Saturday, August 10, 2013

Donna and Robert A. Schuller- "The Call"


This is a body, mind, soul health website and as such I will keep writing about all three areas of our being.
 Today I'm fast approaching the end of my physical move from our home of 11 years.  We have only lived one other place in almost 29 years of marriage so this has been a real 'mess'!   Sifting, sorting, donating, parting with, and moving all those memories!   So much stress that I'm afraid I didn't take good enough care of myself (I know better than that) so I came down with a terrible cold or something, including a cough that just won't go away!   Soon I will be back in tip-top shape so to speak, and I will once again embrace all the commitment and healthy habits which support a well and a well-balanced body, mind, and soul.
 To get some really great advice regarding falling-off from a healthy routine due to moving (or anything really) go to my daughter's website by clicking here.   She and her husband also moved and she has some great tips for getting back on track.  Thank you Christina!
  I will be back to my regular posting in a few days so stay in touch.

A reminder:  "The Call" will be brought to you this coming Thursday, August 15th at 6pm Pacific time.   Please dial 530-881-1300 and key-in 642848# at promptly 6pm if you want to join us.  It's simple!  All you need is a telephone.   My husband Robert and I will both be on The Call and we will read scripture, share a brief message, and listen to and answer your questions (if you want!)  

*Post Script: If you missed this month's call please join us for the next one on September 15th.  Same time, same format.  Simply follow the directions above.  In September we will interview our youngest daughter, Christina Sinclair.  Learn what it was like growing up with a famous Grandpa and Dad....and now...even her older brother is preaching on t.v.   Christina is also in the health and wellness field and she will share about that as well.   In the meantime you can check-out to learn more about her.  "See" you on The Call in September!

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  1. What a Gr8 "Call" and knowing you were in your friend's garden, the dog listening "quietly" it seemed, was all so awesome. The "dog" listening brought to mind the Mitford book series (Jan Karon) I so love to read or hear on CD format, where the minister's dog is always quiet and intent on hearing scripture. The dog, (Barnabus), obeys then, the minister and the minister's wife's words or the tone of the scripture! I, (we), were all "muted" but we were all intent and listening and Hearing God's Word I think..

    The sound was actually clearer than prior broadcasts, particularly that of Robert that ofttimes past was not as clear as yours Donna. Maybe the set-up has something to do with the audio of you both. Anyway never a real problem and a full 60 minutes plus or minus a few minutes is like my local Service, so a few minutes less was no problem. You never lost us though the computer or phones may have seemed to lose power to you.

    Good luck in the final move to the apt, loved story of Noah's ark, (I have several smaller but amazing Arks) that have a particular meaning to me as all my family knows, thus the number of versions I have as ornaments, door knockers, wall versions and sculpture!!!

    My prayers for Robert H Schuller in his testing or whatever at the senior's residence. Though I could not offer my "fears" as could Robert re his early public speaking fears, the power running low for you, my fear is to be homebound as your caller from Illinois, and perhaps 100% dependent on physical care due to Multiple Sclerosis. I have had friends choke and die as they were alone at a meal, others just go in their sleep, but mostly I do not want to be a burden that others need to feed or change a diaper or whatever and I have thought hard how to ensure my family is clear that is not what I want. A Nursing home and providing a "job" to a caregiver (not my wife or daughters) is my wish should that be needed. .

    On a brighter note,I am off to Prince Edward Island Canada until September 14. Thanks again to you, robert, the dog and your neighbour and to God who made it all come together well

    God is blessing all, always


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