Friday, August 22, 2014

Set Your Goals High

I'm continuing the chapter review of my book, "Healthy Family, Happy Life: What Healthy Familes Learn From Healthy Moms"  We're on Chapter 8, "The Advantages of Goal Setting."  I have blogged a lot about goal setting and that's because this subject is near and dear to my heart.  I have both short-term and long-term goals for my life.  First I spend quite a bit of time thinking and praying about my goals and then I write them down and place them in a prominent place in my surroundings.  This creates a visual that keeps me on track for what I want for my life.  In my book I show you specific ways that will assist you in accomplishing your own goals because I believe that having goals is an important part of health.
 Goal setting is important otherwise you may be tossed around like a boat on high seas:  when storms come you will get banged around more than necessary or maybe you will sink. 
Also, if you don't focus on something beyond yourself you might just fall for anything that comes your way!

This morning I was reading about how a magnetized piece of steel gets it's pulling power.  All of it's molecules need to be in harmony with one another in order to create the power it needs.  If the molecules are at cross purposes there is no magnetism.
If you compare that to the conflicts we often carry within ourselves, many times we cancel out our own power to succeed or to do good.  All of our thoughts and prayers need to line-up in order to give us the pulling power we need to get things done efficiently.  We need to be at harmony within so that we don't waste time, energy, and substance on an inner civil war.   We achieve this inner-peace by following something that is perfectly lined-up with all the power we need to sustain us.  That something is a someone named Jesus.  He is the only one we can line up with to be assured that all of our tensions can melt into something powerful for His purposes; thus helping ourselves and helping others become all we were meant to be in body, mind, and soul.    As you strive to accomplish your goals today may you be blessed in a very special way.

"...Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."      Philippians 4:8 NLT

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  1. True words, Donna. Setting goals, setting them high and keeping Jesus in your thoughts as you complete your goals, as I read your advice, is wonderful. I know that if we set our goals too low, and get them done too easily and quickly, that is really not so inspirational, can cause us to have a "down" feeling or fill the free time with less than the positive things we could have achieved if we had given ourselves a little more trust of what we could accomplish with our time and talent and with knowing Jesus is with us.

  2. Jean-Michael yr right, my opinion. I have a Texan Church, Houston who is always preaching positive Sermons no matter if the segnor or other paster is preaching. Was pers. 3x there. Made friends with a black Lady fom there. Met People from worship team pers. Met, signor Pastor pers. bc. he is in the Lobby after he ministered.(His words) Anyway anyhow, "Y Donna" know who I mean. With that, like to tell everybody, when one church is closing their doors another opens. Or Alamitos CA, close to LA, Bobby's church etc. I found one, I visited this June. Met all my US Churches through CNBC-TV Europe. Halleluja, Amen. Be blessed all Readers here. Comment if you like would appreciate it!


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