Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doing Good

"Our thoughts are traitors, that make us lose the good, we oft might win, by fearing to attempt."  
William Shakespeare
I love this quote because like most people, I struggle with fears now and then.  Fear that I am not doing a good enough job, fear of loss, or fear of failure if I try something new. 

In the Old Testament, in one of the books of wisdom named Ecclesiastes,  you can read this:
"Cast your bread upon the waters,  for after many days you will find it again."  Ecclesiastes 11:1

  I believe this is a written charge for us to be adventurous and bold.  To accept the risks and the benefits of those who are brave enough to go out into the open seas to make a living...or maybe to find a new land.  It is a challenge to us which says that we should not always play it safe in life.   Take risks, try something new...Go for it!!  
What fears do you have that might be holding you back from accomplishing some great project or special invitation to do good?
God is blessing you always and in all things.


  1. "Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again." Ecclesiastes 11:1

    I think, Donna, this also is a reminder that
    'the more you give with good spirit, without worrying for yourself, the more will it come back, to then give again even more abundantly'.

    A good scripture for this Christmas Season. Thanks Donna! Everyone have a Happy Christmas!


  2. I like your biblical passage, as it stands strong on the ships bowals and staff, reminding me of the Cross...

    All things are possible with Christ, as the ship sails; it also can make waves in the deep blue seas, so shall Christ calm the waters...and anchor us in faith. Standing up for Christ, always.


  3. Hi Donna, sorry I haven't posted lately , but we have been out of town. Prayers are needed for my little nephew (a twin) . We are waiting for pathology lab results to see if he (1 yr. 1 mos. has cancer) My sister noticed a lump on the back of his neck recently (the size of a grape). I hope it turns out okay... we are all a wreck right now as are the oncology doctors and Andrew's pedeiatrician is as well. It appeared recently. So rare that my sister's ped. is going to check all babies under her care for such a growth. Other major things have been stressing us as well and we need the peace of God. Wish my husband and I could hear preaching from Rpbert right now. Sorry to seem so selfish and living in the past, but once you have a great preacher influence your life, you remember and need him when times are the most difficult...

  4. Mary..."We are waiting for pathology lab results to see if he (1 yr. 1 mos. has cancer) My sister noticed a lump on the back of his neck recently (the size of a grape)".

    I will pray for the child and family that this is one of the more commom causes of lymph node enlargement as you may know/ see link....

    I would like to offer that it is natural to worry the worst outcome and all the agony of waiting but usually the worst is the least likely scenario would you think?. There are many causes of a baby neck lump from infection through teething or a scatch on neck causing an infection/lymph swelling to a neck lymph node more noticable on a small child.

    I too would be anxious but as I am removed from the situation I write these words having been able to check how common such lumps are; the link and prayer will be of some comfort I hope. (I know how the loss of child could devastate and affect all, as my first grandson died at 2 1/2 having been the victim in mandlaughter case.

    Be patient and pray with all here on this site. HE will hear and take care of you all.

    With Love and Prayer

  5. Thanks J-M. Just heard from my sister. The MRI showed that the mass was defined (no long legs going into soft tissue).He had surgery to remove it from the back of his neck this morning. The Dr. said it looked like a white grape, not attached to the spine They sent a frozen section for a rapid test and it came back 75% sure it's benign,but we'll have to wait until Tues. or Wed. to know for sure. So we're keeping our fingers crossed and I feel a bit of relief. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I was reacting to the cautious tone of the Drs. involved as I'm usually an optimist at heart. I also thought it was nothing at first, but the Drs. were concerned, thus my reaction. I appreciate the prayers.

  6. Mary, thanks for the update on Andrew (a brave little boy)!

    Good his Mom found that lump and she had you, Mary, for support til the doctors removed it.

    Great that it is believed to be benign!

    I am sure all are breathing easier now and you have made me happier too, knowing things are moving well. Thank you again!

    He is Blessing all, always

  7. J-M How perceptive of you to notice Andrews bravery. We tend to think that because they are so young they aren't aware of things going on around them. My sister told me that Andrew seemed very anxious and aware during and after both procedures and didn't like being in the hospital one bit. What really got to me was when she said he was trying to walk an kept falling backward hours after the MRI. It as if he was trying to beat the after effects of it all, kept trying to walk and just couldn't. That's bravery. Did I mention that he is my Godson? J-M you are a gift to all of us here on Donna's Blog.You are so wise and well spoken. Thanks for uplifting me and my husband I might add. I show him this blog often and he likes it a bunch.

  8. Yes Mary J.M. has always been very thoughtfull and helpfull any time I have wrote about my problems We will all say a prayer for your family and your Godson. This is why I enjoy this blog we all try to help each other even though we have never met. God has brought us all to-gether for a reason.
    God Bless Cysradill

  9. Hi All,
    I have been in training for a new business so I just now saw all these notes.
    I hope and pray the news continues to be good for Marys grandbaby.
    Getting on a plane...God is blessing you.

  10. Hi Donna,
    I hope you do well in your new business.
    I look forward to hearing from you again soon.
    Also, I have been praying for Andrew as well.
    God bless you.

  11. Thanks everyone. Good news Andrew is fine. I'm grateful for all of the prayers and so is my sister.I care about my nephew so much. I love this blog because I feel I can share things here with all of you that I don't normally share with others. It's my safe place and I thank Donna for that. Sorry if I seemed to overreact. I just love and worry in a big way. May God comfort all of you the way you comfort me......

  12. What good news Mary. You are right Mary this is a safe place. Many prayers have been answered because we have prayed to-gether for someone we did not know but still feel a connection. Never be sorry you think you overreacted that was just your love for a little sweet boy who needed you and prayers.
    God bless Everyone Cysradill

  13. Thanks Cysradill for your encouragement and kind words. I wish we could show our photos to the people on this blog. That would be wonderful. I just don't know how to do it. I need to learn how to be more computer saavy as my daughter often reminds me. Donna, good luck with your new business venture. I will pray that it brings you great success and personal fulfillment. Love you all. Mary

  14. Mary and Cysradill, how good to read of Andrew's recovery! How grateful I am that this blog of Donna has introduced me to you both and so many others. I do sense a spirit of Love on these exchanges and though we may be thousands of miles apart and the emails may be at different hours, I feel your spirit here as I read your words.

    God is so great bringing this community of different people in different places and of different language or cultural backgrounds together in support of eachother. Clearly, we are One in our Faith and as I like to say, He is Blessing all, always!


  15. J-M , Cysradilll, Rose, Elizabeth and and Donna, Thank you for all of your support. I think God is bringing us all together so that we can see that no matter where we are from, no matter where we live, the human condition and problems we encounter day to day, and more serious issues as well, are what connect us all. We may be a small group right now, but I believe we could be the foundation for a much larger group to come in the future because of Donna.


    His Love covers the world. Copy and paste the link into your browser and Have a Wonderful Christmas everyone, world-wide!

    He is Blessing all, always

    Love J-M

  17. Amen-

    Merry Christmas Everyone--May God Bless your Christmas!

  18. Wonderful youtube video "Anonymous" ..Thanks!!
    You all will like this too I hope

    With Love J-M

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  20. Dear Donna,

    I want to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and hope you will have a beautiful and Joyful Holiday season. Please tell Robert that it was wonderful to talk with him last week and look forward seeing both of you in the near future.

    Blessings of Health, Peace and Love,

    Patricia Bragg

  21. Many Blessing To Everyone as we celebrate Our Lord Jesus Birthday.
    And May The New Year be Good To All Of You. And I Look Forward To Being Part Of Your Lives As We Go through Another Year To-gether.


  22. Merry Christmas Everyone. May you have a wonderful time with family and loved ones. I hope your New Year is filled with peace , love and happiness. Blessings to all on this blog!!!!


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