Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Hidden Killer-Infammation

This is a body, mind, soul health website and today I want to share something that will hopefully help you with some of your aches and pains;  even the hidden ones, possibly in your heart, your lungs, or in any of your major organs.   You can thank my son, Anthony for this post as just yesterday he was asking about this.

I first heard about perna canaliculus a little over two years ago when I was doing a t.v. show for a certain company that marketed it under their label.   Through my work with this company I had discovered something that was life-changing.   The green-lipped mussel is grown in pristine conditions in New Zealand.  The scientific name being, perna canaliculus.

Before extraction

I have been athletic my entire life and thus I have encountered sports injuries and inflammation which can be exacerbated from overuse, eating foods that my body can't properly digest such as gluten, too much stress, or damp weather (I now know why older people move to the desert!)  In fact did you know that inflammation is behind most serious conditions and diseases?


My intent is not to go into any of these conditions because you can simply google "inflammation" and see how it contributes to everything from muscle pain to asthma, to heart disease.  I do want to tell share with you a study that I just pulled up for Anthony when he asked me about different types of Omega 3's including those found in the green-lipped mussels.  It is pretty impressive science, and since I can attest to the nutritional supplement's effectiveness, this just proves that my results are not a placebo.

This is a microscopic view of inflammation

 Read here to learn the science behind PCSO-524 which is a patented process of extracting the natural, beneficial anti-inflammatory properties found in these mussels.  *Note: the study refers to two specific brands, one in NZ and one here in the U.S.  I would not support buying from either of these companies.  I started out ordering from NZ and the product was great but the taxes and the postage were too high.  The other company mentioned does not have high enough milligrams of the mussel but instead added filler to reduce their overhead yet still charges way too much.
 I have found a really pure formula which is also manufactured by a company that I completely trust in "truth in labeling."  They are located in Vermont and they have a long-standing great reputation in the nutritional supplement business.  I also respect that they sell their products at very fair prices.   I use them so I can attest to their efficacy.  To give this prodcuct a try you can either go to my "products" page and scroll to DaVinci Labs or you can pull it up right here.

180 capsules last me 180 days

To get the best results when using this product you may need to take a couple a day for the first few weeks.  It all depends on the intensity of your inflammation;  and keep in mind that we are all very different.  When I first started taking these I was experiencing some shoulder pain so I took two a day until the pain subsided.  I have been taking one a day ever since.  In reading how the product works you will learn that it accumulates in your body and because of this I can even go a day or two without consuming it and I still feel great! And...by the way...I am back to serving overhead during volleyball.  I can play tennis and I can do push-ups and plank without having any discomfort what so ever.  I am very active and if it works for me it will work for you.  Try it and let me know.   

I will occasionally feature a product that I use and believe in so stay tuned...or you can go to my store "products" and check-out all of my recommendations.  All of the companies that I represent on my website are pure, natural, and have the science to prove what they say they stand for.  

  "I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers."

3 John 1:2

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