Saturday, August 11, 2018

Back To School Eating!

Moms and Dads around the world get ready to send their children back to school!  The "back to school shopping lists" have been received and anticipation of a new season is here!
As you shop for those new shoes or school uniforms I also want to urge you spend some time thinking about health.

Preparing to feed your children well is something that should be equally or more important than shopping for those new backpacks, pencils, and books and I am here to help.   First off,  I recommend you ask your child what he or she likes to eat.  Don't pack them a turkey sandwich if you know that will end up in the trash!  Give them only good choices by asking them, "would you prefer (fill in the blank) or (fill in the blank).?"

 Here ares some of my practical, healthy tips to consider when getting ready to shop for and pack those lunches:

1)   Pack a protein each day.  Go to the deli counter and ask the butcher for the most natural meats possible.  Take the meat out of the deli wrap once you get home and repack them in an airtight glass countainer.  Almond butter is full of protein too and it makes a great sandwich that can be combined with a low-sugar real fruit spread.  Heres' a recipe for easy jam here.  (make sure the berries are organic-read why in #2).  You can make a few of these ahead of time and stack them up in your refrigerator.  *A word about bread-make sure you buy whole, sprouted bread or a healthy grain-free alternative.  "Gluten-free" is a buzz now, but a lot of these breads are loaded with sugar. Read the labels!

2)   Provide something raw every day.  Buy organic frutis and vegetables only.  If you are in the USA our crops are grown with GMO seeds and the glyphosate (chemical weed killer) is in that seed!  (Monanto finally got nailed for this.  You can read here). Apples are a very good choice because they can be packed in a lunch whole or cut-up.  You can include hummus as a dip. (Costco has great , organic, single-serving hummus for lunches). Squeeze some lemon on the apples to keep them fresh. Carrots, celery, and sugar snap peas are also great and can be dipped in that same hummus or almond butter.

3)   Give your children brain food which means avoiding processed food.  (This includes most packaged cheese). Check packages for added chemicals and sugar and try to buy things as natural as possible.  Yogurt might seem like a good choice but all fruit yogurts are filled with way too much added sugar.  I suggest you make your own fruit yogurt. Also, many yogurts are made from cow's milk from cows that are fed corn and treated with hormones. Buy products that are produced from pasture-raised cows.  Buy one of the bigger, quart-size, plain, organic yogurts and add your own blueberries or strawberries.  Pack in in a small glass container or a glass jar.  (Start recycling some of those that come with your condiments) Not only will you be providing a lunch with less sugar but you'll save lots of $ this way.  Those individual yogurts are expensive!

4)  Make sure their drinks are also low on sugar and chemicals.  Just because something says "natural" on it doesn't mean it's good for them.   Again, low-sugar, organic, watered-down juices can be good choices but be careful.   Even if it's purchased at a "health food" store, chances are they contain too much sugar.  If you dilute them with water by 50% and put them in a thermos, your children will gulp it down without question.  *Avoid Gatorade and anything artificially colored blue, orange, purple, or red!

5) Deserts are special and give your child something to look forward to, but again, be careful about added chemicals and sugar.   I have started making chocolate chip cookies out of nut flours and everyone in the family loves them!   Buy chips that have no soy lecithin in them because soy has been proven to cause thyroid issues.   Here's a recipe you can follow here.  I like to double-up on the recipe and keep some in the freezer.

Above are only a few suggestions when getting ready to prepare the very important fuel that will help your children perform better in school.  Most of it you can prepare ahead of time.  Make sure you alternate meals, unless you have a child that likes the same thing each day.  Again ask them!  If you follow my suggestions they will also sleep better and be in a better mood when they are awake.

 I've spent many years studying these things and I've raised my children with the basic principles I briefly outlined above.   For the most part, this "formula" worked!  They are now adults with children of their own.  It's great to see that what they learned from me is being passed along to the next generation.

Need more help sorting this all out?  You can book a coaching session with me.  I can also talk to your child or children.  I've had great experience educating children about health when they won't listen to you!

Questions?  Write to me:

In Great Health!   Donna

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