not easy to deal with. They inspired me to build my own company with such a pride and believe in them and myself. Just watch the youngsters and love is and will be always avialable for everyone. In believe and trust in and for God my life and hopefully everyones life is to beautiful and always with a positive light.
    Thank you Donna. God bless.




  4. Your message today brought nice memories back to me.

    I was reminded of my grandson at about age
    2 1/2 pulling me back as we walked along our street holding hands and he stopped firmly, adament that I slow down and stop!

    He was looking down at the clover flowers,something I admit to having not even recognizied as a "flower". I was too in awe of our neighbour's huge peony blossoms!

    It does seem the youngest and the oldest of us notice the detail that many times is missed by some of us.

    Thanks for your story and pictures of your Grandmother. It all brought me that great memories of time with my Grandson Westley who we had to trust to the arms of Jesus before he turned 3. Stop and smell the flowers he taught me or as Simon & Garfunkel sang, "Slow down, Your're moving too fast, You got to make the morning last".

    God truly is blessing us all through your messages!

    Jan-Michael (Canada)

  5. My husband and I live on a farm, one of the few left in our area outside of Baltimore and DC and we sit up kind of high and we have the blessings of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, or deer in the fields, or geese flying on the pond. I feel blessed every day to be able to see God's creations all around us. I agree, "Thanks Be To God."

  6. Thank you for that lovely video
    I was brought up by my grand-parents. Recently when I was in hospital for a week for the last night I was asked if I would shift rooms to let a lady who was sicker th an I was to have my room This I did. I looked out a window near my new room. I suddenly realized that I could see something that I had
    missed for nearly a week. I thought to myself "What is that
    Barbara" The I realized what it was. It was trees. From my
    window in the room where I had been for nearly a week I couldn't see any trees and from this room I could God bless you all Good on you Donna Barbie M

  7. Hi again Donna. First I didn't recognize the hint to other beautiful video messages. I was so concentrated on your own message. I was a kind of diving in your significant words. As I listened again I opend my eyes more, saw your nice dog in the background and this videos. Thanks again for all the things you are doing for the world. You are GREAT DONNA!!! - Blessings, Rosemarie

  8. Yes Donna, thanks be to God.I noticed a tiny little yellow bird in my yard this morning, making a nest, oh so pretty. I hope that I'll be able to watch the little ones fly out because tomorrow me and my husband and son are leaving for Canada (BC) to visit my oldest sister. A surprise trip from my husband. My sister is 20 years older than me.(79) She is the oldest and I am the youngest out of
    1 brother and 5 sisters. The ones in between have unfortunately passed away so I alway have to travel 9 hours and a bit more to visit my sister and I THANK God that she is still in good spirit and her husband, and that we are able to see her again Lord Willing tomorrow.
    Thanks Donna and all of you brothers and sisters in the Lord for praying for my friend.
    Thanks Donna for your heart warming words, you truly are a good example for all of us.
    Blessings and much Christian love from Ria

  9. Hi Donna, Again shows the qualities you have and lessons all must learn.

    I am still waiting for Robert to contact me to support his new challenges, he was the communicator who showed me the light which I have followed every since and I owe it to Jesus to be there for him in this time of need.

    I am sure his heart will guide him and I am here.

    God bless, Sherin

  10. Thanks for your nice blogs Donna. If you like and have time follow my blogs too:

    God bless you all,

    Hans Zellenrath,
    The Netherlands.

  11. Hi Donna,
    How was the trip of youre son to the Netherlands. Has it been worked out the way he expected?

  12. Anthony is still there with Jan von den Bosch! He is having a wonderful time. I am so sorry to hear of the attempt on the Queen's life. God was protecting her. Donna

  13. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for another inspiring video! I recently had cataract surgery and I not only thank God for getting me through the surgery with no problems but also for restoring my eyesight. Everything so much brighter and colors are so awesome! I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy all the colors that come with spring!
    Thanks be to God!
    God bless and take care, Debi

  14. Donna,

    I find such joy in the so-called little things of life. Your Grandma sounds so much like the Grandma I had. I was her shadow. She taught me so much--espeically about the love of Jesus and the Bible.
    Thank you for the sweet reminders

  15. To everyone reading this blog.
    Today is a memorial day in the Netherlands. On this every year special day our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of the second world war. Our Queen is very present with her oldest Son in Amsterdam. Dispite the attempt on her life on 30 April. This means a lot to all the Dutch.
    Please think and pray with us en remember.
    Thank you all.

  16. Donna,
    I had a wonderful grandmother and I think about her often and miss her so much. She and my Grandfather taught me to appreciate the simple thing in life when I was a child. Gramps would entertain my sibling and I by making a big leaf pile and we'd jump in it. He would take us on nature walks through the woods where we would taste spearmint leaves, listen to the pond gurgling and touch "touch me nots"(flowers that pop when you touch them). They would play card and board games with us and roast hot dogs in the fireplace in the winter. I grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors and nature because of them. I gave each of my grandparents a card thanking them for the influence they had on my life and how much I appreciated them. I'm so glad I did that before they died. Grandma died in 1982 and Gramps lived to be 102 yrs. young with all his mental facilties in tact. I feel blessed to have had them in my life. What a gift from God. Mary Alvarez

  17. Hi, What great memories you have. I forgot to say in my video that my grandma lived to almost 101! She learned a lot in those years. Donna

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  19. Jeroen, Thanks for letting us all know that today is Netherland's Remembrance day and I shall keep your heroic people in my thoughts and prayers.

    Queen Beatrix is so kind and brave as she has speaks and continues her outings, in spite of the attempt on the lives of her and her family.

    The senseless loss of life and the families of those killed or injured! You are in our thoughts.

    With Love and Shalom

  20. Donna,
    Isn't the longevity of their lives amazing! We took a video of Gramps where we asked him questions about all that he witnessed throughout his life, the inventions, wars, social changes etc. It's wonderful to hear his words and perception of the times he lived through. We have transferred it to a CD and my brother and sister and I will pass it down to our children. It's a wonderful piece of living history to have in the family. Mary

  21. Dear Mary,
    That is a wonderfull idea. I am going to do that too . my mother and her aunt are well past the 90 years. That means indeed a lot of " live" history.
    Thank you Mary. Again a wonderfull idea.


  22. I so appreciate hearing from you and about my pastor, your husband.. I can't tell you how much he is missed at the Crystal Cathedral.I only go to Bible Fellowship classes there now.I omit church because of what was done to the two of you.


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