Sunday, November 7, 2010

Body, Mind and Spirit Health for the Holidays

Hi Friends!
I apologize to those who have been waiting for another video. Although I love doing them, lately the majority of my time has been spent working on re-launching my nutrition practice.   As of January 1st I will be a full-time nutrition coach, helping people eat right as part of their total wellness routine!  Of course I still adhere to and espouse the importance of spiritual and mental fitness also so my plans are to gradually integrate all three major aspects of our humanity into this blog.   I truly believe that to separate any of one of the three mentioned above from any one of the others, is a terrible mistake.    I am pretty sure that most of us know people who are so off-balanced in one of the areas of body, mind or spirit (soul) that they suffer substantially in one or more of the others.  My goal is to help people become more balanced in their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives so they can be shinning lights in a sometimes dark world.
Please send me any ideas you would like to see addressed and/or ask me a question about body, mind, spirit fitness.   How are you doing at balancing all three areas of your life?

This is my grand baby, Haven!  She is so pure in body, mind, and spirit because she has not been polluted by the things of this world.

 Now that the major holidays are fast approaching it is more important than ever to take care of yourself.   Don't wait until New Year's resolution time...make a plan now, write it down, put it in a place where can look at it everyday.  Commit to it.    Stress,  bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and not carving out time alone to meditate and pray will take it's toll on your over-all health if you don't have an action plan!
Today my son, Bobby delivered another really good message on commitment and calling.  It will be posted on his church's blog by Tuesday afternoon and I highly recommend you listen to it because it was excellent!  His website is:
Take care of yourself, body, mind, and spirit.   Be a good example and help others do the same.
"Act as if you are someone's only role model"
God is blessing you.    Donna


  1. Such a beautiful happy picture of Haven, your grandaughter!

    You clearly have a well thought out plan as a nutitionst coach, in that you have shared the official launch date and also have reminded us how important it is to incorporate "body, mind and spirit (soul)" to truly keep ourselves well-balanced in all aspects of life! Thank you.

    I will have some questions when I have thought it through more, but wanted to immediately say "Congratulations"! Thanks for letting us know some of what will be coming through your Blog and giving us a forum to suggest questions we might have.

    Looking forward to The Gathering/St Patrick to watch Bobby's sermon. Those sermons are so well spoken by Bobby.

    He is Blessing all,always

  2. Donna, this balance is really necessary. Stress can destroy all. Execices are not wrong and praying is a good start together with eating only or almost healthy food and haveing a good attitude towards other things/people. Do not let destoy your mind with bad thoughts, being to touchy and do not take with a pinch of salt every word others are telling. Most of all I think being a positive thinker helps to keep body and soul together. Read a good book listen to peaceful music, go for a walk, be together with nice open-minded people. - It's up to us adults to learn our children how to keep body, mind and soul together. - It's never to late to change bad habits, no matter if we soon have Christmas and a new year starts or if we have an other season. - I wish you well for your business! - Blessings, Swiss Rose

  3. Negative thoughts can be toxic on our bodies in all three ways: physically, mentally, and spiritually. When we are anxiety-ridden we release stress hormones and over time these hormones can cause real damage. It is important to watch funny movies and surround yourself with supportive, fun-loving people. Laugh as much as you can! Feelings of euphoria and joy affect your brain and cause it to release anti-stress hormones. Reading your Bible, praying and meditating, as well as the practice of deep-breathing, will help your stress level as well. 1 Peter vs. 7 "Cast all your anxiety on him (God) because he cares for you."
    God is blessing you. Donna

  4. Good I read your last post, Donna, as it relates to the question I was about to ask. Maybe your post answers it although here is the question anyway (in case you have other thoughts):

    If we are say, distressed, unhappy, angry or simply extremely worried, does this state of mind adversely affect how our body might metabolize any food or beverage (assume a good, otherwise healthy, balanced meal please)? At such times, I know the body is likely tense, the mind is likely confused and the spirit is hard to keep as positive and focused as we might be or want to be.

    One knows to eat, even when eating is the last thing on our mind or we do not feel hungry due to a cirrcumstance. So, to ensure I am clear in my question: Will good healthy food or beverages not nourish us in such state as they would if consumed at a happier or calmer time?

    Thank you for your post and any further answer you might wish to add, given my question.

    He is Blessing all, always

  5. J.M. relating to your food comment. Eating wrong, I mean unhelthy food makes us sick, not only in our mind, we destroy our body helth too. No matter if we eat when we grief or are happy. So eating good food helps us in every circumstances. - Blessings, Rose

  6. Yes Rose, I agree re eating wrong unhealthy food. I was however actually questioning Donna on eating good, healthy food at a time we are under stress. Asking Donna if the healthy food does not metabolize properly ; ie, does the food get digested and channeled (carbs,protein,fats etc) as they should be and would be if eaten with a calmer mood.

    Thank you Rose for your post and I hope you too are looking forward to Christmas season. Our neighbourhood is already seeing decorations to inspire all who pass by. I am seeing if our local Church might have an outdoor "creche" as we are also planing a small secured prayer area to be open all day throughout the year. Most Churches here are locked except when something is going on at the Church. The closed off prayer room might look something like the Arvella Schuller room at the bottom of the tower I believe.

    Have a great day Rose and again, my thanks.


  7. It is Nov th to-day and as I go of to the service for our brave soliders and it is a cold damp day here. I look at the picture of Haven and think Yes! this is what they are fighting for freedom and peace for someone so pure and untouch yet by this world . They have gone through many cold wet and very hot days. Just so we can have a better world . So I think of the brave men and weman and say Dear God Bless them all and hold them closly by your side.
    God Bless and thank-you for our freedom.

  8. Well said, Cysradill! God bless them all and I too, with others, salute them with a thank you for our freedom!


  9. God bless all of our brave men and women who serve in our military and who keep us safe! My father was in the Marine Corps and he fought in the Korean War. I love the MC slogan, "Semper Fidelis" It means always faithful. Just like God is to us....always there, never leaves. Thank you so very much to all my blog friends who are serving or have served in the armed services. And to all of you brave parents, spouses, children, and other friends and relatives, who pray for their safety everyday.
    God is blessing you. Donna

  10. Donna,
    This blog is SO timely for me. I was thinking the same thing about starting my New Years resolutions before New Years, did so...and then your coincidental is that. I have been on the South Beach Diet now for 2 months. I have been losing weight, but my goal is to learn to eat healthy. Do you think the SB diet is okay?


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