Saturday, June 15, 2013

"The Call"

My site is all about body, mind, soul, health and wellness.  As such I believe in encouraging great health in all areas of an individual.  On the 15th of each month I focus on spiritual health and what it means to live a life filled with meaning.   My husband and I jointly host this monthly event.

Today is the 15th of June and this evening we will focus on "calling." What is a call?  How do you know if you are living your purpose and fulfilling your destiny?
Don't let this word scare you because I believe that everyone has a calling, even if they haven't yet discovered it.

If you are questioning your your life's mission or concerned about how to guide a young person as they grow through the stages of life, then join us this evening for "The Call",  a monthly telephone church with no walls service held on the 15th of each month at 6pm PDT.  This evening we will talk about "calling",  pray together, read scripture, and answer some questions.  We will also interview Pastor Greg Chastain who co-founded Committed Heart and Recovered 4 Life   We will be discussing the tragic prescription drug overdose epidemic among 18-25 years olds in South Orange County and beyond and what we can do to make a difference in stopping this horrific trend.

Join us at 6pm PDT by dialing 530-881-1300   When asked for your code key-in 642848#  Invite anyone who you think could use a mid-month lift in spirits or who may need help in deciding what steps to take in living a life full of meaning and purpose. 

 Questions?  Contact me at:

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