Thursday, July 10, 2014

Probiotics For A Healthy Life!

Did you know that 80% of all health is radically influenced and determined by the health of your gut?   I have written about this before, in fact twenty years ago (yes 20) my husband and I hosted body, mind, and soul health seminars and we had various health experts teaching all about the benefits of taking probiotics (supporting life) verses anti-biotics (against life).  We have practiced "gut health" for years and it's about time everyone else catches up!

If you want to read what I previously wrote on gut health called  "A Gut Feeling" you can click here .
It's pretty detailed and includes scientific reasons for taking care of your gut.

If you are looking for a really high quality pro-biotic check out my store at Metagenics by clicking here.  For a nutritional powder that I add to my daily protein drink, one that helps with inflammation in the gut and in your whole body, check-out this product here.  Metagenics is known for it's truth in manufacturing practices and in having the research available on all of their products.  They are "third party assayed" too so you can be assured of what you are buying.   I have been with this company for twenty years.
If you want help figuring out your nutritional needs: what you are feeding your body, your soul, your mind, then contact me and I can help you.   

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  1. My family has a history of IBD, (Irritable Bowel Disease) and I recall the sound of my Mum's agony until the not infrequent episodes passed. My maternal grandmother had experienced IBD but not my Dad or his family. My sister and I however continued to suffer the syndrome or disease. My first solution was to try a good probiotic Yoguert which was of help for me but still I would have the family episodes, albeit less frequently than my Mum or my sister. I then had a colonoscopy that indicated perhaps Crohn's but before I was treated with any prescriptions from the doctors, that was when I saw DaVinci Mega Probiotic ND with Digestive Enzymes (Chewable) Vegetarian at your on-line store, Donna. And though you are not asking an endorsement, I will say, it improved my whole life after about 6 weeks! It seems to me it really cleared up whatever was imbalanced and once cleared, the Probiotic Yoguert I continued to eat daily, ended any digestive issues. Of course I continue with the Mega Probiotic but not 3 times a day as I needed at the start. Gradually I found 1 chewable a day at supper works best for my system along with Activia Probiotic Yoguert at breakfast daily.

    Lastly, I can attest that a "gut" problem can lead to poor sleep, reluctance to be out in public ( my Mum became a sufferer of agoraphobia for fear of an episode while out of the house) and so one simple solution of a probiotic can really improve one's life immensely.


  2. Thank you Jan-Michael. Yes, DaVinci Labs is also an excellent company that I use (it's in my "store" here) The only reason I chose to mention only Metagenics is that I didn't want to come off as a "sales person" who only wants people to shop at my "store." Love DaVinci Labs and they have very fair pricing for such excellence. Truth in labeling is their promise too! Donna


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