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California Philanthropist Donna Crean Dies At 82

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 John and Donna Crean were great philanthropists in and around Orange County, California and they were also extremely generous to the Crystal Cathedral Ministries.  John Crean donated the first million dollars to build the church and when Robert H. Schuller thought he couldn't build it because of the expense he tried to give the money back to John.  The Creans would not let him return the money as John asked, "what can you do with a million dollars?"   Robert H. answered, "I can dig the hole."  John replied, "then dig it."...and the rest is history.
Robert A. (my husband) built his church and held services on Rancho Capistrano, a 97 acre ranch donated from the Creans to the CC Ministries in the early eighties.  At the time of their donation the ranch represented 50% of the Crean's net worth.   After that donation the value of their company skyrocketed.
 Together Robert and I enjoyed building and pastoring a great congregation on that gorgeous property up until the year 2000 when Robert's dad finally convinced him to come up to the Crystal Cathedral full time.
  In the twenty years that Robert A. was the senior pastor and CEO of  Rancho Capistrano he also developed  a very active retreat center where we conducted our "Possibility Living Seminars".  Numerous non-profit groups held gatherings there as they continue to do so even today.   Robert A.  also built a school that went through the 8th grade.  Our two youngest children had the privilege of growing up in that beautiful setting, thanks to the Creans.
  John Crean died in 2007 and now his wife of 60 years joins him in heaven.  They are both loved and missed.   Thank you Crean Family for the lives you touched and will continue to touch through your generous support of projects and missions which will outlive us all.
God is blessing you.   Donna
California philanthropist Donna Crean dies at 82

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  1. I remember watching HOP back then and Dr. Schuller talking about building a giant glass cathedral one window Pane at a time.

    And he did!

    I always believed John should have won that congressional race back in 84.

    America would have been better off today!


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