Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Life!

Hi!  I wanted to post a photo of our brand new grandson, Robert Cohen Schuller IV!!!  He was born on January 26th and he weighed 8lbs. 12oz.  (he is a big, healthy boy!)
Here is a photo of him at just three hours old.   What a great reminder of the amazing blessing of new life.     I will be writing and posting a new blog on spiritual health in the next few days.
God is blessing you.  Donna


  1. Its great to hear! And, extending my love and congratulations to Paster Bobby, his wife and family!


  2. Welcome Robert Cohen Schuller IV! You have an amazing family. Congratulations to your Mom Dad and sister and to your Grandma Donna and Granddad Robert II and all other family. And yeah, love the hat!


  3. Dear Donna,
    Thanks for showing us a picture of your new grandson, Anthony.
    He is adorable!! You and Robert must be so proud of him. A baby brings such joy into our lives.


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