Saturday, October 10, 2009

body mind spirit


  1. How wonderful that you were the one your friend confided her fears to (perhaps He was leading her to you) and you could support her and impress upon her how God would never cause an illness for misdeeds!!

    On the subject of prayer, I just watched a terrific video on spiritual wellness, the last 10 minutes or so the results of studies on "prayer" and it was very inspiring. The whole video is about 25 minutes taken off Public Television. If anyone is interested the site to copy and paste to your browser search line is:

    He is blessing you and yours


  2. Dear Donna, you inspired your friend so positive, what a friend she has in you...!!! - God gave us a brain to think and we are responsible for what we are doing with others and ourselfs. If we get a desease, it's our own fault. We perhaps didn't live right. No discipline with eating, I mean we live a kind of "MC-Donnald" life or we are always stressed out and on and on I could go. God never tells us to do more than we can handel. He is a good God.- Praying is a good thing we can talk to God and Jesus wherever we are. In public transportation out for a walk, cooking dinner. I have my "Prayer Journal" with the Psalms on the bottom. I love it! Use it every day since about two years. I guess this book with the empty pages was an idea from your Robert?!! - By the way when do you celebrate Thanksgiving in USA? - We do not have it here where I live. - Happy Thanksgiving, anyway! - Blessings Swiss Rosemarie

  3. Dear reader, in addition to my previous post. I write my diary (Prayer Journal) in English. I love our "world language". Like that I can practice it and read easier English books and understand the language, or I can fallow English spoken church services, for me very important. I found some services on TV and later online. I like it and good for my spiritual life. I can fallow this blog and give my comments. I know people who do not know the English language and following this blog even they want it, they cant. It's a pity! They miss something!!! - My blessings. - Rosemarie

  4. Rosemarie please be careful in your statements. If people get a disease it is not always their own fault. Sure, we have to mind our body and be disciplined but other factors can play a rol as well. I certainly believe that God never gives us an illness for our errors.
    I also believe that God often uses suffering to accomplish things in our lives that would otherwise never be achieved.

    Love in Christ, Ria

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  7. Ria, you said; pls. be careful in your statements. - Our Heavenly Father is a good God. He do not punish us with deseases. Ria, I didn't mention the deseases we can get, like an epidemic or an infection from elsewhere etc. I didn't wanted to go to deep in this kind of subject. - Blessings Rosemarie

  8. hi Donna and everyone,

    Thank you for this video, Donna. It is at a very timely moment for me. Illnes is something I am dealing with right now. My emotions have been a roller coaster. Just a few weeks ago, I found out I have a "pre-cancerous" cell in my uterus. I was completely in shock and actually fainted in my Doctor's office. I had no symptoms at all and a routine exam and medical test found this.
    In December I have to have a hysterectomy. My second opinion verified it too. I have several pre surgery tests in October and November too. Terrified is not even the word to describe this. I am trying to trust God with all my heart abd believe for a healing or positive outcome. Tests reveal that the cancer was found very early.. thank God.
    My biggest emotion right now is anger at myself. I have endometrial hyperplasia. It can be caused from crazy hormones and insulin released from overweight. I have had a food addiction since I was a teen running the gamat from bulima to compulsive overeating (I am in a recovery group) In my pain that caused me to overeat, I could never see the bigger picture of this kind of thing being a possibilty.. I'm a bit upset too because after working so hard to lose the 50 pound I have lost and having some hope, this disease shows up.
    I do feel miffed at myself because I can see where my addiction caused this. God is merciful and full of goodness and grace. I know I belong to Jesus. I am just overwelhmed though.

    Could you and your dear family please pray for me? My new hubby is a sweet...he just wants me better.

    God is indeed able to work a miracle whether through faith alone or medicine too.

    love to you all here,

  9. Hi Marci, my prayers are with you. - Rosemarie

  10. Dearest Marci,

    I am praying for you. My wife and two of my daughters all had pre-cancerous tissue of the Uterous.

    My daughters and wife never had any Bulimia or weight problems but all had pre-cancerous tissue!

    All three were cleared later although my wife had an hystorectomy after the pre-cancerous tissue returned and she was past child bearing age so decided to have the hystorectomy.
    Both my daughters are fine but have regular examinarions.

    It seems you have taken care of wanting to reduce weight and are under a docor's care. Jesus is the greatest healer of the body mind and spirit I believe. You will have a life after the hystorectomy and I pray you see that your abnormal tissue or cancer is not uncommon and He will need you as a survivor to inspire others.

    I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Ankylosing Spondilitis, Kidney Nephitis and it came to me at age 50, nine years ago and I was always otherwise in good health but it still happened. They said just get ready to be in a wheelchair by 2002 and I am still standing, albeit with a walker.

    Do not think of the worst. Think of the best and whatever, many prople will be praying for you, Marcie.

    God is with you and He is blessing you

    Jan-Michael (Toronto, Canada)

  11. Jan- Michael, you are a positive thinker. Congratulation! Prayers and blessings. - Rosemarie

  12. Dear Donna: Once again we have a very good topic brought forth by you. I believe we are all meant to have suffering in our lives at one time or another. It maybe sickness or sudden loss of a loved one. We all can be weak or strong. Some need help. Some ask for it others wait sometimes till it is almost to late. Marcianne you have asked for help that is a good sign and we will all pray for you. I feel stronly that if they caught it early and you have the operation. Things will get better and keep up the good work on your weight.
    Right now my brother my only sibling is waiting for open heart surgury. It is a holiday in Canada so they have closed some of the operating rooms. Maybe Tues. But it Thanksgiving Holiday so I am thankfull for every day I have had with him and have faith their will be more. Thy will be done.
    God Bless Everyone And be thankfull for our blessings

  13. Dear Marci,
    You are in my prayers as I am sure this is a very scarey thing to deal with. It sure sounds as though you have spent a lot of time addressing your food addiction and the underlying reasons why you relied on food to bury pain in the first place. You have been healing from pain in the mind and spirit and now God will also see you through this next step in the complete healing of your body. When you feel scared try this breathing exercise: Breathe in the breath of Jesus' healing power and breathe out the anger, stress and anxiety. You can do this several times a day if you need to. Go to a quite place and sit. Close your eyes. Let your hands hang down at your sides and try to concentrate on your breathing only.
    Cysradill, you are in my prayers as your only sibling, your brother, faces open heart surgery. I too have one sibling, a brother, and we are very close. I can understand how much anxiety you must be feeling. You too can try the breathing exercise. It works well for me and I hope you will find it soothing and comforting as well. Jean-Michael, once again I thank you for your wisdom and honest sharing. You are a wonderful example to so many in our "blog church"! Rosemarie, I know you want the best for everyone. Thank you for sharing too. And Ria, thank you for your message as well.
    God is blessing you, Donna

  14. Dear Marci. God will be with you. God will help you face this operation that you hadve to have. It was discovered that I had breast cancer back in March this year. God was with me during the operation and when I was in hospital. A couple of the nurses commented to me about my good attitude and
    told me as to how much my attitude was helping me.
    I was lucky that I was having
    regular mammograms so that when the breast cancer was discovered
    it was less than a year old.
    I know that God will be with you
    the same as He was with me and
    He still is. God bless Barbie M

  15. Donna, I have learned to be good and I want the best for everyone because I was educated as a no-good. That made me more sensitive for others. - As I have had a serious helth issue. My dentist detected an alteration of the mucous membrane, my tongue, a small piece had to be cutting off and to be examined if it's cancerous, I told my parents about. But I have had no "echo" from them, just a strange expressionless answer. You can imagine how I felt! - I wrote an email to a USA female friend and got more and wonderful attention. It was two years ago and now I'm in regular control. Everything is okay up to now. - Sorry when I got a bit out of the topic. My blessings and prayers to you all. - Rosemarie

  16. Hi everyone,

    heeeey little flock! thanks so much for your prayer support. God has brought us together from so many places. You are all in my prayers too. Donna, I have been practing the deep breathing excercise. I tend to be a very anxious, hyper person. I think repressed anger has been a big part of the weight gain particularly as I am mom's sole 24/7 caretaker now too. I love my family but they just irk me :)
    I have lost 2 more pounds so thats 52 now -- only about 85 more to go! eeeek! I am only 5 feet 2 inches - life just ain't fair! :) Every weight loss show I sit mesmerized from Biggest Loser to Richard Simmons to Dr. Oz! I cry because I just feel the people's pain so much.
    I need to just feel all that compassion for myself more too.
    My next appointment and medical exam is Oct 19th. Mom's appointment is Oct 16th..Drs discovered lung cancer recently in addition to everything else (she's 81)

    boy, do I sound like a sorry :) I love you all. Jan-Michael..I simply LOVE your attitude. A big WOW moment...remember when Pastor Robert A used to say Wow?! I would shout that out.. hehe.

    have a wonderful day everyone.

  17. Hi Rosemarie,
    I am so glad you found someone to hear your pain when you were going through the scarey time with your tongue. We all need someone to listen and to hear us! Blank looks are just a reminder that some people are uncomfortable and don't know how to respond to bad news! This sounds like it includes your parents. They are older and this is probably part of their culture and upbringing. (No names mentioned but I know other older people who respond the same way!) It hurts when people don't hear what you are trying to say to them.
    Dear Marci,
    I LOVE "The Biggest Looser" I think it is one of the best shows on television. Jillian is getting a little harsh so I hope she settles down a bit soon! I am so proud of what you have been able to do with your weight and your health. I will also pray for your mom. You have alot to deal with right now. I am glad the breathing exercise helps. Keep it up. There are many benefits to using it regularly. God is blessing all of you, Donna

  18. Dear Marci. I will remember you in my prayer.
    Hang in there!!!

    Much love in Christ.

    Ria (The Netherlands)

  19. Thanks dear Donna, for your nice words you have left for me. You and your blog are a blessing. - My prayers are always with you and your loved ones. - Rosemarie

  20. As we have through Marcie's post started to look at eating and wellness the following is "food for thought" Just calm music and photos

    God's Pharmacy video 4 minutes YouTube is just fascinating...copy and paste the following

    God blesses us more than we ever know!


  21. Hi little flock as Marci says. My brother,s surgury is to-morrow at 2:00P.M. B.C.Canada time . His name is Chuck could you please say a prayer for him. Thank-you and God Bless You All.

  22. Hi Cysradill,
    Of course I will pray for your brother, Chuck. Let us all know as soon as you have news of his recovery. God is blessing you, Donna
    I love the God's Pharmacy video and I believe it too! :D

  23. Thank-you Donna. I also seen The Video and I beleive it to. He put everything there for us and we either look past it or forget and look beyoud at what we think is tastier . Should try going on the Cardic floor of the hospital for a few days. and see the signs that tell you what all is in some of that tasty fast food.
    I will let you all know how things are progressing. It makes me feel good to know so many prayers are being said for him.
    God Bless you all Cysradill

  24. Hi Cysradill, I will pray for Chuck.
    Dear God, please bless the surgeons hands and guide over Cysradill as well.
    In which hospital in BC is Chuck?

    God Bless you

    Ria (The Netherlands)

  25. Cysradill, Chuck has been in my prayers, too and as the words of my wife's prayers "Please God guide the hands of the doctors and nurses as they perform the surgery on Chuck".

    He is blessing you and yours,

    J-M (Toronto, Canada)

  26. Thank-you everyone for the prayers. It makes me feel stronger and my special needs boy is being very strong. And Ria he is in the Royal Columbian Hospital Bless You.

  27. Cysradill, I know exactly which hospital that is. In New Westminster. My sister was in that hospital after she had a car accident. Chuck is in good hands believe me!
    God is blessing you


  28. Hi Everyone. The surgury went well. Thank-you all for your prayers. God is blessing you all.

  29. Great news! I will post a new blog (on prayer) tomorrow. :D

  30. Donna, I love to pray. I do it everyday and include not only myself. Me I forget sometimes! I include others a well. Even I do not mention all the names everytime. God and the spirit of Jesus know very well which people/person I mean. I do not respond here on your blog everytime to a person in need of a prayer, but that dosen't mean I do not care. They are included in my daily prayers. I think prayers can connect people. I love as well to pray together with another person. You did it with me and it was a great feeling in my soul and heart. - Blessings Rosemarie

  31. Hi Donna Hi everyone,

    Mom and I found out yesterday that she has stage 4 lung cancer. Drs want to operate before Thanksgiving and she will be in hospital 9 days. She is having a full lung transplant. I have my hysterectomy Dec 2nd. Monday I have a surgeon consultation. I am going to see if I can push mine back til Jan. We both can't be recovering at the same time. I am completely overwelhmed today and have been crying so much. Last night I had a complete panic attack and was in the bathroom crying at 3 am in the morning.

    Please pray for us. Mom's name is Sarah. She is 82 and very frail. Her surgery is extremly risky and DRs are very concerned.

    Honestly, my head is spinning today and I don't even know what to think.

    love you all

  32. I will pray for your Mom, Sarah. Also, for you Marci.

    You said ("Honestly, my head is spinning today and I don't even know what to think".) Well, since you have a doctor's appointment this coming Monday, it seems you can only speculate as the doctors may have an entirely different plan. I would spend the time praying to God as He may put a seed in your thoughts to calm the nerves and He may shed a new light on what seems now to you a too difficult situation.

    When our family was faced with similar circumstances we also asked for the counsellor
    on staff who deals with traumatic situations and that was the best decision as the counsellor took over dealing with the hospital and 2 doctors and together they all came up with a sensible solution for timing of surgeries, home care after the surgeries, etc

    So, I will pray but hope you will get the counsellor or social worker or whomever to sort out the complications and do it with less strain to you or your mom!

    Calm down and know God is blessing you and your Mom, Marcie

    J-M ( Toronto, Canada )

  33. Dearest Marcie, not only that God is blessing you and your mom but He is in charge.
    I pray for you and for your mom Sarah.
    Hang in there!!

    Love Ria

  34. Dear Marci: Jan-Michael is right please see the counsellor. They will help you and make the arrangements for you and they will understand how you want to be there to support your Mom. They can make the timing so that neither of you miss your surguries .And you will be surprised at how many Gods little helpers there are when they find out you and your Mom need them.
    Do Donna,s excerse with breathing and put it all in Gods hands. And we will pray for both of you . It works Marci my brother Chuck is 79 and he was up trying to walk to-day. Do you know the song that goes something this.(It is no secret what God can do . What he does for others he will do for.)
    My Prayers are with you always Marcie and Mom.
    God Bless everyone .

  35. Dear Marcianne,
    I am just reading this on a Sunday morning right before getting ready to leave for church. I hear fear and uncertainty in your 'voice' and I know that your feelings are real. Right now I am going to pray. "Lord I know that you are an all-powerful God and right now I ask that Marcianne would put all of her trust in you. She cannot bear all of this on her own. I am convinced more than ever that you are with her right now, giving her a calmer spirit and a new-found assurance that you are in charge and you won't let her down. Thank you Lord for your ever-present powerful spirit which surrounds Marcianne in her deepest time of need which is now. We trust you and we believe and hold on to your promises. "I will never leave you or fosake you" says the Lord. Amen

  36. Donna, we all can learn a lesson from you. Your prayer sounds so helphful, sincere and is more then every kind of advice, counsellor etc. If you do not mind I like to join in. God may bless you abundantly. - Rosemarie

  37. Hi Donna and everyone,

    Just an update from me. Thank so much for the beautiful prayer, Donna. Thanks everyone for your concern and prayers! I have hooked up with a counselor through the hospital and also with my pastor. I am able to make some decisions.

    Mom's lung surgery is Nov 9th and she is admitted for 9 days. Its very serious. My surgery is Dec 2nd and just for 2 days.

    I have made a decision about nursing school this semester. I have been approved by the dean to take incompletes and finish up next semester when I am better able to handle the load. I can still do my clinics next semester too but it will push my spring coursework back a few months. I am at peace with it though. I can take the courses in summer school.

    I am in a much better place emotionally and spiritually now.

    thanks and I love you all!

  38. Dear Marcianne; Thank-you for the uodate. You sound so much more settle and at peace with your desions. It is good to have your counsellor and pastor. God is working through them. I will pray for both you and your mom Sarah. Each and every day. PLEASE KNOW THERE ARE PRAYERS FOR YOU BOTH ALL OVER PLACE AND ALL THE TIME.
    God Bless and Keep You Cysradill


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