Friday, July 30, 2010

Thoughts from July 28

Anxious thoughts creep in because the future in unknown.  An empty vacuum sucks up anything yet a body, mind, and spirit full of hope wastes no time living in fear.  Choosing to entertain peaceful images and putting into practice the love which comes from above, we attempt to move heaven with our powerlessness.
 July 28, 2010-Donna Schuller-For my dear friends Mary and Tom Olds

I took this photo outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem when we were there a few weeks ago.
I loved the way the soft sandy colors of the wall sat in sharp contrast to the green of the trees and the vivid pink of the flowers in the foreground.   Jerusalem is the land of our Lord and I am certain that he lived there while he was on earth.  I also know for certain that he continues to live in the hearts of all of us who chose to hold on to our hope that we find through Him.    
I am looking forward to posting my videos again soon!   
God is blessing you.  Donna


  1. I look forward hearing more from you, Donna!Blessings, Swiss Rose

  2. I think that this is a lovely
    picture You are a very good
    photographer Donna.

    God bless you and Robert and all
    the rest ofyour family.

    God bless you all
    Barbie M

  3. Yes Donna, your color choices in your picture and your comments are precious. In fact, the sand (driveway), green (background walls and trees), and pink flowers, are the exact same theme of the recent landscaping at our residence. What a relaxing combination of
    beauty you chose! These three colors, as you photographed them in such a special place, will definitely help bring some peace to anxious thoughts when someone looks at the scene. Thanks with love. Tina and Ron.

  4. Where are you Donna, hope everything is well...???!!! Blessings Swiss Rose

  5. Hi Rose and everyone!
    I am just fine but scurrying around starting back up my nutrition practice. I will be posting about the mind, body spirit connection using Biblical principals of course. I am trying to find a time to start videoing again. As you know Bobby has a new project who is 8 mos old!!! Our little grandbaby, Haven is in his videos now!!!
    You will hear from me soon, I promise!!
    Thank you for getting in touch with me...I wasn't sure if I was missed or not!!! Donna

  6. Great to hear you are back to your nutrition business! Blessings, Swiss Rose

  7. Hi All,
    I have been very busy re-launching my nutrition practice. I am so sorry that I have not posted. I am planning on sharing Possibility Living ministry information with you which will help people with healthy living in body, mind, and spirit. Robert and I hosted week long seminars under the title Possibility Living for years at Rancho Capistrano. He also wrote a book on the subject almost 11 years ago! This is where I was using my passion in helping people become whole and healthy with God's health plan. I can't wait to do it again! I will be doing my own videos so hold fast and stay tuned!!
    I am also planning our next trip to the Holy Land including Petra and Jordan!!! We leave next May 26th 2011. I would love my blog church to come with us!!! It is a very intimate and special time where you make friends for life while exploring the land of our Lord and learning about the rich heritage that we all possess.
    God is blessing you all!! Donna

  8. Just a wee question what date the trip ends? - Blessings Rose

  9. The 2011 trip to The Holy Land will begin on May 26th from LAX and end on June 5. We are going to Israel and Jordan!! Join us again Rose.

  10. Hi Donna,
    I have been super busy too, but always check in to see how you are doing. I'm glad you're relaunching your nutrition practice. My DH got a Masters and PhD in Food Science and Human Nutrition. I spent many weekends in the lab with him grinding up shrimp in a blender and then puting samples in petri dishes.Oh my gosh, the memories. Will you be offering your services online?

  11. Yes, I will be doing nutritional counseling online! Unlike psychological counseling it usually takes only one or two sessions for people to ask questions and get them answered so they can modify some habits. I really love doing it. The sessions are 50 mins and I am charging only $35. When I was in practice before the going rate was $100-125 but I know the economy is hurting a lot of us so I want to be fair. It is my ministry after all!
    God is blessing you. Donna

  12. Donna,
    I'd be interested as I have put on some weight lately and need to learn better eating habits. I just can't eat like I used to now that I'm in my 50's. Yikes!! I can't believe I'm in my 50's. Blessings to you too! Mary

  13. To all of my friends here: I have received many comments saying that my blogs are missed. Thank you for the encouragement. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't "overkill" since Angie now has a blog and a video series. I am here to honor God, support all of my kids, and then from there I was discussing subjects that I thought relevant and helpful to all of you. I am intending to start blogging again...I have been busy re-launching my nutritional practice, planning the next Holy Land trip, and trying to sale my house!! I have also done some traveling this summer and it has been wonderful! I will begin after Labor Day for sure!
    Send comments.
    God is blessing you. Donna

  14. Donna, do not worry, Angie's blog is hers and your blog is yours! I think they both are different. For all you do in your life I wish you God's blessing. Rose

  15. I would like to '2nd' Rose's good wishes and assurance that we all will be patient, all the blogspots are different and I wish you well and look fwd to future videos of your Blogs!

    Our new Grandchild Zoe(4mths) is with us today as we look after her every Thursday. We began that after you posted that you and Robert take Haven at least one day a week. We are blessed aren't we?!

    I am hoping Everyday Life will be continuing and diet/weight problems and anxiety over eating would be a good script for Everyday Life, I think. So maybe when the busyness of life settles down you'll add writing a screenplay to you list of projects...;)

    HE is blessing all, always

    Jan-Michael (Canada)

  16. Hi All! I am working away on my blog and I hope to have an all-new, but hopefully similar feeling, video blog very soon!!
    No, Jan-Michael I will not be doing any screen writing but that is funny! I am not sure that we will talk about diet and weight at all as taking care of the "temple of the holy spirit" (our bodies) is about creating a balance in living. Example: A natural bi-product of healthy eating will create a balance of one's weight. Also, what we fuel our bodies with helps determines how we feel. I want to incorporate body, mind, spirit messages which will provide comfort and food for thought. (no pun intended!)
    More coming very soon!!! God is blessing you.
    PS I bet you are enjoying that little grandbaby. Mine is in The Netherlands with her parents and Anthony right now!!


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