Friday, May 24, 2013

Beach Babe Fitness: No Time, No Problem

 I decided that I wanted to  use a "guest post" today because, honestly 1) I am packing to go away for the holiday weekend and don't have time to blog and 2)  My daughter is an excellent writer with all kinds of great ideas 3) We are both passionate about helping people get and keep excellent health.  I'm sure that you'll enjoy the following and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

Beach Babe Fitness: No Time, No Problem: We are all pressed for time. I feel ya. However, if you think you need an hour to get a good sweat, you're wrong! High Intensity I...

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  1. Hey Christina, even for us fellas, your site has gr8 ways for us too, to stay fit. I love the water challenge, toting my favorite water bottle everywhere and refilling it through the day lately. Also, the smoothie breakfast starter was terrific! I have a Leslie Sansone exercise DVD which I do in my house and it seems to follow the HIIT routine you describe well. It has me feeling well and not tired but invigorated after just a few minutes workout! I am 62 and I want to stay as active for life as I can. I have had a diagnosis of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis the last 12 years but I like to "use it or lose it" as your GrandDad or Dad might say.

    Anyway, good to have checked out your site, my wife has read it too and liked the water challenge and Quinoa Salad recipe etc. Next time we make it from Toronto, Canada down to beautiful Southern California ( I wish! ) maybe she or my daughters will try to get to a beach workout!

    God is Blessing all, always


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