Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crystal Cathedral Founder Rev. Robert H. Schuller Undergoing Cancer Treatment « CBS Los Angeles

 Please pray for my father-in-law's comfort in body, mind, and spirit during this difficult time. 

Crystal Cathedral Founder Rev. Robert H. Schuller Undergoing Cancer Treatment « CBS Los Angeles

Please plan on joining my husband and I on the 15th of every month at 6pm Pacific time.  We host "The Call" which is a small part of our church with no walls global ministry.  Each month we host a special guest who specializes in either body, mind, or soul health.   To access The Call it's easy.  Simply dial 530-881-1300 and when asked key-in 642848# at 6pm PDT.   Pass this information along to anyone you know who could use some mid-month encouragement.


  1. I will pray for Dr. Schuller. I am sad to hear he is ill. I watched him on the Hour of Power for several years and his messages inspired me. May he feel the presence of God's Holy Spirit as he goes through the hospital treatments.
    God bless the Schuller family.

  2. I join you in pray for Rev. Robert H. Schuller. I will light a candle and pray for him the 15th of each month. Rev. Robert H Schuller has gifted all people from all religions with an entire history of inspiring and uplifting messages. May God give Dr. Schuller and your entire family the strength necessary to face this challenge with Grace. God Bless you all.

  3. Lord Be Thou...WITHIN us to strengthen us; WITHOUT us to help us; ABOVE us to protect us; Beneath us to uphold us; BEFORE us to direct us; BEHIND us to keep us from straying; AROUND us at all times to defend us. (Bishop Andrews 1555-1626)
    May you feel God's warm and loving embrace as He goes before you and leads you in this journey. Be strong! God loves you and so do I!
    Carolyn M.


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