Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Into Action!

I just came from a great spin workout and I have to share one of the motivating phrases that my instructor Alex shouted out about forty minutes into class.  He said,  "come on... it works if you do it!!!"
Most of us have great intentions and good ideas but we must move forward with actions if we want to be successful.  If your goal is to experience better health in body, mind, or soul, which affects your personal and your professional life, you will need to put an action plan together and then as Alex said, "it works if you do it!"

  It's Spring and I love it!  Although it's been a little tougher to get to bed on time and even more difficult to drag myself out of bed by my usual early hour, I really do love this time change!
 Spring is a time of new growth and new beginnings.  The trees are budding, the flowers are bright and beautiful, and there's a fragrant smell all around.   Next Sunday is Easter which makes it an even more significant week as we prepare for all that Easter means concerning new life and renewed hope.  We remember that although he was crucified, dead, and buried,  Jesus became fully alive again.  This is an important reminder that although we may have ideas which seem to have died,  there is always the hope of the resurrection which is the promise of new life.

Spring is also a time of "Spring Cleaning" and this doesn't only mean cleaning out our closets and drawers.  It's a time where we look at our habits and routines and take inventory on what is working and what is not.  I have just recently added some new things to my life so that I may feel more alive, refreshed, and ready to move forward with my ambitions.  I've added a workout called "Beach Fit" which is taught by my daughter, Christina Sinclair.   If you are local and would like to join me then show up at Salt Creek Beach Park in Dana Point any Friday at 10am.   The cost is just $10.  For great fitness tips go to and for directions to Friday's class click here

Stretching in between exercises at "Beach Fit" which is each Friday at 10am at Salt Creek Beach Park
   I encourage you to get in shape in all three areas of your life.  If you need a mid-month lift plan on joining my husband Robert and I on our monthly health calls.  We discuss all kinds of spiritual, emotional, and physical health topics and we interview expert guests too!  All in the comfort of your own home since you attend class via your telephone.  For more information or to sign-up click here 

I will also continue to report on and suggest what kind of products are best for you.  Everything you eat, drink, breath, think, or put on your body will either have a negative or a positive effect on your health.   I've been researching and investigating companies you can trust in "truth in labeling" and you can be sure that they manufacture the best products available! 

Since the sun is now getting closer to the earth this time of year I want to focus on sunscreen.   Make sure that you protect your skin but be sure that what you apply to it is not causing more harm than good.  Many sunscreens are carcinogenic which means that they may actually encourage what they profess to prevent!   Click on the following link for a partial listing of the sunscreens that made the "hall of shame" for their toxic ingredients:
 If you want to try a safe sunscreen then click here to check out Suntegrity.  They have many sunscreens including one for babies.
I encourage you to be diligent in finding out what is okay to put in or on your body and what products may be causing more harm than good, especially for the young ones who are exposed to many more pollutants than we were.    For various product recommendations click on my "products" tab above.

"But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God."  John 3:21

May you move forward with daily actions which will produce the fragrant fruits of success, hope, joy, truth, and love. 

God is blessing you for a very Happy Easter!  Donna

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