Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Health Risks of Sitting

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Most of us who fly a lot have heard of "deep vein thrombosis" which can occur in certain at-risk individuals who don't get up and move around during a long flight.  But did you know that there are many more health risks associated with a sedentary life-style and with sitting for long periods during the day, even when you aren't airborne?

I've always advocated taking the stairs instead of an elevator (when practical), settling for that parking spot that's maybe a bit further away from your destination and walking a little further,  getting outside for a walk whenever you can, disciplining yourself to go to the gym, swim in a pool, play tennis, or any other sports activity that gets your body moving for 30-60 minutes or longer several days a week.  This post is to encourage you to just stand up and move around a bit!

I viewed this great video from TedEd and it explains in great detail why it is so important for you to get up from your desk or from wherever you may be sitting (right now!) every thirty minutes.  Your health depends on it so get up and move!

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  1. Yes Donna, at all times, even on an airplane flight, I always get up frequently. I take an aisle seat as I will get up and walk or stretch and even take my shoes off when I am sitting on the journey so I can wiggle my toes and flex at the ankle, all to get blood flowing better. At home, though I have chair lifts to 2nd floor and to the basement rec room, I take the stairs at least twice a day (not on first waking or on way to bed) as those are times I, with issues due to MS might easily fall due to fatigue or early morning stiffness. The video is Gr8 and reinforces my own thoughts on blood flow need, to move and breathe, stretching the chest and lungs along with my limbs.


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