Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Wall

My husband recently spoke at The Gathering for our son, Bobby.    If you are live locally please consider joining us some Sunday at 11am.   143 S. Lemon St.  Old Towne Orange (The American Legion Bldg)
If you are not able to physically attend please keep us in your prayers.  We will be updating you regularly regarding our missions projects with The St. Patrick Project.  
God is blessing you!   Donna

The Wall by Robert Anthony Schuller from Robert Schuller on Vimeo.


  1. Good that Robert could fill in for Bobby! Great that you, Donna, put the video up on your site!

    I would like to add to your invitation for us to attend if we are in the area of The Gathering/St Patrick Project, that anyone world-wide can get the weekly videos automatically, as do I in Toronto, Canada. They are wonderful, inspiring and, apart from the message sermons, as many know, the local congregation in Orange does great work for needy families. Supporting The Gathering/St Patrick Project is helping people and I believe The Gathering/St Patrick Project vision, videos and good community works will inspire similar outreach projects elsewhere through the on-line congregation.

    I have followed The Gathering/St Patrick Project to supplement my local Church and I find it is so wonderful to go to Church here, then get the prior Sunday sermon of The Gathering/St Patrick Project midweek!

    He is Blessing all, always

    Jan-Mixhael (Toronto)

  2. Did not see the web link to the St.Patrick project. Maybe, stop in online, watch the sermons, get involved, tithe to the ministry & fellowship.

    Dr. Robert A.

    Great sermon!

  3. Thank you for the web link. Great sermons...

  4. Thank you...

    Loved your inspired sermon!


  5. Great Sermon Robert! You always preach when I need it the most. I miss you so much on Sundays, but I'm grateful when you fill in for your son. Thanks for posting this Donna. Hugs to you both. Mary

  6. I sure miss you, Robert. My wife and I both loved your sermons on Sunday and truly miss them. I wish this sermon was captioned for the deaf. I am deaf and cannot hear it, so unless it's captioned I'm unable to benefit from what no doubt is a great message. I hope sometime in the near future you can caption the sermons that Bobby gives and other speakers as well. You Tube has a caption option now on many of their videos. Is that something you can consider?

    Great to see you again. You both remain in my prayers.


  7. beanny50@hotmail.comOctober 3, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    I sure miss you Robert, you really inspired me and I was so sad that you were removed from the show. I sure hope to hear you again and I found this site and saw you talking and was so excited to hear your voice. My prayers are with you and Donna. I am deaf as well I need captions to be able to benefit the message that is being preached.
    Jean from Thunder Bay ON Canada

  8. Gary and beanny50....I am so glad you put mention of the need for captions on internet videos. I am in Toronto, Canada and am not deaf but my vision difficulties and use of a computer mouse difficulties, due to my Multiple Sclerosis allows me to know some of your frustrations!

    I can use Accessibility Option on my Windows for type size and can type using a microphone attachment when needed BUT for the deaf, it seems the laws requiring captions on-line like the laws for TV, passed by your Congress a few years ago and similarly in Canada, are lagging behind.

    I will pray legislators make captioning mandatory!!! If YouTube has the technolocy, it should be feasible for all, though I expect costs for a small group as The Gathering would find some constraints. The Gathering/StPatrick Project is good to make the videos available, though it must be expensive and I am sure just as they have adapted and evolved over the past few years, your raising this issue will be as valuable to them as it was to me. I had never thought of the problem of hearing vis-a-vis impaired/internet but you are so right, and so much is now on-line with voice! The last 20 years have taken us from green text on tiny computers to CPUs that now replace TV sets! Wow!

    He is blessing all, always and thanks for the issue. I will raise this issue with friends and our legislators. Maybe we can shake up some action for those who are deaf.


  9. Gary and beanny50 This article may be of some assistance re the way to activate captions on say Windows Real Player.

  10. Robert,
    I watched your sermon again tonight and all I can say is you are so gifted! You are a genuine Pastor and your sermons are heartfelt and honest. I wish there was a way you could preach online more often. Do you think you could? I know that there are so many people who miss you and need you now more than ever!!!! You uplifted me again today and give me the courage to face each day anew with hope and a positive outlook. Blessings to you and your family. Mary Alvarez

  11. Hi Everyone! It is so great to get back in touch with all of you! I agree that we need to provide service to the deaf. Thank you so much Jean-Michael for the link. That is so helpful.
    I have a blog I did waiting to be published. I wanted you to have time to enjoy Robert's sermon but it will be posted soon enough!
    God is blessing us all. Donna

  12. Chilenien a real tagedy! But like my mum 84 beginning of a rel depression. Question to you all, where do you have more sorrows and tears? Blessings, Rose


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