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"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."   John 8:32

 As a mind, body, soul health and wellness practitioner I bring you varying information regarding those three, closely interrelated parts of your person.  Today I want to focus on the brain.
Two evenings ago, on "The Call" I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dr. Daniel Amen.  If you haven't heard of  Dr. Amen you can click here to learn more.  
Although the doctor is a really well-educated MD and brain scientist he has a clever and non-threatening way of communicating about brain health that I absolutely love!  This past Tuesday we talked about a lot of things as it relates to the brain and something that stood out to me was the whole concept of ANTS.

As we all know ants can invade a picnic and in no time at all just a few of those pesky insects can multiply into many.  If you don't start eliminating them those ants can take over and ruin your whole picnic.  The kind of ants that Dr. Amen refers to can be even more invasive than those picnic ants and they can also be more destructive.  The ANTS are otherwise known as "Automatic Negative ThoughtS."  According to Dr. Amen, if you don't get control of your false, negative thinking the big ANTS can take over your brain and ruin your whole life!  These ANTS are lies that we tell ourselves, and thus believe,  based on our past and what others have said to us.  These ANTS drive obesity, aging, depression,  anxiety, and various disorders of the body, mind, and soul. 
  Each time you think something your brain releases thousands of complex chemicals that affect your  overall health.  Think positive, happy thoughts and release good chemicals, think negative, destructive thoughts and release chemicals that can make you sick.  As a person who looks at thousands of brains a year, Dr. Amen has literally seen the results of what happens when people believe negative things about themselves, others, or their situations. Entertaining negative thoughts will have adverse affects on your overall health.  Dr. Amen goes on to teach what you can do about your ANTS.   
 He suggests that when you are feeling mad, sad, nervous, out of control, write down your thoughts.  Next you will re-write that thought and then repeat it.  Here is a minor example of what might be an automatic negative thought for some:  "I don't think anyone will like what I have to say" would be replaced by something like, "I am a free-thinking and interesting person and I have something great to say." Or worse, another example might be, "I am dumb and unlovable therefore I deserve to suffer."   To replace this and other self-deprecating thoughts one might write down something like, "I am a child of God, wonderfully and uniquely made and he loves me and wants we to be safe and happy".  Do this over and over, replacing each ANT as it comes up until you literally rewire your brain; one thought at a time, until you believe the best instead of the worst of yourself and of others. 

Sometimes I hear people say things like, "I have bad knees because my mom had bad knees.  Everyone in my family is doomed for knew surgery." Or..."My dad died of a heart attack so I will probably go that way too."   These and  other false beliefs which drive your thinking can be the cause of you actually getting a disease or an illness.   Instead think of all the ways you can change your thinking and change your life to be the healthiest person you can be.   Did you know that only 30% of your health is genetically inherited and another 70% is caused by the life choices you make?  If you are interested in getting a map of your genetics you can click here and you can send in a siliva sample and find out what that 30% looks like.   However, please remember that this is not your destiny because 70% of your health and your future life is up to you; the thoughts you think and the decisions you make.  As one of Dr. Amen's books claim, "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life".  Get rid of those ANTS and replace them with good, productive, and healthful thoughts.

If you need help with your ANTS join me and my husband for "The Call" on the15th of November, 6pm Pacific Time ( and the 15th of every month) We will interview another special and inspiring guest.  To access the call simply dial: 530-881-1300.  Key-in 642848# when prompted.  **In November we celebrate one year of The Call and we look forward to giving away some special gifts.  Join us!

  Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.

― W. Clement Stone

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