Friday, August 31, 2012

Are You An Adrenaline Junkie? (part 2)

BASE jumping from the Sky Tower, New Zealand

If you want a city view before you take the big plunge, make your way back to New Zealand. In Auckland, one of NZ's most bustling cities, jumpers from all corners of the world come here to BASE jump from the Sky Tower, one of the tallest, free-standing structures in the southern hemisphere. At 328m above ground level, the jumper can reach up to 85km/h. Just to be safe, the jump is guide-cable-controlled to prevent jumpers from colliding with the tower, in case of gusts. Now, that's bravery for you.  (No thank you!!)

In my last post I asked the question, "What's it take to get you excited?"  I emphasized that there's a lot of people who strive for excitement, stress and anxiety (consciously or not)  In part two I'm providing a few simple ideas and changes you can make to help improve your health.   Are you disciplined enough and willing to incorporate these suggestions into your hectic schedule?   You can take responsibility for your own health and make a huge difference in how you feel today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life!  Follow these seemingly small suggestions and you will be a new person in a very short time:

*Go to bed so that you plan on getting 8 hours of sleep. If you do this regularly then it wont' hurt you when you have to get by on less for a day or two.

 *Avoid any caffeine products in the afternoon. This includes chocolate too!

 *Prioritize and schedule your days by cutting out what is not absolutely necessary.  Add the things that you might not be doing which will be beneficial.  Stick to the plan.  Don't be blown around by the wind.

*Spend uninterrupted time alone so you can meditate and pray. This means NO cell phone, t.v., or computer with you! Start with just 15 mins a day and try to increase this to 45 mins a day. (I like to do this in the morning)

 *Exercise regularly;  enough so that you break a sweat and your heart rate gets up to 70-80% of it's recommended maximum beats per minute.  Latest studies point to interval training as the most effective way to train.  Walking is good for you but it just doesn't do the trick unless you intersperse sprints, rigorous jumping jacks or similar moves,  or fast hiking uphill. - Get a pulse watch if you are unsure of what your heart rate should be and what it is while exercising.

*Eat a healthy, natural, wholefood diet and avoid chemically processed foods as much as possible. Avoid fast food all together.

*Drink lots of water

*Take high-quality supplements which should include adequate amounts of B-5 & B-6.   Introduce B-12 shots or sub lingual drops while you are trying to repair your adrenal glands.
 (There are physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual reasons for all the above)

Like I said in my earlier post,  "it takes one to know one"! (make sure you go back and read it if you missed it)   I was diagnosed with adrenal burnout while in my mid-thirties.  Because I am diligent about my health and I have experienced what happens when I ignore the warning signs,  I now head the symptoms and take responsibility for the decisions I make which will effect my overall mind, body, soul health.   I can feel it when my adrenal gland is not working at an optimal level and I do something about it before it's too late.  I also try to prevent the problem by being pro-active in my lifestyle.

If you regularly feel overly tired, fatigued, stressed, anxious,  short-fused,  or inappropriately worried about your future or that of a loved one,  you too might have adrenal burnout.   If you are having trouble sleeping that can also be a symptom of adrenal issues. 

You might be wondering what this has to do with your spiritual life?  I believe it has everything to do with it!
One of my favorite verses in the Old Testament is found in Psalms 139, verse 23 and 24.

"Search me O God, and know my heart;  test me and know my anxious thoughts.  Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life."

David prays the end of the 139th Psalm this way after first asking God to get his enemies far, far away from him.  I think he realized that unless he was as healthy as he could be he might be attracting
the wrong things in his life.   He mentions anything that might "offend" God.
 When we are short-tempered or impatient with our friends, co-workers, or loved ones we do offend God.  When we are not as healthy as we should be because we neglect the body which God gave us I believe we also offend him.  Another great thing is that you can begin your "everlasting life" today on earth.  God wants you to feel great and to live a life of purpose, passion and peace.

Here's the even greater's never too late to change!

If there is anything I can do to help you this is my passion in life.  I can coach you for an hour, a week, a month, a year.  Contact me and I will walk beside you as you try to overcome your negative habits and introduce new, life-giving ones.   You can reach me at

And remember that God is blessing you!


  1. Thanks, Donna! Where to you buy B-15 shots and sublingual drops? Is that a vitamin shop staple?

  2. You can get B-15 sub lingual drops over the internet or at one of the larger Whole Foods Markets. The shots are administered by an R.N. or a doctor. My mom does mine for me since she is an R.N. I am told that your doctor will charge about $25. They make a world of difference...let me assure you! I can feel the difference within hours. Donna

  3. I meant to say "B-12" NOT B-15...sorry about that! Donna


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