Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all of God's amazing blessings for the new year in 2011!!

We attended Bobby's church last night and it was so special.  Great Christmas hymns including our own handbell director and soloist, John von Wolzogen!      A wonderful, short yet powerful message by guest speaker/pastor Michael Bischof!   He reminded us that Jesus is the light of the world and the light always reigns over darkness!   Think about the lights of your tree, your house,  and especially what lights up your heart and soul this season.   May the light always remind you of our Lord Jesus.  
God is blessing you and yours!!   Donna and family

The high"light" of our season was celebrating Haven's 1st Birthday on December 14th!  She continues to light up our lives with love, joy, and hope for the future!!


  1. "Jesus is the light of the world and the light always reigns over darkness!"

    I am reminded that Darkness is the absence of Light. Light can be added, tuned on, turned up...absorbed and allowed to raise our Spirits. Or, it can be blocked out by staying behind a circumstance; maybe a heavy heart.

    But, the light is still there and shining, though we ae not seeing it sometimes. Whenever we remove the obstacles that blocked its bright rays the Light will be seen shining, as it always has!

    Similarly, Jesus is always there (here) for us, no matter what. Whenever our hearts and minds are open again, no matter what may have happened that led us to darkness, HE will be ready with open arms as HE has and always is!

    He is Blessing all, always

    Jan-Michael wishing all a very bright shining New Year!

  2. Dear Donna,
    I wish you and Robert and your family a happy new year. Haven is so adorable. God bless you.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ONE. Be ready for something new in your life . As God will be leading you into untouch days ahead. I am ready to follow and how exciting it will be. Wether it is up or down . Remeber God is holding your hand.
    God Bless Cysradill

  4. Yes! Cysradill you have said it well
    "...God is holding your hand" all circumstances. I add my wishes to all here for a Happy New Year! You are all so kind and it is a Blessing to be part of this community of friends.

    Love to all

  5. Happy New Year to my blog family.... I couldn't say it better than you did Cysradill......So I'll let your comment speak for me also! How comforting are those words. Love and Blessings to you all in 2011. Mary A.


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