Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mexican Turkey


  1. This verse that Donna quotes has
    meant a lot to me this year has God has worked a miracle in my life for which I am very thankful.
    Donna, what is the origin of
    your Thanksgiving Day. Me being an Australian I do not know this
    Thanks Barbie M

  2. Wonderful, experience, Donna! I read it in you book too. The conclusion is, do not be angry when something do not look right at first sight. Second sight it was marvellous, you could share it with another family. I mean, "shared joy is double joy". At the end it made a lot of people happy. - God's blessings, Rosemarie

  3. Great story Donna. I have had many incidences in my own life that have come together in a very unexpected way for the good of all involved. I can just imagine how patiently amused God was as you and Robert figured out the solution to this problem. Sometimes he has the best sense of humor!

  4. I can see in your eyes the way this story led from surprise to anger to a wonderful experience, by your allowing God to work through you.

    How good of you to honestly share your true feelings of initial happy anicipation (of a new way to celebrate Thanksgiving), then frustration and anger (at not having the turkey that would fit in the boat's oven and your Mom's lack of her turkey for her guests), positive acceptance (making the best after Robert kindly carved a portion that would fit in the oven) and LOVE (as you and the family found a way to enjoy the day at the beach sharing the huge turkey with another family)!

    So now, I wonder, how did your Mom turn her surprise of a 'little turkey' into a Thanksgiving feast for all her guests? That will be a secret perhaps but equally positive I bet!

    God always shows us a way as you have described, after our initial plans do not work as we hoped, to make our time even better than we thought it would be. Thanks for a good inspiring message, Donna.

    God is blessing us through you and your messaages.


  5. Donna,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful message with us. I had to laugh because it sounds like something that my husband and I would do. It always amazes me to see what God does especially when we think our plans are ruined.

    This message also once again reminded me how much I hang on to God and often wonder how people who do not have faith make it through frustrating times, even if it is only the wrong size turkey.


  6. Hi Donna.

    I just came accross your site from Bobby's twitter message. I have been blessed by the books of your husband, Dr Robert Schuller Sr. Pls extend my thanks to him. I am from the Philippines, yet I understand that there is no boundaries in blessings indeed. Thank you so much!

    By the way, regarding paypal donations, you can go to and create an account, if you don't have one yet. Then there are instructions there of how to put a banner on your site so people can send in money thru paypal.

    Hope this helps

    Be blessed!

  7. Donna,

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. It is so hard for me to believe that what is going on in my life has a God give purpose. Being reminded in such a loving way helps. It doesn't make me able to understand why some things happen, but if I can remember your words perhaps I can at least smile and keep going.

    Gods blessings,

  8. Hi, Jan-Michael ~~
    Since you were curious about "Mom's plight" and the "end of the turkey story" I will tell you.
    Thank the good LORD one of my traits is I always plan ahead ~~ so when I went to pick up my "big" turkey ~~ out of Donna's freezer ~~ and found it had shrunk considerably ~~ I just bought another one and all went well with my dinner.
    This turkey story has always been a joke and a laughing matter to our family.
    What ever happened to the little turkey ~~ I can only guess that Donna cooked it for her family at a later time.
    GOD is blessing all of us.
    Donna's Mom - Lanelle

  9. Lanelle, nice to see you here!!! Yeah, yeah this turkey story! By the way I like to read books from Donna. Refreshing and full of true messages. We need sometimes to read between the linles to catch the messages. I did it, great! - Blessings, Swiss Rosemarie

  10. Hi M (Lanelle),

    Thanks for end of the "turkey" story!

    My wife read what you wrote and said, "Lanelle must have been a Girl Scout...Always prepared!"

    I just knew you would have found a solution to serving your guests well that Thanksgiving!

    God is so blessing all of us.

    J-M (Jan-Michael)


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