Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Love

        There is a John Mayer song where he refrains, "If you want more love why don't you say so?"  Maybe you know the song.   It's been really popular for a while now and the other day when I heard it I began to think about asking for love and more specifically why is it sometimes so hard to ask for help!? Sometimes if we shut people out because we think we can do it alone, we are missing a blessing that only they can give...something we really need at the time, and maybe something they need.
Jesus tells us to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind."  And also to "love your neighbor as yourself."  If he wants us to show love to everyone around us imagine how much more he must want us to show it to our family members and loved-ones. 
        This week has been an especially busy one for us.   For one, we have been preparing for our departure to the Holy Land.  ( In fact I am leaving the house in three hours and I haven't packed yet!)   We have also hosted a very special visitor in our already pretty full house.   Our married daughter, Angie has been here since Monday.  She flew out from Dallas for her cousin's wedding which will take place in a couple of days and she arrived a few days early so she could spend some time with us.   It has been a wonderful week and we have enjoyed her company so much.  Unfortunately her husband, Chris couldn't come with her  but I am now realizing that this was meant to be.  Angie needed to spend time with and show love to her younger sister in a very special way.
         Our 24 year old, Christina has recently accepted a part-time position as a fitness instructor in a local gym.    As things worked out this past Monday she began her "practice teaching."  I am a fitness enthusiast and I wanted to support Christina,  so of course I was there for her debut.    Imagine my surprise when just five minutes into class in walked Angie!!  Robert has just picked Angie up from the airport and since she also wanted to show her support for her sister she hustled her way there just in time for the one hour "FitBar" class. 
         Later that night as Christina was going over her choreography with Angie she asked for her sister to give her some feedback and she also asked for some advice.   I am not sure if Christina was remembering that Angie used to both choreograph and teach dance routines or not but the point is she asked for help and Angie lovingly and graciously gave it!
The next day Christina's routine was near perfect!
          How wonderful it was for me to witness this giving,  caring spirit in Angie.   And,  how important it was for me to remember that I don't always have to do things on my own either.  It's okay to ask for advice or a helping hand when I need it.
         Who can you ask for help or advice today?  Who might you be able to show the gift of time and love?
"Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you."  Matthew 7:7    As John Mayer puts it,  "If you want more love why don't you say so?"  
God is blessing you.   Donna


  1. Wow, this is a precious compliment, Donna. Thank you!

  2. Angie, it was meant in sincerity.
    Leaving for Israel in less than an hour. Please pray for us as we lead 21 people through the land where Jesus walked and where all of the world's three major religions began. Thank you all! Donna

  3. More Love is waiting for us from family, friends and strangers, I believe....but

    As a society we have been so conditioned to "get it together" ourselves, we are shy or embarrassed to ask for help or maybe we assume others are too busy and we do not want to upset their routine...but

    as Angie arrived to help Christina do even better than she would have done on her own and oh how I think this is beautiful that the two have this time and experience together...

    I know you and Robert will be well onto the Holy Land trip and Christina and Angie are hard at work on the routine, as I write here...

    Isn't it wonderful how God, in the busyness of our life gives the spark of what to do to help Him help others.

    "Thank you Lord for the Blessing of Faith and seeds of inspiration that You bring to our thoughts or the thoughts of others and we can share Your love together as your son taught and encouraged us to so do...AMEN".


  4. Asking for help at first is hard sometimes. I remember when my husband spent 6 months in the hospital . And I was on my own with my son most of the time. The girl at the local grocery store in the Deli would say Are you alright do you need some help? And I would say Oh! no I am ok.
    Then one day after she had asked again. I thought maybe I should say I do need help. So I went back to the Deli and I said to her. Yes! I could really use some help to lay him down after lunch for his rest. I looked at her and she was crying. She said I thought you would never ask. And that was the start of one of the staff at the store would leave come to my house . Help me lay down my son and back to work they would go. Each took turns they loved it and it brighten my son and my day. And my son still has three of them who come to visit him when they can.
    I asked I found help, new friends . lots of love and made them have a new purpose in their lives. Is it not wonderfull how God works.
    God Bless Everyone.

  5. Hello from the Holy Land. 23 of us are leaving Jerusalem tonight to catch our flights home. We have had a wonderful time walking in the footprints of Jesus and learning more about our Jewish roots. All in all an incredible trip! I hope to put together a short, 3-4 minute video when I get home. I will post it here when I can. God is blessing you all. Donna

  6. Dear Cysradill,
    How great that you allowed the girl at the store to help you. You blessed her at least as much as she did you. Thank you for sharing this great example of what can happen when we are honest and open.

    Jean-Michael..."yes", Christina's fitness routine turned out great thanks in part to her older sister's assistance when she was out in Laguna Beach staying with us. This incident was a reminder for me to realize that all of our kids are there for each other and are very close. They don't feel competitive with one another but each respect and honor their different gifts and talents. :D

  7. Hi all, I'm since a couple of minutes home from the Holy Land Trip. Georgeous it was! If somebody from our group needed a helping hand I could give it to them, or at the airport as a lady next to me was searching in her bag for a pen and coudn't find one. I barrowed mine. It felt great to see astonished and smiling faces. I do not hesitate when I need help to ask for it. - Great picture and so good to hear about Christina's expirience and that Angie came to visit you.- Hope everything is well for you and Robert and you have had a safe jourey home. - God is blessing you, Swiss Rose

  8. Hi Rose,
    We landed at LAX 6:30 am this morning and we are now home! Yes, we had a wonderful trip and I am so glad that you were able to join us. I already miss all of you! We did church everyday...yes? (or yah, yah, as you would say!!)
    For those of you not able to join us this time we are going to do another trip next year, probably at the same time (end of May, beginning of June) This is a "bucket list" item that you must do before you die. The Holy Land is fascinating and the trip will bring anyone closer to God. Let me know if you are interested.

  9. Donna,

    Great to hear of your Holy Land trip. Was wondering if you could upload pictures from your trip or even maybe presented in in a video slide show online?

    It sounds like you you are doing a video of your trip. Just wondering on your trip pictures--It would be great to see them and to listen to your picture comments...

  10. HI!
    I will definitely upload photos and "yes" I will download the video here too! I need to get someone to edit it first!! Thank you for your interest. We had an incredible trip!

  11. Anonymous, you are so much interested in the Holy Land Trip,good! Why you didn't join Donna and Robert for this really incredible wonderful trip? But next time you will join them!!! Donna said above, church every day, oh yes...!! - Blessings, Swiss Rose

  12. Dear Donna and all reading here,

    These new bright clear pages have made me so happy, just for the refreshing, positive and "open" sense simply flowing out of my computer screen!!!

    I do have some vision problems but I expect and pray that all will find the new format as terrific as do I!

    New messages will be anxiously awaited, but this new approach is a message in itself? (For me it certainly is so) Every time I now open this Blog it will express the brightness of the clean new day ahead!

    Now, I must carry that sense of the daily renewal of Life with a clean slate as I meet or talk to others today. I sense all the windows of yesterdays have been cleaned anew!

    Thanks for the message I interpret in the new look. As one great philosopher once wrote "The medium is the message". And so the medium here for me is clear...and I can "write" a new future or embellish the present, starting NOW!

    He is Blessing all

  13. I am very happy for all that fined the new bright pages easier for them. I am one that finds it very hard to read,but will try to keep up with it . Gods Blessing to all.

  14. Cysradill, I am sorry you are having some difficulty and I wonder if turning the brightness down on your computer screen may help you. The dial is often on the bottom edge of the screen.

    I do not know if you have a lap-top or desktop computer but if I can assist locating the dial for brightness, let me know. I would need the name and model detail but would be happy to help if need be.

    It may also be just that it is a new look that you will become comfortable with after a few days, like when one gets new glasses.

    Thanks for your good wishes for how well the new site is for me.


  15. HI!
    We had a great day at church and Robert spoke for Bobby as he was in Michigan guest preaching. You will hear all about one of the historical sights we visited and what Jesus' message was from that sight, if you listen next week on
    I was so surprised when I saw that there were posts regarding the new template for my blog!! I was browsing through the Google blogspot information yesterday and I started playing around with the new available options. I actually picked this new one for it's simplicity, brightness, and ease in reading! I am sorry if it isn't that way for everyone but I clicked on lots of different variables before I came up with this one!! Thank you Jean-Michael for your advice for Cysridill. I hope that it helps!
    I am going to post something on Israel soon but Bobby is away and although I have all my photos and videos downloaded on my computer I am not sure how to proceed. Since it is not my only project I have limited time to learn but I will! Thanks for your patience.
    I also want to tell you that we are going to take another trip to the Holy Land next year probably at the same time. Missing Memorial Day here provided some extra days off work for people and it is a great time to go to the Bible land!
    God is blessing you. Donna

  16. Yes people, watch the video as soon it is on Bobby's page. Robert will certainly give you a lot of information about a wonderful possibility to see the Holy Land. I look forward seeing it. It gives me certainly a lot of good memorrys back. I still have to sort out my pix. - Even we just can scratch on the surface, everybody going will see the highlights, for sure!! - Blessings, Rose

  17. Hi Rose,
    Robert chose to preach from Jesus' message from Ceaserea Phillipi, "who do you say that I am"
    Although there was also a history lesson involved it was not a re-cap of our Holy Land experience. He did share some about his past trips including this one with you all! I think you will like the message. Good night! Donna

  18. Good morning Donna, you probably go to bed when I awake or the oposite here. Anyway, I recommend you people watch the video on Bobby’s site and tell us in public what you think about. I do not miss any sermon in Bobby's chuch from Robert, of course not!!- Dont be affraid nobody is gona bite you, really, answer in bpublic, pls.!!! So many I see have an account on google, why hiding behind something and sending Donna only a private message. I personally as an open-hearted person can’t understand it. Shake my head, really, do not mean it bad, of course not. Robert Donna behaved very casual on this Israel trip, I liked it a lot! - Like Robert said we have been like a family to him, so he could be himself, wow! I behaved like I am myself. Nothing, artifical. God made us unique, sooo... you see?! – Donna, is Robert sneaking in your blog sometimes, because people now and then write about him too?- That’s for now. Blessings to you all. Rose

  19. Rose, you are encouraging and I was glad to read how "family-like" was the Holy Land trip!

    I will have to seriously consider how to make the next trip. Our first Grandaughter was due the week of this past trip and our Grandaughter "Zoe" is a real Gift!

    The Holy Land excursion obviously was seemingly a gift of inspiration for all who went with Donna & Robert. I am so glad.

    I will be in Europe next year around this time ans I expect you went from there to Israel, meeting up with the group? Wonder how that all worked out? Anyway, glad the trip was so great!

    Thanks also for comments re StPatrick/Gathering video Church of Bobby. I never miss it and the perspective and knowledge of Bobby is worth watching weekly to the 35 minute video. I know Robert and Bobby's Grandfather (RHS) also know the historical side of things such as the phrase "Follow me" but each preacher has a unique way and passion.

    Pastor Bobby adds a whole new dimension for me and with Robert and Donna attending along with other family and friends who also set-up each week and the Holy Communion Table...well signing-up to receive the "church" service automatically is certainly something I am so happy I did last year.

    I now attend my local Church on Sunday but watch StPatrick/Gathering Saturday evening and it sets me in a really good frame of mind for Sunday!

    He is Blessing all, always! Now if I can see your photos and others' photos or videos when you all have settled back into your homes, that would be wonderful!


  20. Donna,
    Glad you and Robert are back safe and sound from the Holy Land. Boy I wish Ric and I could have been a part of it. Maybe next year as it is on my bucket list of things to do. Can't wait to see the pics and video. It will be the next best thing to being there. I liked your blog. I have alot of trouble asking for help. I guess being the oldest of five kids in an Irish family brought out the protector and caregiver in me. I always try to help others and give of myself. It's a habit. It feels good, but I have a terrible time receiving help. Time and time again friends and family tell me to relax and allow myself to accept and receive. I had a habit of always paying for dinner whenever I'm with my siblings. I would insist upon it because Bob was in med school and Susan was a student also. Fast forwarding, when they graduated and were out on their own. We were all at dinner and they wouldn't let me pay. They insited on footing the bill. It was so hard to give in and let them take care of me. I felt guilty. I'm still working on learning to receive. I try to remind myself that others like to give and they also feel good helping people.

  21. Mary, ask when ever you need help others. I learned it over the years. As well I like to give and it feels good. I have a Jesus T-shirt with the saying Jesus“There is the final answer” I wear it amongst non believers, I do not care what others think about me. Unless I feel good, why not and it do not hurt others?!!! So pray before a meal when ever you feel it. Really it feels good for you and it do not hurt others. My feeling you can do everything when it do not offend others. - Go to the Holy Land trip, it is really worthwhile as you can read above. - Blessings and good night from Switzerland, Rose

  22. Point well taken Rose. I love the saying on your t-shirt. Every time you wear it you are reminding others about the strength of Jesus and are a brave testiment to his glory. Good for you!!! I'm glad you went on the trip with Donna and Robert. I'll try must best to go next year if our schedule permits. Blessings to you also. Mary

  23. Robert, thanks for the insight you gave in your sermon at Bobby's church . Blessings, Swiss Rose

  24. Jan-Michael, hint for you and others who have difficulty to read some kind of blog pages etc., copy it in word there you can chose your writing as big as you need or taking any kind of color you wish. I do it as well when it's necessary. For me a plain shiny white back ground is okay, but it's like a kind of glare of the sun shining in my eyes. No good! -- Will see us all next time on the Holy Land Trip, "with a twinkel in my eye". Blessings, Rose

  25. When I had emergency surgery, I was too embarrassed to ask for help. My daughter was with me at the hospital, but she had to return to college for final exams. Several people from church called to see if I needed help -- and I said brightly, "Oh, no thanks, I'm fine." My pride stood in the way. I didn't want anyone to see my messy house and the unmade bed I was too weak to spread up. The nurse from my doctor's office called to see how I was doing. She asked if I had anyone with me. "Yes," I said. "Maxine is here." I didn't tell her that Maxine was a cat. My daughter came back as soon as her exams were over. But I would have had a less scary time if I had accepted the help that was offered.

  26. Hi All!
    I am so very sorry that I have not posted since last month but I have been in Israel and then I turned right around and left for Mexico. I will be back soon and I have to see who will be my new videographer as Bobby is way too busy these days and I do miss my video blogs. I will be back...with a surprise!! God is blessing you, Donna

  27. This and also the last comment is not from Christina but from Donna (me!) We are sharing a friend's computer while at her home and I guess it is signed in as Christina!! Sorry Christina and others....this is Donna!

  28. AL, it's not up to my attitude and opinion. - Let us all decide Donna. - Blessings, Rose


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