Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Healthy Family, Happy Life

For all of you who are curious...yes, I eat healthy and clean as my standard "diet." I have been this way for most of my life. It comes naturally because my mom fed me healthy meals when I was growing-up. I do love food and I am not deprived in any way. I consume at least 2000-2500 calories every day. I had ice cream last night...it was real ice cream..not filled with a ton of fake chemicals. Sugar-yes but nothing on a long list that I couldn't read. I am 62 years old, I take no medicine, including no tylenol or aspirin--none. I love tough metabolic conditioning (exercise) classes which are filled with people half my age, and I keep up. I can still wake-board,snow ski, golf, play tennis, run, lift weights, vigorously dance, hike, and most anything I want to do. I can play on the floor with my grandchildren and I can play chase and hide and seek as well as jump in a trampoline park! I still wear the same size that I wore in high school, though the body has shifted a bit over the years! I get regular chiropractic adjustments. My mom is 80 and she takes NO medicine at all. My dad's mom died at nearly 101 and she took no medicine. I practice a positive faith daily and I try to let go of negative emotions and hurtful people as soon as possible. I try to heal relationships and help people. I never intentionally do anything to hurt. I treasure peace of mind and I learn from my mistakes. I have no pride in admitting when I've done wrong and in saying, "I am sorry." You may question and wonder about all my "green drinks" or any other of my life's practices I share with you, but, how many of you are drug-free, living at peace with God and your "neighbor," and are active and healthy as you were in your youth? My idea of a happy, healthy life is to live a life filled with love and enjoy it from a vertical perspective until God takes me home. God willing this will be my future.

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