Thursday, October 22, 2015

Unexpected Tomatoes


  1. God's amazing Star of Bethlehem plants

    We moved into our house 36 years ago and saw how wonderfully the backyard was kept and actually about 1/2 the yard 15' x 120' was a vegetable garden. We kept that up for 20 years as our children grew up and we grew older. We then stopped and tilled all the soil, putting down new grass seed. It was wonderful and good for a putting green and croquet and we put in a Cedar Glider swing.

    One year I was unwell, hospitalized for awhile and the lawns grew and grew to about 10 inches! Amazing us however were all the wildflower and Aster bushes that then sprang up and so I mowed a path throughout the backyard for a walking path among the more "natural" garden. As I came to mow near where we had our cedar Glider swing, I saw little white stars about 2 inches up, poking through the grass. I had no idea what these clusters were. Also, there were several clumps of little blue flowers. My wife, the family horticulturalist came out and identified the Star of Bethlehem and nearby, Forget-Me-Not flowers!

    Asking neighbors who had lived nearby since these houses were built, one neighbor remembered the original owner who had a wonderful flower garden and so, although we had been lovingly manicuring our lawn for years, little did we know that God's seeds and roots never gave up. They persisted year after year after year until we stopped cutting the lawn. We again have enjoyed the flowers planted many many years ago and will do so for many more years.

    We should never give up on God! HE is patient and never gives up on his creations, be they flowers or us!

    HE is Blessing all, always

  2. As I see the words Happy Life, my brain refers to my Mary Poppins mode, translates and says
    "Have A Perfectly Positive Year....Live In Faith Everyday"

  3. H ave
    P erfectly
    P ositive
    Y ear

    L ive
    I n
    F aith
    E veryday


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