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 Thank you for wanting to know more about my newest book. This book is written from my heart as I share with you a bit about who I really am and why.  Of course you can click on the link to buy it from Amazon but I'd prefer you made a donation to our ministry by ordering it directly from me!  (Plus you get my signature this way if you want it!)  Amazon and the publisher leaves all of $1.00 for the ministry however if you order it through contacting me here the ministry gets $7.00 per book.  The money is used to support our many global missions projects.  Either way, I appreciate your interest. 
Also, very exciting news...I plan on updating this book and adding several chapters. It will no longer be available in print but instead I will create an online video series which will be available through RobertSchullerInspiration.com If you are interested in inspirational videos then go to that link and sign-up today.

Sincerely, Donna

To learn about and order my newest book click here  


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Healthy Family, Happy Life: What Healthy Families Learn from Healthy Moms Paperback

If you would like to get a signed autograph copy.  To do so please go to schullerministries.org  and click on the donate button located on the right side of the page. For a suggested donation of $15.00 I will put your autographed copy in the mail to you once I receive notice of your donation.  You will know that you are also helping to support our global ministry so thank you!

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