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Goal #4-Be Healthy

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The Employee Health Promotion program

 Health Definition
n. noun
  1. The overall condition of an organism at a given time.
  2. Soundness, especially of body or mind; freedom from disease or abnormality. (Hmmm? Where’s the spiritual?!)<note by me!
  3. A condition of optimal well-being.

 A lot of my formal schooling is in nutrition so people can instinctively think my main goal in coaching is to critique diets and assign strict exercise regimes.  Although physical health is an important aspect of overall health, truly being vigorous and strong involves so much more than just eating right and exercising.  I have met many people are in great shape physically while on the inside they are dying emotionally and spiritually.   The reverse can also be true.  One can be in a great place mentally or spiritually but they neglect their bodies, thus are out of sink with life in many other ways.  There are those who are “so spiritually minded that they do no earthly good.” 
 In my book,   "Healthy Family, Happy Life: What Healthy Families Learn From Healthy Moms" I outline various characteristics of health which include specifics of spiritual and emotional well-being and their integral roles in helping you live as a whole and a healthy person.  Some of these would include:  being honest with others, having clear-cut goals, striving through hardship, forgiving and loving yourself and others, and knowing where you stand with your relationship with God.   I believe all of these, and more, play a very important role in how healthy you are and how peaceful you live your life as a result of the thoughts you think, the attitude you have towards others, and yes…what you put in your body and how much physical activity you get (certain hormones released as a result of exercise and choosing the right fuel for your body have a huge influence on your emotional and spiritual health) Everything we do effects every part of us since we are laced together and “created in the image of God,” body, mind, and soul.  

It’s the middle of February so by now you should have written down your goals: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  You should have a clear understanding of where you want to see your social and love life, your family and friendships, and whether or not your work is or will be satisfying.  If you need help with your 2015 goals please refer to my post on Goal Setting from last year.  You can read it here.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with this process or if you need help evaluating your life and the direction it’s going, you can always talk to me.  I can coach you for just one session or for as many as you need.  To reach me you can email me here.

Your life should burn brightly with passion and purpose.  You should embrace good health by giving your body everything it needs and your should be in touch with your emotions and your past, and be able to forgive all of your past mistakes.  Last but not least, you should have a clear understanding of being a “spiritual being on this physical journey” called life.

 “For I will restore health unto you.  I will heal your wounds.”   Jeremiah 30:17  

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  1. Body Mind Spirit

    So much in Positive living does seem to be based on an interdependent trilogy, as I think of it ...a triangle of disciplines. And this triangle needs a good baseline and the base must be adequately rooted so the sides leading to the top are equally balanced and the triangle will not sway to one side or the other. Thus will the upward sides meet to complete the triangle directly above the center of the baseline as in an Isosceles Triangle or a Pyramid. My ideal pyramid, diagram and life would show a well nourished "Spirit" at the top supported by two equal side lines extending up from a well nourished "Body" and a well nourished "Mind"


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