Friday, May 17, 2013

Educate Yourself for Great Health!

"My people perish for lack of knowledge"   Hosea 4:6 

I am so excited regarding my new online store with Metagenics Nutraceutical Company that I needed to announce this new relationship with this fantastic company as soon as I had the chance.  I have been consuming and purchasing many of their products for almost twenty years and I have been credentialed to sell and ship these products throughout those years.  Until now I have not had a place where you could go to explore and order them on your own; at your own leisure, whenever you want.  I know that these products have contributed to my overall health in body, mind, and soul.  Click here  to see my new site or you can go to my "products" page on this website.One must be a licensed practitioner to distribute Metagenics.  They are not available in stores but only in doctor's offices and qualified health centers.  I offer a 10% discount online.

I have also featured three of my most requested and favorite products.   Unipro Perfect Protein, which is the best protein powder available.   Myocalm, which is a calcium magnesium supplement that works great for relaxing your tired muscles.  It provides immediate relief for those leg and foot cramps that I hear so many complain about.  Take two before bed or take two of the Myocalm p.m. formula if you have trouble sleeping.   Inflavanoid Intensive Care is for sports or other injuries.  Please don't be a popper of NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflamatory Drugs) Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, etc.  Every one of these over-the-counter pain relievers have terrible side-effects for your liver or your kidneys.    

No products work quite like proprietary Metagenics products, and they have the data to back it up. They've changed the product development model to deliver truly nutrigenomic medical foods and nutraceuticals that offer a higher degree of safety, effectiveness, and reliability in natural approaches.
Their ongoing commitment to genomic and proteomic research has identified plant-based extracts and derivatives that act as SKRMs, or nutrients that communicate with specific proteins to send signals in favor of healthy functioning. These SKRMs “amplify” healthy messages from food to offer uniquely effective and powerful formulas for both targeted and broad health applications for enhanced support.
They also value the wisdom of others. Time-honored plant derivatives are formulated in patented combinations with other nutrients for targeted approaches to health. And industry leadership gives Metagenics preferred access to nutrient discoveries from suppliers around the globe to use as raw materials. These novel ingredients are supported by reputable clinical and laboratory research that complement their own high standards.
For flexibility and optimal use, some formulas offer multi-functional support while others may be used in combination to meet individual needs.  They also consider client preferences and tastes when formulating optimal ingredient delivery in capsules, softgels, tablets, liquids, chewables, powders, and bars.

 There really is a lot of power that comes through knowing about as many subjects as you can.   For instance: if you know where the majority of your food comes from and what it is composed of you can avoid eating empty, processed calories which end up making you even hungrier.  Once you know the difference between quality supplements and the ones that you buy "on sale" from a chain store you will stop wasting your money.  The latest studies have proven that our food is not as nutrient dense as it once was so it is essential for our health to take vitamins and minerals.

 If you read about and become educated regarding the risks involved with putting certain chemicals on your skin or using them in your house, you will be a stronger, healthier person at the core.   I will continue to research and affiliate with many health conscience, non-carcinogen producing companies and I will list these on my products page.  I have some great suggestions coming soon!
 Since a lot of our exposure to potentially harmful substances is beyond our control I have always advocated the approach of learning about and controlling what we can and then not stressing or becoming obsessive about what we cannot control.

 It is important to read and do research and compare information.  Don't believe everything you read on the internet, in many ways it has become like the bathroom wall in Jr. High or High School.  Not everyone has your best interests at heart.  Get second and third opinions when you are faced with an invasive procedure of any kind, and seek the advice of wise counsel always.




  1. Oh posted this to wrong subject! Knowledge is Power!!! It's obviously! It was, it is, it will be!

  2. We know your learned expertise in these type products and I thereby can trust the products' efficacy. Always interested in knowing the best health supplements and may order and try some if they become available for Canada. I did see, in trying to create an acc't, that one had to have a United States address. I am pleased none the less for you to be able to provide a way others can order the products and so congratulations and I will at least look now in Canada for these products or their formula in similar products.

    God is Blessing all, always

  3. Hi Jan-Michael,
    Yes, Metagenics is great and they have distribution centers around the world. When our son Anthony was on his mission trip to Australia and then Papua, New Guinea I made sure that he had pro-biotics (UltraFlora by Metagenics) before he spent six weeks in the jungle sleeping in a mosquito net. They are A+ and DaVinci Labs is also an A company. If you read what I wrote above about Metagenics you will see how they differ in their continuing scientific approach to genetics and needed supplementation. When working with special-need clients I can suggest many specialty products which help supplement or actually replace any treatments that may be recommended to them. I believe in the non-invasive approach first. I also believe in building the immune system and supporting life vs. fighting disease. Although, as you know, sometimes you must do the both.
    Thank you for your ongoing participation in this blog and wellness website. I think the world of you. Sincerely, Donna

  4. I looked online and found a site for Metagenics Canada. I googled it. I think I bought a supplement from them one time that my naturopath recommended.
    God bless everyone.

  5. Thanks Elizabeth,
    I have now, also found the distributor in Canada of Metagenics products. Good to know, in addition to Donna's recommendation, you recall having used their products as recommended by a naturopath. The distributor I found for Canada was a link from google to


  6. This is the first time i read your blog and admire that you have posted on this...I really found useful.Keep updated.


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