Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moving, Weddings, etc!!

Hi Friends!
I have received many emails asking if we are okay and the answer is "yes"!   This summer has proved to be yet another season of transition and adjustment.   We have rented out our family home for "summer rental" (the much needed cash flow was just too good to pass up!) and our daughter Christina is getting married on August 21st!  Needless to say it is a bit chaotic in the Schuller household these days!
We continue to feel so fortunate and blessed as Robert's media business continues to grow in many healthy ways.  We have also taken on or continue to be involved in several projects locally and globally.    Locally we are involved in training and leadership for a new anti-oxidant energy drink company called Xsera.  Both locally and internationally I continue to broker telecommunications, gas and electricity.   I also continue to coach individuals in body, mind, and spirit health through my nutritional coaching practice.  
Robert and I both leave for our next Global Peace Festival, this year in Mongolia, a day and a half after the wedding!  There we will once again espouse conflict resolution as we encourage and help facilitate peace-building efforts among the world's main religions.
The most exciting project that we plan on launching this September is our private spiritual retreats for 1-4 persons, all in the privacy of our own home!  Both Robert and myself will be offering one-on-one counseling sessions, leadership and mentoring training, marriage and friendship renewal, financial advice, and complete body, mind, and spirit restoration.  I will even cook you a healthy continental breakfast each day!   You can check out our listing on airbnb.com ..."Robert A. Schuller Spiritual"
Of course we continue to attend our son Bobby's church and encourage his efforts with The St. Patrick Project as we enjoy our darling grandbaby, Haven.
Please continue to pray for us as we do for you.
Change is not easy but a necessary part of life.   No change=no growth.  I believe with all my heart that each detour of our plans and every challenge we face avails us the opportunity for character building.  It also helps teach us awareness and deep appreciation for the many blessings around us every day.
If you too are experiencing a season of change I encourage you to make a list of all of your blessings.  This includes your family and friends, opportunities, your job, your personal possessions, or anything that you have in life.  Make sure the list is at least one page, single-spaced.  Post it where you can read it each morning.  Remember to thank God for how much you have... never dwell on what you have lost.
              Christina and I at a Christmas party 2010

"We rejoice in the hope of the glory of God, not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character, and character hope.  And hope does not disappoint us..."   Romans 5:2-5
Always hold on to hope.   Good things are just around the corner!
God is blessing you.   Donna


  1. God's blessings for all you and your family is doing, Donna! - Swiss Rose

  2. Thank you Rose! We are all a bit crazy right now but that's just part of life!! Nice to hear from you. God is blessing you. Donna

  3. Donna, here it’s crazy too. Starting with a rainy July. I cought for about 3 weeks a cold with a hoarse voice. My mum had to stay and to stay in her Rehab. Finally home tomorrow. Home again she do not want my help. She prefer to have people from outside. I shrug my shoulders! - I have to make a decision about a colleague to leave him or not and speaking with him. He is getting more and more selfish and about everything he turns nasty. Not pleasing for others. But good Sunday sermons and praying let me get patient. – That’s my crazy time! – God is blessing you ! Rose

  4. I wish you and Robert all the best in your new projects and I will continue to pray for both of you. It is great to hear from you, Donna. I wish I could sign up for your spiritual retreat in your home, but I don't live in the United States. It sounds amazing! This summer, I've been feeling
    down. I'm feeling the loss of my dad more lately.
    Grief comes back when we don't expect it. Reading your blog helps me to feel better.
    God bless you and your family.

  5. Hi Rose-Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for posting comments. I really enjoy reading them. Rose-I too had a really bad summer cold that lasted three weeks! I think I caught it due to all the stress! Glad you are better now. I am sorry to hear about the continued struggles with you mom. That cannot be easy in any way. I am also sorry to hear about your colleague. I will pray for wisdom for yourself as you face your decisions.
    Elizabeth-Grief is part of life although a very difficult thing to experience. You will get through it when it's time. Grief has a season of it's own...you can't rush through it. Be gentle with yourself. I too wish you could come to our retreat sometime. We are expecting the majority to come from out of the country.
    God is blessing you all. Donna

  6. Thanks Donna, I have to face decisions often, even I do not tell to much how I really feel inside, it's nervracking. I go with God. That helps me a lot. The most of the people have no understanding. They mean I always should laugh and feel good. It's to complicated for them to concern themsels with others problems. They just like to have fun with me. So I have to decide what I can do. Even it means at the end to have less colleagues. I tray to help others if necessary. But not an easy action.

    Liz from where are you and where are you living now? Do you have a family and children? I am single, have no children and live in Zurich where I was born and grown up.
    My blessings to you both. Swiss Rose

  7. Thanks for your words of comfort, Donna. My dad died nine years ago this month from an accident.

    Rose, I live in Canada and I have a family.


  8. I just like to remind you of this discussion blog, folks! Come online and tell us your stories. They count! Soon I think why Donna has a nice blog when you just slip in to see what's going on, it's a pity! Do not hid yoursef behind a wall! From what are you affraid? I ask you this because Donna told us in this entry she got many private emails. It's a pity!!! - I know Donna, you have nothing against priv. mails... anyway! - God is blessing you, Swiss Rose

  9. Hi Rose,
    No worries! Some people only like to read and not comment. They do not want to be a part of this community and that's okay!
    God is blessing you. Donna

  10. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the up-date which is full of wonderful news!

    Congratulations to Christina and all on her forthcoming wedding! How great that it will be a Sunday wedding, I gather! I think that is particularly nice. Anyday is great but Sunday I particularly love for a wedding! Again congratulations to all!

    The Global Peace Festival I like to follow on-line, as it is so necessary in our world. Mongolia will, I am sure, bring a new vitality to the festival with its culture and setting.

    The Tree of Life Community (formally called The Gathering of course) of which I believe Robert is Pastor Emeritus seems to be very active and I love the Podcasts and Videos weekly. You all do so much locally and inspire us who follow Bobby and all on this, a St Patrick Project site.

    The new anti-oxidant drinks hopefully will be available in Canada. I know Xsera has other excellant products and I guess the name relates to "Being" as in "Que Sera Sera" song of my favorite female artist Doris (Kappelhoff) Day!

    Best to all Schullers and those here reading or posting but however all choose, connecting in His name.

    He is Blessing all always


  11. Donna,

    Was happy to hear of your new house guest opportunity's. And, was wondering if out of state guests would be able to qualify for your mission retreats? Do you have to qualify through your link?

    Also, was wondering what happened to Paster Bobbys link?

  12. Hi-
    Hi Al-We welcome out of town guests to our retreats in fact we anticipate that most people will come from out of state or country. My listing says 4 days minimum but we willing to host for only two days minimum. I need to change that.
    I didn't know that I no longer linked to Pastor Bobby's church site. I will check that out when I have a chance.
    Hello J.M. Thanks for your continued support. Yes, things are very busy here and all very exciting! Xsura is a great company started by a wonderful man. Robert and I look forward to doing leadership training for the sales team. We will be introduced at a meeting next weekend. As far as it being available in Canada, it surely will be. I will find out right away. I love the anti-oxidant drink called Ziing. It comes in 2oz bottles so you can even carry it on the airplane!
    God is blessing you all. Donna

  13. Al and others who need link.
    Hi and this may help you re Tree of Life Community

    From my Twitter account today re Bobby's Church so you can get last Sunday's podcast and know changes to Podcast downloads.

    I was able to link thro' these but I was alreasy in my Twitter a/c.

    treeoflifeoc Tree of Life

    Being Church (8): Living Out Your Calling http://t.co/cjCwGZL
    20 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »

    treeoflifeoc Tree of Life

    Our podcast link has changed. Please update to continue to get our weekly sermons... http://t.co/l1hSEmz

    Blessing and Love, my friend. I too had trouble re the main site for now. Getting fixed it seems or Bobby's back Thursday!


  14. Hey Donna & Jan,

    Thanks for the blog info, I guess I never checked Bobby's twitter page...lol

    And will try your links Jan,Thank you for doing that...Donna, your retreats really do sound very exciting and was thinking that it could also be some great blog stories with inside scoops with the people that stay at the retreats and maybe interview them; walk us through with your recorder or pictures. It really does sound's like a very exciting & inspired mission!

    Thank you for sharing the info...its greatly appreciated!

  15. http://goodnewsline.christianpost.com/sermon/view/4061/When-Youre-Down-To-Nothing-GodIs-Up-To-Something/

    Just posted link to video transcript on Robert's Twitter site and takes a few secs to load but plays fine for me.

    Hope the wedding plans are going well.

    Dallas Willard speaking on Tree of Life Podcast was calming but so riveting. Loved the questions by Pastors Bobby, Michael and Chad too.

    Lastly I hope the Global Peace Festival goes as well as hoped and I will be tuning in on-line if they still again put up schedule and transcripts of talks, etc.

    Peace and LOVE

  16. Dear Donna

    The link on your blog to The Gathering (Bobby's Church) which has become The Tree of Life Community takes one to the new site. But otherwise what is posted is out of date. I point this out as I know you have a lot going on and this may help anyone looking for current Tree of Life Videos and Podcasts.
    For those who use Twitter, I am getting tweets of new sermons there also along with whatever is happening at Tree of Life Community.

    The Sermon by Dr Dallas Willard posted was amazing as were the several videos where Bobby, Michael and Chad posed good questions to Dr Willard.

    Again all the best for the wedding and at the conference in Mongolia.


  17. Happpy, blessed belated wedding for Christina!-Swiss Rose

  18. Donna:

    As a 25+ yr loyal viewer of the Chrystal Cathedral, I am sorry the end of an era is now upon us. Your husband, Robert A., was the only hope the church had to allow its survival, but since he was run out of the church wrongfully, I do think justice was served.

    I hope things are working in your new venture and have tried to keep up with Robert A's new venture. I am pleased Robert H. is being taken care of for the rest of his life, for he deserves it with all the years of service he gave. I also saw Robert H. speak on two occasions in the Speaker's tour which I very much enjoyed.

    After Robert A left the church, I began losing my interest in the church although I continued to watch it. I do think Robert A and you came out of this mess as victims of an internal power play but the real winners in the demise of the church. I would have prefered the church, as we knew it, would have continued with Robert A as the leader and Pastor. The only good news is I am a Catholic and I think the Catholic Church will serve the Cathedral well.

    I will always have warm feelings for the Schullers and the Chrystal Cathedral. Take care and God Bless.

  19. Donna, I could have written the above from Anonymous on November 18, 2011. That's my story as well. It's good that the CC grounds will remain Holy Ground. Someday, I hope once again to meet with Robert A. I will never forget the first time I meet him at one of the many men's conferences at the CC that I attended. May God continue to bless you and the entire Schuller family. God loves you and so do I.



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