Tuesday, May 9, 2023

New Book is Out! "Fearless Women, Transform Negative Emotions into Positive Realities"

 Hello Healthy, Happy, Fearless friends!

Just in time for the perfect Mother's Day gift!  My newest book. 

  Please order on Amazon from this link: 

      Fearless Women, Transform Negative Emotions into Positive Realities

  Contained within its 40 chapters are some of my personal stories of success and failure, joy and sorrow.  This 40 weeks to fearlessness will help you overcome any and all situations you are facing as you discover how to transform and rebuild your struggles and brokenness into something incredible for God!

 Never before in my life have I witnessed the hopelessness, worry, anxiety, and negativity that has infected the minds of so many in the last few years.  This is NOT God's plan.  Read my book and learn how to quiet the negative voices in your head, let go of bad relationships, and live with honesty, integrity, and gratefulness.  Embrace your faith with newfound intentionality and passion.  Believe that you are God's unique and beautiful creation.  He longs to have a relationship with you through Jesus.

I haven't posted anything new because my husband and I started a church in March 2020.  I've been swamped!  You read that correctly, when most all churches closed by way of government mandates, we decided to follow Jesus and we chose faith over fear.   With no building, no staff, and no equipment, after calling every local commercial real estate holder we knew, we got someone to allow us to meet in one of their holdings, an office parking lot.   On March 29th we started our pop-up church, Drive-In Church OC.  After several months of meeting in that parking lot, we found another place to meet in Newport Dunes and we met there for another year and a half.  As of May 2022, we've been meeting at the Newport Beach Civic Center in the Community Room.  It's a great, indoor, outdoor, drive-in venue that suits the needs of the freedom-loving, God-honoring, unique, and wonderful people who come to hear a message of hope, freedom, and fearlessness in Jesus. 

It's great to reconnect with you.  Let me hear from you soon.

God is blessing you with fearlessness.   Donna

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