Thursday, December 20, 2012

Set-backs Create Opportunities For Comebacks!

My husband Robert performed the wedding ceremony of Glenn and Mindy Stearns in 2003

If you are worried or experiencing any of life's set-backs be inspired by Mark Thallander, a world-famous organist who lost an arm in a terrible car accident, or how about"Soul Surfer" Bethany Hamilton who had her arm ripped-off and was almost killed by a shark.  Read about our good friend Glenn Stearns, or who nearly lost everything at the onset of the real estate/mortgage crash.  As Glenn was personally disassembling the cubicles in his office, he had his wife videoing it as he said, "this challenge will be a part of my story."

 My husband Robert A. Schuller wrote a book by the title "The World's Greatest Comebacks".  The year was 1988.  Since he wrote this book almost twenty-five years ago I think it's more than time he write volume 2, sighting the amazing come-back stories of the three listed above as well as many others we've been blessed to know since then! 

 How do Mark, Bethany, Glenn and an endless list of others have the courage, the perseverance, the faith and the fortitude to keep on keeping-on? When almost everything they have worked for or everything they are seems to have been taken away how do they stay faithful to their God-given purpose?   How do they come-back after life-threatening injuries and despair or impending financial disasters and end-up making an even more profound mark on society than they ever could before their set-backs?!

 The Bible is full of come-back stories where real people overcame huge obstacles.  Here's a few of my take-aways from those stories and the ones of the people I listed above:  don't dwell on the past-it can blur your focus of a beautiful future;  hold on to hope- even in your darkest times;  reach forward in faith-even when you don't feel like it; and blanket all of it by loving others through their tough times even when you're going through your own. *Believe with all of your heart that there is a greater purpose involved in your set-backs or your suffering.

All of us experience challenges from time to time.  Some people's are more severe than others and some will never recover.  Few will become more than they ever imagined possible as a result of their painful experiences.
 Many things in life are out of our control.  I believe that we should live as suggested by St. Augustine  and "work like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on God."  This attitude has personally seen me through many obstacles and rough times.  It works.  

"The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike"   Matthew 5:45

Even if you live a Godly life, full of purpose, passion and goodness-no one is immune from some kind of suffering or set-back.  Here's the question: what will you do as a result of the storms in your life?  Like the examples which I used above in the personal stories of Mark, Bethany, and Glenn I hope that you will choose to become better instead of bitter.  Please go to their websites and be encouraged by their individual stories.

  Even in times of loss there is still so much to be thankful for.   Don't look back but instead look up!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 
God is blessing you.   Donna

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Need Your Help Please!

                                  Mark Victor Hansen and wife Crystal to be our next guests!

Hello and almost Merry Christmas!
If you've been following my blog you must know that my husband Robert and I started Possibility Living telephone classes on November 15th.  Possibility Living is part of our church without walls and it is a health ministry that was born many years ago on Rancho Capistrano.
 Originally included in this life-changing and inspiring ministry were week-long seminars where people from all-over the world would come to learn more about body, mind, and spirit health.   The week included spiritual leaders, people who specialized in emotional health, and experts in natural health of the body.  Anyone who attended these seminars can tell you that they were truly life-transforming.  In fact, after attending these seminars many wanted to move onto Rancho Capistrano and serve in that ministry!
 At the same time Robert began a daily radio show where he would conduct an intensive, detailed interview with experts in the areas of body, mind, or spiritual health.  The radio show was a live daily show which included a time of questions and answers during the second half of the hour.   He did this for five years and as he can tell you it was like receiving a graduate degree in body, mind, spirit health.
 Last but not least, in the year 2000 Robert and his friend, Dr. Douglas DiSiena, published their book, "Possibility Living...Add Years To Your Life and Life To Your Years With God's Health Plan."   This is a fabulous book which was written well before it's time.  Today you will discover all kinds of Christian health plans and that's a good thing!   Although the book contains timeless information in the areas of physical and mental health Dr. DiSiena is presently writing an update for the recommendations in the areas of supplementation (vitamin and mineral intake) and overall health of the body.  There has been a lot of advances in this area since the book came out.  Stay tuned for the results of these updates.
Today we bring you Possibility Living Teleclasses which are just as fabulous as the week-long seminars were and the best thing is that they are accessible from anywhere as long as you have a telephone!  These classes are held on the 15th of each month at 6pm Pacific Time.  Here's where I need your help.    Either people are not understanding the concept of attending a class via the telephone or they are not wanting to make a tax deductible donation of $29.95 in order to attend.   What I need from you is your feedback on what might be hindering a huge attendance during these telephone classes.  Can you do this for me please?  Send me your comments and let me know what you think.  I am aware that I need to do some advertising and marketing so this is my first attempt at polling those of you who read my blog.  Very few of you are signed-up for our classes and this puzzles me.   I would really appreciate your suggestions and comments as both Robert and I know that this is one important way to do our church without walls.  All donations go into our ministry. 
Last but not least, our last interview guest on December 15th was Max Lucado.  He was fantastic!  Unless you attend his church where else could you ask Max any of your theological questions?  We had a very in-depth discussion about the tragic shooting events that had taken place in Connecticut just the day before.  Based on some comments I received after our class I know that people were given hope and some peace of mind after such a terrible tragedy.   This is what our church without walls is all about;   distributing inspiration, peace, hope, and love.
***Our guest for January 15th will be Mark Victor Hansen and his wife Crystal!  Mark is the best-selling author of the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" books and Crystal is the founder of "Pure Thoughts For Pure Results."  They will motivate all of us to set high goals for the new year!  You do not want to miss them as they are fantastic!  - On February 15th we will interview Dr. Douglas DiSiena.  Our topic will be stress and how to minimize it.  Doug is one of only a few doctors in the nation with such expertise when it comes to whole body wellness! - We have many other great guests in mind for future classes.  Where else can you attend an inspirational class in the comfort of your own home while wearing your pajamas?! 
Last but not least,  if you would like to sign-up for the classes today you can go to   I am offering a Christmas gift of just $100 for the next six months of classes!  That's less than $17 a class!   Just go to the website and click on "donate".    Enter the amount for either one or more classes and you will get an email confirming your donation.  You will then be sent the telephone number and participant code you will need to attend the class.  Again, the classes are held via telephone in the comfort of your own home.  (or on your way somewhere as you can access from your mobile)  They begin at 6pm Pacific Time.   
Thank you for your time in letting us know how we may better serve you.
God is blessing you.   Donna

Friday, December 7, 2012

Join Us For Max Lucado Live!

Join my husband Robert and I for our next Possibility Living Class on December 15th at 6pm Pacific Time.   We are going to have a fantastic hour live with Max Lucado which will include asking him questions for the last thirty minutes of the class!  What a perfect time to interview such a great pastor and prolific writer.  Or, buy this telephone class as an early Christmas gift for a friend or a relative who needs encouragement, hope and love.  The great news is that you can attend these classes no matter where you live!  All you need is a telephone.
 These telephone classes are available at 6pm Pacific Time on the 15th of each month and we are bringing them to you for a tax-deductible donation of just $29.95 each!   And...each month you will be uplifted and inspired by a special guest who is an expert in body, mind, and spirit health.   If you commit to six-months of classes the normal donation is just $120.  As a special Christmas gift we are offering six months for just $100 if you sign-up now!!  To sign-up go to and simply click on the button that says "donate" located on the right side of this web page.   Insert the donation of your choice.  Next, we will send you a verification and phone number to cal for you classl.
What better way to emotionally and spiritually prepare for Jesus' birthday!  You do not want to miss this world-famous writer, speaker, and author so join us today.

God is blessing you always.   Merry Christmas!! Donna

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Turkey Exchange

The following is a story that was published in my book, “Woman To Woman Wisdom”.   It was requested that I post it here so please enjoy!

The Turkey Exchange

   Most of us really cherish family gatherings during the holidays.   If your family is like mine, you have certain traditions that you respect and follow every year. At my house, holidays for the most part are fairly predictable:  special family recipes are shared, cherished stories are retold, relationships are rekindled,  and in some cases new traditions begin.
     But holidays can also be times loaded with stress,  especially our best-laid plans threaten to collapse.  As I’ve learned, in such times you simply need to adapt as best you can and then look for the blessings it brings.   This was the case for our family one Thanksgiving several years ago.  My husband kids and 1 decided to spend a nontraditional Thanksgiving aboard a small fishing boat anchored off the beach in Baja California.  As with every year, I wanted this to be a memorable and perfect holiday for my family—so I was a little bit anxious about our change in plans.  Everything had to be precisely choreographed so that we could make the best use of the small space—and even smaller oven!
     Weeks ahead of time, we made lists that included the measurement of the oven, the pots and pans available, etc.   Upon close scrutiny, we decided that the oven would accommodate only an eight-pound turkey, which would be quite a change from our usual twenty-two to twenty-five-pounder.  About two weeks prior to the trip, I found a great price on an eight-pound turkey, and I tossed it in the Deepfreeze.  About the same time, my mother called and wanted to know if we had room in our Deepfreeze to store a twenty-two pounder for her.  She was planning on having guests for Thanksgiving dinner and needed a turkey bigger than her freezer could hold.  “No problem,” I told her.  “I have plenty of room.”
     So we prepared for our trip.  My very helpful husband always packs the cooler for all of our family outings—it’s just one of the jobs he likes to do.  So while I was helping the kids get their bags closed up, Robert loaded the turkey into its “cold box” for our trip, and off we went.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when, at our destination, I opened the ice chest to find a huge turkey staring back at me!  Robert had inadvertently taken my mother’s turkey!  I screamed at him to come and explain why he’d done such a stupid thing.  Poor Robert didn’t know that my mother had stored her turkey in our freezer.  His defense was that when he looked in the Deepfreeze, he only saw one thing that looked like a real turkey to him…so that was the one he took!  This didn’t make any sense to me, because we’d discussed the size of the turkey weeks ago.  But to Robert, it just did not compute that a small eight-pound turkey would actually look more like a frozen chicken.  He had taken what looked to him like the only turkey.
Well, after getting quite upset—and after leaving a panic-stricken and apologetic voice message for my mom via cell phone—I finally calmed down.  And, of course, we had a really good laugh about it all and prayed that my mother would hear the voice message in time to shop of a new turkey.  I did feel really terrible about flying off the handle, but really, who doesn’t get stressed out by the holidays, especially when you want everything to be perfect?!
     Well,  you know what?  Our Thanksgivings weren’t ruined after-all.  My possibility-thinking husband creatively butchered the turkey so as to fill our small, eight-pound roasting pan beautifully.  We gave the rest of the bird to a local family nearby, and they were very happy about it—because, as it turned out, it was to be their only taste of turkey on Thanksgiving!  And it worked out OK for my mother, as well, because her dinner party plans changed and her company did not come.  We had a lot to thank God for on that Thanksgiving Day.  Truth be told, there were blessings enough to go around—blessings of sharing, blessings of new acquaintances—as we gave away our extra turkey to another family.  And it was all made possible by the unexpected “turkey exchange”!  No one could have planned it better than, of course, our Father, the Grantor of all blessings.
     There’s a Yiddish proverb that says, “Man plans, God laughs.”  (of course that’s true for women too!) I like to imagine God holding his breath, waiting for Donna to explode when she discovered that the enormous turkey instead of the one she’d been expecting!  As this situation taught me, God always has a way of making our mishaps work out somehow.   I should have remembered this when I blew-up at poor Robert!  When things don’t go as we think they should…when our holiday plans get messed up…when people don’t do the things we think they should do, we need to keep in mind that God is in charge, and if we trust in Him, He will help us through.  In this case, my family survived—even thrived—and had a wonderful Thanksgiving after all, even if it didn’t go exactly as I had planned.
     Remember this the next time you make a cake for the school bake sale—and your son drops it on the floor.  Remember this when you get to your vacation destination---and discover your luggage was shipped someplace else.  Remember this when you’re racing to make an appointment---and your car battery picks the same day to die.  Stay calm.  Ask God to show you the wisdom in your situation---and ask Him to let you be pleased with the surprise blessings it brings.  And learn to laugh when things go wrong---which I have to tell you, we’ve done so many times since that day.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 
 God is blessing you.   Donna

Monday, October 15, 2012

Possibility Living Seminars Return!!

I have an exciting announcement! 

Beginning November 15th and continuing on the 15th day of every month,  Robert and I will be presenting one hour-long teleconferences called Possibility Living!   The format for the teleseminar will mirror Robert's radio show,  Balanced For Life, however, we will be doing this through a telephone conferencing system as we want to include everyone!.  Our first teleseminar will address the importance of healthy integration of all three parts of your person;  body, mind, and spirit.  We will have a surprise guest and host a lively discussion which promises to uplift, educate,  and enlighten.   Since our kick-off is in November which is the month for Thanksgiving in the USA,  we will also discuss the topic of giving thanks in all things.

If you remember the Balanced For Life radio show and the Possibility Living Seminars you may also recall that this fantastic ministry progressed into a great body, mind, spirit book titled Possibility Living: Add years to your Life and Life to Your Years.   This book was written by Dr. Robert A. Schuller and Dr. Douglas DiSiena and was published in the year 2000.   The nutrition and physical health chapters were the harbinger to the now 'famous' Daniel Diet which has become a great movement in many churches and spiritual circles.   While impacting then,  Possibility Living is especially timely now because of the stressful, challenging, and toxic world we are living in.  As a result, people are more ready than ever to hear the great news that you can improve your overall health and wellness!
Not only will you learn how to treat your body better but you will gain knowledge that will assist you in attaining great emotional health too.  Most importantly Possibility Living Teleseminars will help you to learn more about God for a rich and fulfilling spiritual life.

-Do you believe that God has great things in store for your future?

-Would you like to learn what's necessary to act on your dreams and make them a reality?  

-Have you been holding on to toxic emotions or thoughts which could be holding you back?

-Do you want to hear from and ask questions of experts in the fields of body, mind, or spiritual health which will help assist you in reaching tangible goals?

-Are you ready to be motivated and inspired with new ideas for your life?

-Can you imagine having all of the latest, up-to-date, cutting-edge health information available to you on a regular basis?

-Do you want to improve or transform all areas of your life for a better, more productive you? 

The focus of Possibility Living is on issues which deal with physical, emotional, and spiritual health, so the possibilities are endless! the end of each inspiring program Robert and I , along with our special guest, will spend time answering your questions.  This always provides for a stimulating exchange of ideas!

Please plan on joining us as we launch our latest way to inform, educate, and motivate you with the hope which is found in a loving and all-powerful God!

**The first five people to sign-up will also be sent one of Robert's autographed books as a bonus!  So, make sure that you sign up today!!

Possibility Living Teleseminars will be held on the 15th of every month and will begin promptly at 6pm PST.   The monthly price for each one hour-long teleseminar is just $29.95.   For a six month commitment you will have access to teleseminars for only $20.00 for each teleseminar!   In the future we plan on offering even greater incentives for unlimited access to our teleconferences.  So, please invite your friends and family to join us on this exciting journey!

In order to access the Possibility Living Teleseminar please go to and look for the "Donate" button located on the right hand side of the home page.  Make a donation for $29.95.   Please make sure you include both your phone number and your mailing address as this is both your sign-up and receipt of payment.   In turn you will be sent a confirmation including the  seminar call-in number and participant code which will give you access to the November, 2012 Possibility Living Teleseminar.   If you need to sign-up via snail mail you may send a check to our office.  Please allow at least one week for your check to be received and processed.  If you are out of the USA you may need to mail it sooner.

Issue the check to Robert Schuller Ministries and send it to:  16 N. Stonington Rd.  Laguna Beach, CA.   92651  USA

Remember: Be one of the first five to sign-up for a free autographed complementary book! 

**All fees are paid in advance.  This is the only way to get the access code for the Possibility Living Teleseminar.

When signing-up please include your shipping address so that we  may send out your free book should you be one of the first five to register for the new Possibility Living teleseminar!

With God there are always new possibilities for learning and becoming healthier and stronger in body, mind, and soul.   Both Robert and I look forward to spending time with you and being a part of your emotional, physical, and spiritual enrichment as we grow together in Christian Love.

God is blessing you.  Donna

Questions?   You can contact me at

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where Are You God?

"Surely God is in this place; and I know it not."   Genesis 28:6

Where is God when we need him most?  Does he even care about what we do in our day to day lives?
 I believe that God is always present, that we need him, and that we are responsible for whether or not we see God in others or in situations.

It is us who either embraces the spirit of God or pushes Him away.  Concisously or unconsciously we are the ones who move closer to or further away from God.  He never changes!

I often enjoy reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.  Within it's power-packed pages I often glean something new,  even though I have read the book several times.  Here's how Tozer answers the question,  where are you God?

"The presence and the manifestation of the presence are not the same.  There can be one without the other.  God is here when we are wholly unaware of it.  He is manifest only when and as we are aware of His presence.  Our part, then must be to surrender to the spirit of God, for His work is to show us the Father and the Son.  If we  cooperate with Him in loving obedience, God will manifest Himself to us, and that manifestation will be the difference between a nominal Christian life and a life radiant with the light of His face."

Manifestation means the indication of the existence, reality, or presence of something.   Indication of.  Not, if you don't believe it then it's not true!   It is the revelation (sometimes that 'ah ha') that something is there that supports yours and my beliefs.  And our beliefs will determine if we think God is with us or not.  It won't change Him, only your relationship with Him!

Do you thank God in the midst of your happy, joyful situations?  Do you also ask for his guidance in your times of trouble, disappointments, anxious living, and conflicts?
He is always there.   Ask him to join you on your daily journey.

God is blessing you.  Donna

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are You Hopeful or Hopeless?

"Let's Go...make no excuses now, I'm talkin' here and now...  your time is running out, I'm talkin' here and now...
It's not about what you've done, it's about what you're doing.   It's all about where you're going,  no matter where you been."   Calvin Harris

Where are you today?  Are you living the life you want to live or are you holding on to past let-downs or mistakes you've made?  Are you fulfilling your God-given mission and purpose in life?   Do you have your core values,  your dreams and goals, and your purpose statement written down and in plain sight?  Do you even know what they are?  Worse yet, maybe you've lost hope.
  It's easy to allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or even depressed if you are living your life as a reactionary.  Friends, family, and society can bombard you with challenges and expectations and if you do not know what you stand for or where you're going it can get really tough.
 Here's the good news:  each of us can reinvent ourselves or start over at any time.  We can take the false ideas concerning ourselves and others,  unlearn them,  and go forward with a fresh perspective and renewed hope.  Is is easy?  Not usually.  Is it worth it?  Most definitely!  You may need tools and  you might need help but you can move closer to accomplishing your goals if you will commit and put in the effort.

 Have you ever considered what you would do if you knew you could not fail?

Here are some of the kids on probation who are stellar examples of what it means to believe it's about where they're going.  Robert and Bobby are at the back on the left.  (Photo quality not so good!)

Recently my husband, my oldest son Bobby, and myself attended a luncheon which benefited the Probation Community Action Association of Orange County.   The two of them spoke to the group about love, hope, trust, and family.  The hope in that room was contagious.  Here we were surrounded by kids ages 13-17 who had such great dreams and aspirations for their future even though they'd had a tumultuous past.  These young people were all part of the juvenile system in Orange County, CA. and most all of them came from either really terrible, sometimes dangerous family situations or no family at all.  This is why they ended up in trouble.   All of the kids at the luncheon that day were hand-picked for positive behavior and all are moving forward with their lives by living in the now instead of being hung up on where they came from or where they've failed.  It was a very inspiring day!

A couple of weeks ago my son Bobby spoke about hope and his outline really resonated with me.  Bobby laid the case that hopeful people are more imaginative because they continually use their creative minds to think about what might be coming next.   He went on to say that they are more creative as they not only think about what might happen but they use their creative scenarios and put them into action.  They aren't afraid to try something new that might be out of their comfort zone or against what people have said they could not accomplish.  He said that hope-filled people are patient as they trust God, holding on to the promise that no matter how bleak things might seem,  they only need to hang-on and live one day at a time.  They trust that they have life ahead of them (no matter what their age) in order to fulfill their God-given purpose and their destiny.   Bobby also believes that hopeful people are more moral as they weigh each decision they make based on deep-seeded values and they cling to the belief that something great is yet to come.   And lastly he positions those filled with hope as constant, committed,  or steadfast as they don't easily give up or give in.
I have taken some liberties and expounded in my explanations based on a message that was delivered a couple of weeks ago.  If you want to hear the complete sermon then I suggest that you go to

Hope should be the cap-stone in your life that will continue to hold things together for you, no matter what you did in the past or what you might be struggling with today.

If you are feeling hopeless or if you need someone to partner with who can give you guidance and provide a system to navigate through some tough times, this is what I do.  I can help you for an hour, a week, a month or a year.  If you need hope contact me. 

The Bible explains faith this way,
"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for,  the conviction of things not seen." 
 Hebrews 11:1

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending."  Carl Bard

What are your hopes for yourself, your family, your community, your world?
Always remember that it is never too late to start again.  Make sure that you don't get caught in the trap of "gloom and doom" based on old tapes or things people say to you.
HOPE is the answer!

 Hold on,  keep at least an ounce of faith, persevere,  expect great things!   Move forward one step at a time.  "Let's go!"

God is blessing you,  Donna

P.S.  Did you know that there are seven pages on my website?  Simply click on each tab heading above to learn more about my coaching,  nutrition,  product recommendations, or read a great recipe! The first tab heading is labeled "blog" which stands for this page.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember 911

"The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit. Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified. We feel renewed devotion to the principles of political, economic and religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human life. We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom"  

                     --Rudolph W. Giuliani. December 31, 2001.  


Friday, September 7, 2012

Meet Joe Jetson aka "Jet"!

"I suppose that since most of our hurts come through relationships so will our healing, and I know that grace rarely makes sense for those looking in from the outside.”
W. Paul Young, The Shack

I have a new relationship with a darling little black and white boy!   Just over a month ago I wrote, "When Is It Ever Easy To Say Good-bye?" where I spoke of grief and loss.   Today I'm sharing a photo of someone I have found.  This is my new puppy who I met through "Pet Match Rescue" in Orange County, CA.   This little guy was saved from what is known as a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles County.  In other words, he would have been euthanized had a nice woman named Linda not found him and sent him to be fostered.  Robert and I met him at a Petco adoption event and fell in love with him, we were "approved" and a few days later he arrived at our home!
There is nothing that brings out happy feelings more than a new pup does... and Jet is great!  Although he is still a little timid, especially with men, at four and a half months he is completely housebroken and he didn't even cry his first night here!!  Not a peep!  He has the sweetest disposition and he's great in the car too!  (I feel like I am composing one of those online descriptions that you can read when you are trying to get a dog but it's all true!)  He is part poodle and part?  He doesn't shed and as you can see he's a bit curly.

"But ask the animals, and they will teach you."   Job 12:7 

God is blessing you.   Donna

Friday, August 31, 2012

Are You An Adrenaline Junkie? (part 2)

BASE jumping from the Sky Tower, New Zealand

If you want a city view before you take the big plunge, make your way back to New Zealand. In Auckland, one of NZ's most bustling cities, jumpers from all corners of the world come here to BASE jump from the Sky Tower, one of the tallest, free-standing structures in the southern hemisphere. At 328m above ground level, the jumper can reach up to 85km/h. Just to be safe, the jump is guide-cable-controlled to prevent jumpers from colliding with the tower, in case of gusts. Now, that's bravery for you.  (No thank you!!)

In my last post I asked the question, "What's it take to get you excited?"  I emphasized that there's a lot of people who strive for excitement, stress and anxiety (consciously or not)  In part two I'm providing a few simple ideas and changes you can make to help improve your health.   Are you disciplined enough and willing to incorporate these suggestions into your hectic schedule?   You can take responsibility for your own health and make a huge difference in how you feel today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life!  Follow these seemingly small suggestions and you will be a new person in a very short time:

*Go to bed so that you plan on getting 8 hours of sleep. If you do this regularly then it wont' hurt you when you have to get by on less for a day or two.

 *Avoid any caffeine products in the afternoon. This includes chocolate too!

 *Prioritize and schedule your days by cutting out what is not absolutely necessary.  Add the things that you might not be doing which will be beneficial.  Stick to the plan.  Don't be blown around by the wind.

*Spend uninterrupted time alone so you can meditate and pray. This means NO cell phone, t.v., or computer with you! Start with just 15 mins a day and try to increase this to 45 mins a day. (I like to do this in the morning)

 *Exercise regularly;  enough so that you break a sweat and your heart rate gets up to 70-80% of it's recommended maximum beats per minute.  Latest studies point to interval training as the most effective way to train.  Walking is good for you but it just doesn't do the trick unless you intersperse sprints, rigorous jumping jacks or similar moves,  or fast hiking uphill. - Get a pulse watch if you are unsure of what your heart rate should be and what it is while exercising.

*Eat a healthy, natural, wholefood diet and avoid chemically processed foods as much as possible. Avoid fast food all together.

*Drink lots of water

*Take high-quality supplements which should include adequate amounts of B-5 & B-6.   Introduce B-12 shots or sub lingual drops while you are trying to repair your adrenal glands.
 (There are physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual reasons for all the above)

Like I said in my earlier post,  "it takes one to know one"! (make sure you go back and read it if you missed it)   I was diagnosed with adrenal burnout while in my mid-thirties.  Because I am diligent about my health and I have experienced what happens when I ignore the warning signs,  I now head the symptoms and take responsibility for the decisions I make which will effect my overall mind, body, soul health.   I can feel it when my adrenal gland is not working at an optimal level and I do something about it before it's too late.  I also try to prevent the problem by being pro-active in my lifestyle.

If you regularly feel overly tired, fatigued, stressed, anxious,  short-fused,  or inappropriately worried about your future or that of a loved one,  you too might have adrenal burnout.   If you are having trouble sleeping that can also be a symptom of adrenal issues. 

You might be wondering what this has to do with your spiritual life?  I believe it has everything to do with it!
One of my favorite verses in the Old Testament is found in Psalms 139, verse 23 and 24.

"Search me O God, and know my heart;  test me and know my anxious thoughts.  Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life."

David prays the end of the 139th Psalm this way after first asking God to get his enemies far, far away from him.  I think he realized that unless he was as healthy as he could be he might be attracting
the wrong things in his life.   He mentions anything that might "offend" God.
 When we are short-tempered or impatient with our friends, co-workers, or loved ones we do offend God.  When we are not as healthy as we should be because we neglect the body which God gave us I believe we also offend him.  Another great thing is that you can begin your "everlasting life" today on earth.  God wants you to feel great and to live a life of purpose, passion and peace.

Here's the even greater's never too late to change!

If there is anything I can do to help you this is my passion in life.  I can coach you for an hour, a week, a month, a year.  Contact me and I will walk beside you as you try to overcome your negative habits and introduce new, life-giving ones.   You can reach me at

And remember that God is blessing you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's It Take To Get You Excited?

Step between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia and you'll hit Victoria Falls - or hear it, whichever comes first. Named after Queen Vic herself, this is also one of the most-jumped spots in the world, and during the '90s, bungee fever took this area of bellowing water by storm. Jumpers are encouraged to find their own spot on the 1.7km-wide precipice, Plummeting 111m into the deep curtain of water. Go in November, when the Zambezi river rapids are running at their best.  Two of my kids did this right in front of me!  Christina was 17 and Anthony was 15.

"I am scared easily, here is a list of my adrenaline - production: 1: small children, 2: policemen, 3: high places, 4: that my next movie will not be as good as the last one. "
Alfred Hitchcock

"I would have probably stolen cars - it would have given me the same adrenaline rush as racing. "
Valentino Rossi

"When I was onstage doing the work, adrenaline killed the pain because I never hurt in front of an audience. "
Jerry Lewis

"The adrenaline of a live performance is unlike anything in film or theater. I can see why it's so addictive."
Gwyneth Paltrow

"I get called an adrenaline junkie every other minute, and I'm just fine with that. "
Steve Irwin

"It is the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you have wanted to do so badly. You almost feel like you could fly without the plane. "
Charles Lindbergh

You've probably already noticed that this is going to be a little different than most of my posts but I feel compelled to write this in hopes that it might help a few of you. I'm sure you are aware of the saying, "it takes one to know one" and I also bet you've heard that most of the time people who get involved in helping others arrive at that place because they once needed assistance with the same thing. This is me, I am a recovering adrenaline junkie!

 Now, before you get too worried I want to assure you that I AM NOT the type who has ever been interested in hang-gliding off a cliff, skydiving, bungee jumping, or motorcycle racing. (although I do win when I partake in indoor go-kart racing!)   I have however been scuba diving with hammerhead sharks (I'd do it again in a heartbeat!) competed in martial arts, downhill skied so fast I've had the feeling of being almost out of control, spoken in front of thousands (if not millions) of people at once, traveled the world including entering "high-alert" areas of unrest, and... I get bored if I'm not on an airplane traveling somewhere at least once a month.  There's more but you get the picture:  I love to feel invigorated and challenged in various ways and I'm not afraid to take risks.  I love loud music and fun people.  I engage in some kind of rigorous exercise five days a week and my mind continually thinks of ways to get better, stronger, smarter, wiser.   I have to tell myself to relax and take a break.  I guess you could say I am the antithesis of lazy.   I almost always get 8 hours of sleep a night because I go so hard most days that I sleep like a baby once my head hits the pillow. For this I feel very fortunate as I know that there are many people who struggle to sleep. (most because the adrenal gland is out of whack and working overtime!)

Although it might seem funny or cute to call yourself an "adrenaline junkie" here's the catch: if you are caught-up in this highly stimulating cycle you need to find some way to channel your energy in a positive, safe, healthy, productive way so you will not experience adrenaline burnout.  If you don't get your life under control it will eventually cause serious health problems.

 Some reasons for adrenaline burnout might be; growing up in an unhealthy or scary home,  having been a collegiate or professional athlete, working a high-stress job or one that continually has unforgiving deadlines, being in a bad relationship of any kind, having an addiction to caffeine, or having gone through too many stressful situations without taking time to recover from each one, or  being addicted to any mind-altering drug including one prescribed by a physician.  Some situations which might trigger adrenal burnout could include a divorce or break-up, loss of a job, loss of a loved-one, issues with children (grown or not), financial hardship, dealing with a serious health problem for yourself or for a loved-one, a car accident or any other precipitating event that made you feel really scared and created the emotions and physiological response of "fight or flight". Or any combination of the above.  Any and all of these things can accumulate over your lifetime if you don't address them.

 Here's the good news! You can overcome adrenal burnout before it burns you out. Or if you have already gone over the edge you can repair the damage you have done, no matter what your age. By making a few significant (but not always easy) changes in your lifestyle you can be healthier in your body, your mind, and your soul. Adrenaline burnout can wreak havoc on all three as they are all inter-related.

My passion and my mission in life is to help others overcome these types of issues.   In my next blog I will share some simple ways to prevent or overcome adrenal burnout.

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."   Jeremiah 29:11

The conclusion of this message titled, "Are You An Adrenaline Junkie" coming in a day or so!

If there is any way I can help you for an hour, a week, a month, or a year please contact me

God is blessing you.   Donna

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Love One Another

The women and children of "Happy Woman Migrant Shelter" greeted us with fruit & rice treats

"There abides, faith, hope, and love...and the greatest of these is love." 
  I Corinthians 13:13

As I travel the world as a Christian global ambassador for peace one constant thing I see is the longing for dignity and hope in the human soul.   The women in this shelter that I visited just yesterday in Seoul, Korea have escaped terrible, sometimes life-threatening abuse in their home.   All of them have young children with ages ranging from 8 months to 13 years old.  Because of an amazing woman who loves and cares for them they embrace hope for the future.   These families were so well-adjusted and happy to see us that they gave us a little party.  One 8 year old girl kept coming up to me and saying "hello" as she practiced her was so cute.
 This shelter is run so very similar to Grandma's House of Hope in Orange County that I mentioned to my fellow Global Peace Women that the shelter should be considered a 'sister shelter' because of their philosophies and treatment modalities.   More importantly they are a great example of the power of just one person to make a difference in the world.    The women and children in both shelters would "fall between the cracks" of society if one person didn't decide to do something for them.   This is a real example of unconditional love.
The next time you say to yourself "I wish I could do something to help", you can.   There are many people in the world who need your help.   Helping others can also keep you focused on all that is right in your own life.   It will help you to keep a thankful attitude.
Even if it's just showing kindness to a neighbor who can no longer do something for themselves, or even something as seemingly small as showing a kind greeting to that grumpy store clerk the next time you encounter them.   Remember that the "greatest of these is love."
God is blessing you.   Donna

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where Do You Find Peace?

I find peace in knowing that God has a plan for my life.   I also find peace in the quiet time I spend alone each day thinking and praying about how I can fulfill my purpose and destiny. 

As I prepare to depart for yet another Global Peace Festival Foundation convention and festival in Seoul, Korea I feel that nudge to focus even more on my own internal peace.  Once I arrive in Seoul I will be part of a speaker's panel and I will be presenting information on unifying individual peace in body, mind, and soul and how that effects our ability to find peace in our homes, our communities and our world.  I will have the privilege and the honor of coming together with many different races, colors, cultures, religions and ages.  I will come away assured that no matter who we are or where we come from we all have similar goals and aspirations for our families and our world.   After all we are "one family under God." During these global peace conventions and festivals I look forward to sharing in Christian terms the importance of trying to embody the fruit of the spirit.

"But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law."  Gal 5:22

Having fun with my friend Bishop Younger! Dressed up in Mongolian costume
In Mindanao, Philippines with Muslim children  2009

In Kenya at GPFF 2010 (I love the way we matched!)

My husband Robert and I will be in Korea working on an imitative to help promote the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea.  
When Robert was there last month he met with Reverend Rhee who is a pastor building bakeries to feed the starving children in the North.  He now has six bakeries with the goal of twenty or more.  Unfortunately all these children get is one small loaf of bread each day.  This is not enough to properly nourish them but at least it is enough to keep them alive.   Please pray that Reverend Rhee's efforts will continue to prosper and grow.  Robert will be posting more on him and the children at very soon.
If you want to know more about GPFF you can go to  

God is blessing you.  Donna

Monday, August 6, 2012

When Is It Ever Easy To Say "Good-Bye"?

                                Reflections On The Loss Of A Faithful Companion

At the course Baja Mar, close to Ensenada, MX.

The last post I wrote was about the loss of Donna Crean. Little did I know that just hours after completing that piece I would suffer a different yet heart-wrenching personal loss.
I am no stranger to severe grief and sadness.  As a young girl I experienced first hand how fragile life is when suddenly and unexpectedly, approaching his prime in life, my father was tragically killed in an automobile accident.  Forever emblazoned in my mind are the words my mother said to my ten year old brother Jeff and I as she woke us way too early on that Saturday morning of March 29, 1969: "I have something to tell you that is going to hurt you for a very long time, it will change your life forever."  And it did.  It also took me years to truly grieve and realize how very much I had lost.
In happier times.  You can see Royce as he peeks out from behind the seat of the cart.
Grief can invade our heart, our mind, and our soul as the result of a death, a move, a change or a loss of position or job, an illness or crippling disease,  or the end of a friendship or a marriage.  I'm also quite sure that my list is incomplete.   I have learned that grief has a season of it's own....we must not rush the process, neither we wallow in it forever.  We must be a student of our grief and we must learn to move on, embracing the fact that life is for the living.
  I have always loved the poem which I first heard in the movie, "Splendor In The Grass" starring Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty.

 What though the radiance
 which was once so bright
 Be now for ever taken from my sight,
 Though nothing can bring back the hour
 Of splendour in the grass,
 of glory in the flower,
 We will grieve not, rather find
 Strength in what remains behind;
 In the primal sympathy
 Which having been must ever be;
 In the soothing thoughts that spring
 Out of human suffering;
 In the faith that looks through death,
 In years that bring the philosophic mind.
     William Wadsworth 

As I mentioned above, my Saturday started out writing a blog about the recent passing of Donna Crean.  Upon completing my writing I continued with my morning's plans which are pretty routine when we are in town.  Saturday's are known as our golf day and we were not the only ones in the household who looked forward to this great outdoor adventure.  

Robert and I have been very blessed by the generosity of many people that we have met over the years.   Nearly seven years ago one such friend, Madeleine gave us the gift of golfing at her beautiful Del Mar Country Club in Rancho Santa Fe, California.   Since that day whenever we have a day off we drive the scenic one hour long trip down to the most beautiful and peaceful golf course in the world!  The club is "dog friendly" and thus our trusted little companion Royce had the joy of joining us for almost five years.   If for some reason (which was rare) we had an appointment or dinner engagement down that way I would have to sneak my golf tote bag out of my closet in order that Royce would not realize we were going golfing without him. 
 Saturday, July 28th was a more typical day in that and our cute little fluffy guy got to join us.   He excitedly headed out to the car as we loaded him in his kennel for the trip down South.  

The details that followed are not what I want to focus on.  What I do want to tell you is that in a bazaar, freakish series of events that followed after teeing-off the first hole, our faithful, loyal, loving companion of almost five years died right in front of us.  It was terrible. We had been on the golf course for only ten minutes.  To make it even worse, he died as a result of me running over him with my golf cart.  The entire accident and it's tragic conclusion took less than a minute and he died instantly as the result of a traumatic head injury.  The next three days were particularly difficult as I played that horrible scenario over and over in my mind;  the what ifs and the if onlys can drive us crazy if we let them.  I began to think about what people must feel like when they accidentally run over and kill their children.

Thankfully on Monday morning, July 29th we left our home on a planned business trip.  At that time I was still entertaining tremendous feelings of guilt and questioning myself and my abilities as a person.  I wasn't sleeping well and I could hardly complete a sentence without bursting into tears.  Like I said, some thoughts can drive you nuts if you let them.   On the first leg of our trip I decided to take out my journal and write.  This is what I came up with.

When accidents happen some people will ask, "why did God allow this to happen?"  I know that this is the wrong question but instead we need to ask, "where was God when this happened?"  Let me share with you where I saw God immediately following our horrific accident of July 28, 2012...

First of all I witnessed God in my husband's graceful, silent presence as his strong yet gentle hands reached down and lifted Royce's lifeless body off of the cart path.  I was in too much shock and pain to do so.

I saw God in the young golf pro's assistants as they authoritatively yet lovingly accepted and comforted us as we "delivered" our beloved pet's body over to them.   They reacted as though they had been prepared and waiting for a situation like this forever.

 God was in a lady named Ester, another member,  and her daughter as they entered the women's locker room and hugged me as I cried.   A hug from someone you don't even know is a very loving gesture which can be very comforting.

God was in our golf pro John and his staff when they told us they would take care of Royce's body and told us that they would bury him.

God was in my son Anthony as he arrived home late Saturday and delivered into my hands a bunch of beautiful white roses.  They were white in honor of Royce.

I saw God in our friend who is the manager, Chrissie for her compassion and understanding in allowing our Royce to be burred there. 

On Sunday afternoon when we returned to visit the burial site God was in my mom and her husband as they agreed to come along side and comfort us as we grieved.

I saw God in Kristy, the activities director and her staff as they greeted us with "we've been expecting you."  From the look of the young man standing next to her as his eye's revealed that he knew what we had gone through and why we were there.

God was in the greeting we received when we hesitantly boarded the golf cart again in order to drive up and re-visit the exact place where Royce met his tragic death.

I saw God in the loving young man who accompanied us up to and showed us the grave.

God was in the person's hands who meticulously removed the white rose bush and in it's place lowered our fluffy little white furred friend earlier that day.

I saw God in the greeting from our server in the restaurant as he told us, "I am so sorry for your loss." 

I saw God again in our golf pro John and his wife Gayle stopping by on their "way home from a party" to offer their condolences.  In John's sharing that they had once hit and injured their dog with the golf cart... somehow that took away a bit of my horrible guilt. 

I witnessed God in every single phone call, email, text, prayer, and word of support I received from family and friends who heard about out loss.  In the poem that was sent to me, "The Rainbow Bridge."

God is in reminding us that each day is a special gift so appreciate it and enjoy each and every minute. The ones you love so much today may not be here tomorrow.

God is in the continued loving generosity of two people who gift to us the privilege and the enjoyment of golfing at the most gorgeous, fun course in the world.  And for the the joy of allowing us to take our little buddy along for almost five years.  

Thank you friends and thank you God.  Royce is in his "happy place" forever. 
Royce's grave where we placed a single white rose, given to me earlier by our son Anthony.

When Is It Ever Easy To Say Good-bye?  My answer is "never".  Would it have been easier to see my dad die later on in watch him suffer some terrible illness that would ultimately take him after years of hospitalization and sickness? 100 years old after living a long, long life (as his mother, my grandmother did).   Based on what I've seen others go through with their parents, I would say not.   And as far as our beloved pets go, would it have been easier to have put Royce to sleep at the vet in ten or so years?  I cannot say it would have. 
In closing, no matter what you go through in life do not ask God why he allowed it.  Ask to seek where He was and where He is,  in your good times and in your painful ones as well.

God is blessing you.     Donna

Saturday, July 28, 2012

California Philanthropist Donna Crean Dies At 82

 Nativity by day | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

 John and Donna Crean were great philanthropists in and around Orange County, California and they were also extremely generous to the Crystal Cathedral Ministries.  John Crean donated the first million dollars to build the church and when Robert H. Schuller thought he couldn't build it because of the expense he tried to give the money back to John.  The Creans would not let him return the money as John asked, "what can you do with a million dollars?"   Robert H. answered, "I can dig the hole."  John replied, "then dig it."...and the rest is history.
Robert A. (my husband) built his church and held services on Rancho Capistrano, a 97 acre ranch donated from the Creans to the CC Ministries in the early eighties.  At the time of their donation the ranch represented 50% of the Crean's net worth.   After that donation the value of their company skyrocketed.
 Together Robert and I enjoyed building and pastoring a great congregation on that gorgeous property up until the year 2000 when Robert's dad finally convinced him to come up to the Crystal Cathedral full time.
  In the twenty years that Robert A. was the senior pastor and CEO of  Rancho Capistrano he also developed  a very active retreat center where we conducted our "Possibility Living Seminars".  Numerous non-profit groups held gatherings there as they continue to do so even today.   Robert A.  also built a school that went through the 8th grade.  Our two youngest children had the privilege of growing up in that beautiful setting, thanks to the Creans.
  John Crean died in 2007 and now his wife of 60 years joins him in heaven.  They are both loved and missed.   Thank you Crean Family for the lives you touched and will continue to touch through your generous support of projects and missions which will outlive us all.
God is blessing you.   Donna
California philanthropist Donna Crean dies at 82

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Listen For God

 "Do you not know?  
 Have you not heard?
 The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.
 He will not grow tired or weary,
 and his understanding no one can fathom."      Isaiah 40:28

Do you believe you have to be in a church or other Holy place in order to hear or to be heard by God?  When I was a young girl I think I believed this although I was pretty sure he heard me when I was saying my "now I lay me down to sleep" prayers.   Although I enjoy attending church where I can connect with others, the truth God is present everywhere, all the time, even in times when we can't feel him.   We have to stop, look, listen and become aware of the Godly things around us.

I have recently been enjoying A.W Tozer's "The Pursuit of God."  You know how you can read a book more than once yet each time it speaks to you in different ways?  This time around I was completely spellbound by the chapter "The Universal Presence."  Tozer writes, "The presence and the manifestation of the presence are not the same. There can be the one without the other.  God is here when we are wholly unaware of it.  He is manifest only when and as we are aware of His presence.  On our part, there must be surrender to the Spirit of God, for His work is to show us the Father and the Son.  If we cooperate with Him in loving obedience, God will manifest Himself to us, and that manifestation will be the difference between a nominal Christian life and a life radiant with the light of His face."
I believe that being "obedient" means to look for God and really see him in the ordinary.  There are so many ways to do this every single day.   We can look for the good and see God in people and in places.  In my morning quiet time I am sometimes moved to tears of gratitude as I come into His presence through the beauty of nature in my backyard.   This morning I was drawn towards two different Hibiscus bushes each containing a unique yet equally beautiful flower.

I hear God speak to me in my morning quiet time.  I also know that he hears me.  I love coming into his presence before I begin my busy and sometimes crazy day.

Does God speak to you as you work, play and move about with your life?
I would love to know how you hear and see God.

God is blessing you, Donna

Monday, July 9, 2012

Guess What We Did All Day?!

An outside wall of the old city of Jerusalem

Just today we launched Robert Schuller Ministries
Robert and I spent time together as he wrote our mission statement and I helped come up with the practical listing of what we do!  A dear friend in Florida,  Lindy Roth, through her foundation, has generously made the kick-off contribution to our 501c3 and has encouraged us to ramp-up the work we have been doing since leaving the church (with walls) that we loved.
An amazing has been four years exactly since that fatal decision was made by a (mostly) family run board of directors...The choice to take Robert's position away.  That day was July 9, 2008. The downward spiral has been painful for many of you but I am convinced that God is always in the details and we know that "we are called to know God, but not his plans."
 We look forward in seeing where our projects and ministry continue to take us.
God is blessing you,  Donna