Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving in the USA

Dear Friends,
I hope you will thank God for all of your many blessings today.   I am so thankful for my family and the love we share.    "Talk" to you all soon.
A sign on the wall of the Manila Times (newspaper)
God is blessing you.    Donna

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Global Peace Convention 2010

Photos from Global Peace Convention 2009, Manila, Philippines
A marching band to welcome us!  It was all little kids!
In Mindanao with the locals

Hi All,
Robert and I are getting packed to leave for our yearly participation in The Global Peace Convention.  You may remember my blog from last year regarding Robert's leaving his suit bag due to our rushing to make the flight to Manila, Philippines (the sight of last years convention!)   All turned out well and we are looking forward to speaking at this peace-promoting event again this year.  We have also printed out our itineraries and are sure of the departure time!  We will remember ALL of our luggage this year too!
World peace is an interesting and a very popular subject but I always remember that peace begins at home.  This is what I will address to the many different people from many diverse cultures and religions as I lead a break-out session at the convention.    One thing we all have in common is the desire to have our loved-ones live in a peaceful environment.  I will address practical ways to create and teach peace within the four walls of the home.  Of course as a Christian I will share with them that I try to follow the ways of the Prince of Peace.  
  "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world."  John 16:33
I will make sure I get a video to share with you all!

God is blessing you.     Donna

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Body, Mind and Spirit Health for the Holidays

Hi Friends!
I apologize to those who have been waiting for another video. Although I love doing them, lately the majority of my time has been spent working on re-launching my nutrition practice.   As of January 1st I will be a full-time nutrition coach, helping people eat right as part of their total wellness routine!  Of course I still adhere to and espouse the importance of spiritual and mental fitness also so my plans are to gradually integrate all three major aspects of our humanity into this blog.   I truly believe that to separate any of one of the three mentioned above from any one of the others, is a terrible mistake.    I am pretty sure that most of us know people who are so off-balanced in one of the areas of body, mind or spirit (soul) that they suffer substantially in one or more of the others.  My goal is to help people become more balanced in their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives so they can be shinning lights in a sometimes dark world.
Please send me any ideas you would like to see addressed and/or ask me a question about body, mind, spirit fitness.   How are you doing at balancing all three areas of your life?

This is my grand baby, Haven!  She is so pure in body, mind, and spirit because she has not been polluted by the things of this world.

 Now that the major holidays are fast approaching it is more important than ever to take care of yourself.   Don't wait until New Year's resolution time...make a plan now, write it down, put it in a place where can look at it everyday.  Commit to it.    Stress,  bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and not carving out time alone to meditate and pray will take it's toll on your over-all health if you don't have an action plan!
Today my son, Bobby delivered another really good message on commitment and calling.  It will be posted on his church's blog by Tuesday afternoon and I highly recommend you listen to it because it was excellent!  His website is:
Take care of yourself, body, mind, and spirit.   Be a good example and help others do the same.
"Act as if you are someone's only role model"
God is blessing you.    Donna