Friday, April 12, 2013

Remember-The Tomb Is Empty!

Almost two weeks after Easter and the tomb is empty.  Emptiness of any kind can leave behind disappointment, discouragement, anxiety and sadness; the "what now"?   This must be how most of the disciples were left feeling before Jesus reappeared to them and "breathed on them."   With his breath he inspired them to become more.  In the Greek language the word inspire means to "breathe the breath of life into" and this is what had to happen in order for the disciples to fill their void with the promise of a new beginning.   God did this in the very beginning, as recorded in Genesis, when he "breathed the breath of life" into Adam. 
 There are times where we all feel an emptiness or a struggle in our lives as well.  Such is life:  the ebb and flow of victory to disappointment, elation to defeat, and so on and so forth.  

This past Sunday I heard a great message at the Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church.  It was the Sunday after the resurrection, a time to reflect on our joys and victories, our disappointments, hurts, and past mistakes.   The pastor, Dr. Jerry Tankersley reminded us that Easter is ground zero for our faith and for our life.   It represents the beginning of a life where light overcomes darkness,  hope triumphs over despair, and doubt is conquered by faith.
Even if your dreams have been squelched over time now is the moment to resurrect them!  Easter reminds us that success often comes after a defeat and that all things happen for a reason and for a purpose.   For Christians our entire faith hinges on this promise.

This photo is of my fig tree.  Every year it loses all of it's leaves and if I didn't know better I would think it was dead.   Yet each Spring I see it bud and then suddenly one day I look out and the tree is once again full of beautiful fig leaves.  You know what else is so great?  By the summer I will once again be able to pick it's delicious fruit and in fact there will be so much fruit that it will feed many birds and insects as well.  In addition I will need to give a lot of the figs away, otherwise they will spoil.     
That's the way the cycle of life works.  An idea sprouts and grows only through nurture.  Suddenly expansion occurs and you witness a healthy organism where you can see it's beauty through it's fruitfulness.  Then, naturally, cyclically comes the shedding, the cutting-back, the contraction.  We know that all of life is contracting and expanding on a daily basis.
 When we come through our winters, conquer our giants and move on, we find new life, fresh fruit.  We entertain powerful visions for our future.  In fact, sometimes we are so fruitful, and we have so much to be thankful, we need to give some away!

"By their fruit you will recognize them."    Matthew 7:16

Remember that the tomb is empty.    Like a glass of water which is half-full.   Once the water is gone you will need to fill it back up.   What will you feel your life with?  What inspires you, gives you new hope and a fresh perspective?
It's your new Spring, your new beginning.  You decide.  
 God wants to breathe the breath of life into you too.

"Peace be with you!  As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.  And with that he breathed on them and said, 'Receive the Holy Spirit.'"          John 20:21, 22

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God is blessing you,

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