Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Gut Feeling (2)


You've heard the sayings, "I have a gut feeling about this," or "trust your gut." These are two sayings which refer to intuition yet science has discovered amazing truth in these two short, smart proclamations.   

  The truth is nearly all health originates in the gut. 

 Your gut microbiome becomes ill first and you cannot become well again, until it becomes well. Fact. 

Almost all illness has been linked to a loss in the diversity of your gut bacteria. Your microbiome or gut flora are essential to your good health.

When diversity is lost, certain ´bad´ bacteria are free to cause problems - they may make toxins, they may cause inflammation; and they may even cause the body to produce an immune reaction against their activities. An immune reaction throughout the body.

It has doctors and oncologists in America really worried, so much so that the American Government spent $173 million dollars just on one research project! 200 top scientists across America collaborated. The Europeans have a similar project. 7,000 research studies, over 100 clinical trials in just the last few years.

In 2012 and 2013 major research studies appeared regularly - the bottom line? Problems in your gut flora can cause chronic inflammation and lead to all manner of diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, MS, Arthritis, IBS, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and Cancer. In fact, there is no illness that seems exempt. 

But your doctor probably knows very little about it all. Why? Because it will involve a huge Paradigm shift in Health Treatment. You see, there´s an inconvenient truth: Drugs make matters worse!

Text books will tell you that the human body is an organism of 7 trillion cells and 25,000 genes. But it’s not - it is a Super-organism of 100 trillion cells and 100,000 genes. And these ‘extra’ genes direct messages, good and bad, throughout your body; making you ill; helping you get better. In fact, you cannot get better until the owners of these extra genes get better.                                                   source

The good news is this:  you can do something very simple to make a major change in your gut health, and thus your overall health,  even if you’re not willing to change your diet.  If you add a daily supplement, which targets gut health,  to your existing diet you should soon experience noticeable changes in your overall health.   Check-out this product  here     You will get an automatic 20% off of your first time order!

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  1. Yup there is a reason we all say we have a "gut feeling" that....meaning we know what is right and you are right Donna! I take probiotics now but also went on Whole 30 program, cleaning my system and already feel better after stopping legumes, all dairy except eggs /Not so hard but oh for a doughy bun with better cheese and a glass of red wine. I will learn better my system and as I add back (but being out of fast food for 30 days) and into food selection and preparation plus probiotics, it will be a new me;)

  2. Fascinating post. Thanks so much for sharing.


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