Wednesday, July 24, 2019

3 Ways to Become a Better Version of YOU

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

If you are guilty of talking more about people, or even events, instead of ideas and other great things found in living, I suggest you implement three things that will transform your life. 

1)    Travel.  By airplane, by train, or by car.  Often, I meet people who give off the vibe that they are more important than those who live in other  places in the nation, or in the world.  Take caution, narrow mindedness, judgmentalism, extremism and bigotry can occupy the minds of those who have limited knowledge of how God’s presence and love spans the globe. God doesn’t love anyone more or less than the person who makes a living sweeping floors in the Midwest or who stands on the side of the road selling bananas in Africa.  

2)   Get a job.  If you don’t need the money, then work for spiritual and emotional growth. (It will also help you physically) If you don’t travel because you “can’t afford it,” save some money in a travel fund.  In just a year’s time, you can go almost anywhere. If you don’t need money, then volunteer. Go to the local thrift store and put in a few hours a week.  Engage with the people who shop there.  Learn their stories. It will transform your life. 

3)   Turn off the news and forget about politics until it’s election time. The constant barrage of negative messages, dispersed via social and traditional media, is exhausting and divisive.  If you don’t use social media for work, consider abandoning it altogether.  Get a social media private family account for sharing photos and other kind, loving information.  

If you need help sorting all this out please contact me and I will give you practical steps you can take that will help you a lot! 

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