Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome Home!!!


  1. Happy dad, (mum too) has his son again! Guess Anthony has to tell a lot from his "adventurous" travel. He certainly made a lot of experience in Australia. - God's blessings and Happy Holiday. - Rosemarie

  2. Anthony, Welcome home. I hope that everything went Ok with your trip. Queensland now is havinga heatwave. Temperature in Brisbane to-day was going to be 35 degrees Celcius which is very hot. Your suntan looks good I hope that you didn't get too sunburnt
    God bless you Barbie Maple

  3. Welcome Home Anthony! I will be watching your blog to see what you have been doing for the last month. I am sure you have two very happy parents and how nice you could be back for Christmas. God is blessing you all! Gary

  4. Yes! Welcome Home Anthony! Great Christmas present for your family. God Bless You and Your Family. Lots of Peace Love and Joy to all.

  5. Anthony, you being home for Christmas must be a very special gift for your parents.
    Welcome home!!
    God is blessing you and your family

    Ria (The Netherlands)


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