Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Western (Whailing) Wall, Jerusalem 2010

  This photo was taken at the Walling Wall, also referred to as "kotel", or place of weeping in the Old City Jerusalem on one of the last nights of our recent trip to The Holy Land.   This is a very sacred site as this is the remnant of the retaining wall which once supported and enclosed the Second Temple.   Every day people come to mourn and bemoan the destruction of the temple.   The original walls were constructed around 19 BCE (before the current age) by Herod The Great and were added to from the 7th Century onwards.  This photo was taken around ten o'clock at night and thus there were very few people present.  
Twenty-one other friends shared eight amazing days with Robert and I,  walking and praying in the holiest and most exotic sites in the world.   Although we just returned less than one month ago,  our family has made the commitment to lead another Holy Land tour next year.  It worked out so well leaving over Memorial Day weekend that we have selected the same time frame and will more than likely leave around May 27th and return around June 6th.   If you are interested please contact me via this blog, on Facebook (where you can see the rest of my photos), or at

"And now, O Israel, what does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God,  to walk in all his ways,   to love him,  to serve the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul..."
Deuteronomy 10:12
God is blessing you,   Donna


  1. Hi Donna, good to see you back here. I can confirm that we all have had a great time in the Holy Land. A lot of history in the footprints of Christ. Yes in the night I can imagine a bit of danger around the Walling Wall, during the day something impressive. - People enjoy the pix on Facebook. It's not my thing, it's a unsure site for me, my dates are hided in the background and whenever they want to do something with my dates they can.- Anyway give yourself a "kick" and go on this trip. - Blessings, Swiss Rose

  2. I am so glad that both of you
    enjoyed your trip. I wish I could come next year but unfortunately it isn't. I am on
    too much medication to try and do
    this now.

    God bless all of you
    Barbie M

  3. Thank you, Donna for posting the photo and history of the 'wailing wall'. So good that all went well. Welcome back and have a great July 4th holiday in America.


  4. Happy to see that you are back and that the trip was a wonderful blessing. I was excited to see that you are planning another trip for next year. I have always wanted to go to the Holy Lands. Next year is our 25th wedding anniversary and perhaps this would be a great present to each other :) Have a wonderful and happy 4th of July!

    Blessings on you and yours!

  5. Great to hear of your recent Holy Land trip, we had a question for both you and Robert A.

    Since it has been disputed--What area does Robert A. feel that Jesus tomb is located at and why? And has he taken any recent pictures of the Holy tomb?

    Would he consider to post it with you in your blog talk? And maybe even with further insights of the tomb surroundings: Example: is there any other animal, bird, other growth vegetation, or flowers that capture the Holiness of the tomb site...or it's beauty? Any other Holy tomb pictures that you would share in the blog?

    Also, on your above whailing Wall what are the black spots on the wall?

    Not a fan of Face-book...would love to see You and Robert A. do a joint blog on those topic(s).

    Thanks for sharing your trip and picture.
    What type of cam do you have? The software should help instruct on how to upload...its easy...

    Just takes would be fun to see more inside videos.

    Thank you for sharing...

  6. Anonymous, you seem to be so curious... why didn't you join the Trip??? - Blessings, Rose

  7. Rose,

    My name is Al.

    In addition, we would like to learn more about the the Holy Land tour sites...from both Robert A. & Donna. A high-light for us would be the Holy tomb. Was it on the Holy Land tour?

    Also, we are very busy, but would enjoy seeing you and others in group photos, and in other Holy Land pictures; especially with Jesus Holy tomb.

    Sell us next year's tour
    Maybe, a highlighted video would also work very well...

    The Holy Land tour and with this specific blog idea might work well being promoted in Vegas. That is our goal...and would love to help sign others up on the Holy land tour...

    We know that Jesus Holy tomb would be the high sell and or offer point. That would be our main interest in viewing, in the short allotted amount of time in the Holy Land...

    Maybe, someday...But, for now a joint blog with both Donna and Robert A. would be very insightful?

    We would be very interested in that specific Holy Land tour...and possible blog.

    Don't you think that is a great idea?

    In Christ Love,


  8. Hi!
    Just got home from a long trip and I need to unpack, etc, then get back to work on Tuesday.
    "yes", we always visit Jesus' tomb and although it has been disputed as to which one is accurate I believe it it the "garden tomb." You can Google that under Jerusalem/garden tomb and I am sure you will get some great information. This past trip we had our communion in the cistern area of the garden. It was particularly touching as there were just 23 of us and Robert first gave a short sermon. I did video the service but my camera was running out of battery so I am not sure how good it is. I have not been home long enough to even look!
    The dark patches on the Whailing Wall are shrubs and other green plants. There are many beautiful plants and birds all over the Holy Land, including Jesus' tomb.
    You must come with us next year Al!
    God is blessing you all, Donna

  9. Donna,

    Thank you for the sounds like a great trip!

    Would love to maybe go in future, not sure on a date, I will be tied up in Vegas. But, I do know a few other associates that would love further info. The tour site agenda, dates, etc... and the trip cost. So, maybe we could further follow up with you by e-mail.

    The reason I was interested in which specific Jesus tomb location is on the site tour,is because, that I have a few pictures from a remote location in the Holy Land that indicates some some very inspired vegetation and surroundings. We all agreed, that it may be from Jesus Holy tomb's blood, as he was placed or dragged into the tomb.

    The pictures...are very inspired!

    Not many have seen that...and am writing about it in a chapter in my book. So, that is the reason why I was interested in the vegetation, flowers, birds, or other things that is in a proximity of the your specific Holy land tomb site. It's very interesting, and that would be one of my main interest if I went. So, not sure yet...

    Would love to maybe go at some point, on your Holy land tour...Thanks for the invitation. Look forward to your inspired blogs!


  10. Hint: - Rose

  11. Thanks Rose,

    Unfortunately, it's not exactly the same. The pictures that were taken in our Holy Land pictures were very different, one of a kind & very special...(not fake)

    It may have been different based upon the actual blood of Jesus. It may have been scientifically placed somehow...With HIS blood? God's plan? Interesting-

    Do you believe-or have the faith to believe...that God was up to something way back then during that time line?

    Those pictures will not be found on the internet or websites. But, there might be further evidence if a trace was done by the surroundings and to the path of where they dragged or placed him. Not many know of the specific vegetation, surroundings or it's flower element's that was taken...but, we researched it through a Holy Temple by other expert's & tour guides. It will be a very insightful our book and in a further Vegas blog(s)

    The book:

    Two Worlds:One Story
    The Divine Intervention-

    An advertisement

    The pictures that we have referenced to was by Jesus Tomb. Which Tomb? Which path was he dragged on or lifted upon? There is so much more...

    But, thanks for the website info...Maybe, I could hire some-one to investigate and take further Holy tomb pictures by our location maps and compare the research. It could develop our story line & book. The divine intervention? Interesting on what developed with us through those pictures. (Not fake)

    Thanks Rose, much appreciation for your website info. Do you have any other group pictures of you in the Holy Land? Maybe share your pics?

    Do you have a website to share your other pics? Might be fun...

    In Christ Love,

  12. Al, send the pix you mean to Donna's email address and ask her to take the most important for her blog. By the way from where are you and are you living in Las Vegas? What kind of book do you write? The hint for the website as you could see, was the place and organisation we visited on our trip. But google and you certainly can find for what you are looking for. or something similair. --- By the way it's Worthwhile to do this trip with Donna and Robert, even it's very short. We have had the good chance to have a wonderful Isralien guide and driver, they showed as sites out of the program and the guide took care of us as we would be his kids. Wow and so kind. - Blessings, Rose

  13. Rose,

    I do have my own professional business website, in which, includes my book and it's story line. I chose not to promote the book to much at this point. However, you would find it very inspired and very profound. There is a lot more...

    So, for now, I will leave it at that. There are interesting developments, and until confirmed, I wont say much. And same goes for Vegas, even though I live in the Great State of Minnesota, USA...And Vegas is a wonderful entertainment area...but, are having some real hardships and other crucial problems--even with other areas in the SW States. (There is more to the reason of Vegas) And during this time, we developed our Networks and business relation targets. Also, in the process of getting other living arrangements in both U.S. states of Minnesota and Vegas. Building-

    So, I keep pretty busy.

    unfortunately, I wont release the pics. on the internet, they will be published in my book. I will publish several profound & authenticated pictures and to it's specific story.

    But, maybe, Rose, send your Holy Land group pics over to Donna, and blog. You're the ones that were on the

    And of course, I will always invite Donna and Robert A. with their family members to maybe do joint blogs and or with other inspired joint sermons or projects.

    I am interested in going on the Holy land trip at some point, and to even help promote the Holy Land trip with a blog in Vegas. But, let's see what we gather & finish before other press releases of Vegas to my business partners and others.

    And as you can tell, not much going on here in my household But, it is now officially July 4th Holiday. So, I better get to bed, and get ready for our 4th of July family picnic!

    Thanks for sharing...and maybe Donna can talk more in the I'm just

    Glad we could talk...

    In Christ Love,

  14. Made a mistake: Vegas is a not

    Las Vegas is in the state of Nevada, USA


  15. I love these conversations and interaction between blog members! So great! Al, thank you for all of your insight. Thank you Rose for your help with the links. I also want to let you know that I am going to do my best to edit the short HD video I took in the garden tomb the day we were there for communion. Robert's message was short yet meaningful. I will continue to use some photos as well. I need to start doing more video blogs all around. They are more fun and I believe you all like them better too!
    Happy 4th! God is blessing you, Donna

  16. Pictures will NEVER CAPTURE the feelings and the sight of all we saw on this Holly Land trip!! Walking in the footsteps of Jesus was a very personal journey for each of us that were blessedd to have made this trip.
    Blogs and pictures help capture the memories and gives one a diary to go back and re-live the trip. YET, TAKE THE TIME TO VISIT ISRAEL and walk in the footsteps of JESUS ~~ one has only one life to live ~~ and being a Christian I feel so blessed to have made this trip!
    Donna, it is so good to read your new blogs again.

  17. this is a lovely picture. i have a childhood dream to do a trip in israel and visit the "kotel". mybe in the future i could afford myself :)


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