Friday, March 27, 2009


Hi Everyone- I've really missed communicating with all of you so here goes... my very first blog! My hope is to write to you weekly via short vignettes or devotionals where I can also keep you informed of what my husband and I have been up to. Thanks to a 27 year old son, Bobby, I will also be doing a video blog. (Yikes! ) Many of you have written and emailed that you have been worried about us. We have greatly appreciated your correspondence and especially your prayers. We are finally beginning to heal after some really rough months of wondering "why?" Once we stopped asking the wrong question and we started asking instead "what should we do now Lord?" we started seeing that God had bigger and better plans than we had ever imagined.
These days Robert has been very hard at work developing a new Christian ministry which will allow him the honor of continuing to speak inspiration and hope to the world. He will do this by once again spreading the good news of Christ on the television and on the world wide web. More to come on this very creative and new way of doing ministry when it is time.
We have also launched "The St Patrick Project". St. Patrick was known as the father of the monastic movement although he never pastored a church. He helped to rescue Western Europe from the dark ages by preserving literature and the arts of old, caring for the needy, and teaching about the love of Christ. He did all of this in a time of uncertainty and he did it all through spiritual communities. In these uncertain times there is a huge need for the spirit of this great human being to minister to lost and broken people around the world. The St Patrick Project will honor this by rallying local Christians to transform their cities through social action, the arts, and community. Every day people from different cultures and traditions will volunteer and work together to mentor kinds, paint and clean bad neighborhoods, showcase concerts for inner city teens, visit people in prisons, and care for the homeless. All of these actions will be anchored by Bobby and Hannah's ongoing faith community, "The Gathering" located in Old Town Orange, California. From there we will all continue to be the hands and the feet of Christ, serving as a model of what can be done through the love of Christ. Our hope and our goal is to reach the world with this message of "caring for the least of these".
After a long and lonely winter we are seeing the Spring! God is good and He has taken us through some dark and desolate months. We are entering a new season of our lives and it promises to be great. Our prayer is that if you are feeling lonely, down, or deserted, that you too will soon enter the Spring of your life . Until next week...
With God's continued blessings, even when we can't see or feel them, Donna
St. Patrick Project
P.O. Box 1584
Orange, CA. 92856-6584


  1. Donna I loved your blog! I am excited about this new outreach and now I finally know where to find you its going to be a blessing for me and for many to know you are here for us! I am glad Robert is going to be back in action again too: we have missed the both of you so much! God be with you and now I'm going to make a note of your url so I'll know where to come and find you and your blessings! lol God be with you as you strike out on this your new "home" and endeavor!

    Lois Lindquist

  2. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! I'm thankful that in a time of world crisis everywhere you turn, we still have a bigger God who loves us personally. I'm thankful that you guys are back! I have missed you, greatly. Count on my support from the great state of Alabama. Blessings,
    Will Weir

  3. Donna, I'm very impressed with your Blog. I've done Facebook & Twitter, but haven't tried to Blog yet. I am very happy to hear about your "St. Patrick Project". I felt that you all would continue with some sort of mission work, and this sounds very exciting. There are also many people back in this area of Missouri who are most anxious to be able to hear Robert speak again, so I will be waiting to hear more about that part of his ministry as well.

    Blessings to you all,

    Barbara Todd

  4. Donna,
    I am so impressed with this Blog. The format and content is entertaining. As always you look gorgeous. I am excited to hear about the St.Patrick Project. Being so Irish you know I just love the name you have chosen. I can't wait to hear more and help serve with this project. You my friend, are a very talented writer. Well done, Mary

  5. Donna,

    Such a wonderful start you have made with this Blog! You have me waiting anxiously for the next one.

    It all sounds so uplifting and I hope you will find this Blog site a good place to connect with all of us who never lost hope that somehow, somewhere there would be a way and a time that was right! And this definitely is right!

    The Lord has answered our prayers for you, your family and us this Easter season. You are here for us, sharing news of you and your family...And the future is looking so bright!

    May God Bless all that you and yours are doing and will be doing....Jan-Michael

  6. Hi Donna and Robert,
    I am happy you are doing the blog, it will be a great tool for all of us who miss and love you both. I am looking forward to joining via the Internet on the new path of service that the Lord is leading you on. Be sure to let us know when you get on myspace, etc. (it's all habit forming.)

    Let's all celebrate Spring and a new beginning..(and not look back.)

    Linda Crim, SW MO

    PS: I'm retired I am limited on computer skills but am online all day. What can I do to assist you? All you have to do is ask.

  7. Donna,
    Terrific blog! You truly are a gifted writer. You and Robert really know how to connect with peoople. I'm excited about your new ministry and look forward to future blogs. I feel like you and Robert have been reborn, so to speak. What an appropriate time of the year for this to happen (Easter), a time for new beginnings and spiritual growth. Gosh how I've missed you both. Can't wait for your videos and Bobby's too. Being of Irish decent, I also love that you have chosen to honor St. Patrick through your outreach project. This is going to have such an enormous impact in the communities where you implement this wonderful program. Give my best to Robert. You're always in my prayers and they have been answered. God is Great! Fondly, Mary Alvarez

  8. Dear Donna Schuller:

    This is Elizabeth from Monarch Bay Optometry. Thank you so much for purchasing our Kate Spade Sunglasses.

    I am happy to hear from Anthony Shculler that you guys got $25,000 dollars for St. Patricks Day. God is Blessing you guys.

    I look forward in seeing Anthony and Donna Schuller at The Americans Leagends.

    I am so glad Donna that you like hiking, jogging, swimming in the ocean, and many other activities. I alway hope and pray that your 3 generations will be Blessed by God.

    Thank Hannah Schuller for her kindness. I enjoy the Michael W. Smith CD.


    Elizabeth Lin

  9. Dear Donna. Greetings to you and Robert from Brisbane, Australia. This is my first attempt at anything to do with a Blog. I KNOW that it is going to be a success. God bless all you four Schullers (Donna, Robert. Bobby and Hannah) God is blessing you all Barbie from Brisbane Australia

  10. Hi Donna, I'm really glad you have developed this blog because so many of your friends and followers are thinking of you, missing you and praying for you. From your initial posting, it sounds like you are excited and full of vitality as you continue your journey in Christ. I'm so happy for that.

    I just want to add my support (emotionally right now, and financially if called upon) to the many who probably already have. Robert's messages touched me every single week with his pure and honest love for, and trust in, Christ. Also, your missions to those in need inspired me. I look forward to watching and supporting you in your new ministry. I know it is going to be awesome! I miss both your smiles, your humor and your gentle kindness.

    God Bless,
    Melody Mook
    El Paso, TX

  11. Hi Donna, I am so glad you are back and am so looking forward to seeing you & Robert again it's been such a long time. I am also happy to hear about the St. Patrick's project it is sure to be a wonderful way to connect to people that need love and nurturing what a special way to spread Christianity.
    God bless you both.
    Patty Rufo

  12. Great blog! Way to go on the technology! I can't wait to see you get creative with this.

  13. Note to Barbara Todd: Which part of MO do you live? I am in Springfield, MO

  14. Happy to see you back..

    May God bless you in the new direction He is taking you!

  15. I found a computer at my hotel. Through OC I found out about your blog. Great! Continued prayers are with you and Robert. Until then. Swiss Rosemarie


  17. This is a wonderful and uplifting feeling this morning. Oh, how I have missed Robert every week. The week always started on a bright spot listening to his messages. I look forward to hearing him again through some medium. God bless your Schuller family. Ann

  18. From The Netherlands I am eager to hear from you again and very glad with the blog of Donna and the good news of you both: Robert Anthony and Donna. So glad you follow the steps of the Lord and sure the Lord will bless you and your (new) work.We all longing for it after a cloudy period.

  19. Thank you for sharing your heart Donna. May the Lord bless you and Robert as you follow Christ into new areas.

  20. What wonderful news, Donna and Robert. Bless your heart and your new start. May God's grace and love abound in all you do! Rhea Z.

  21. Hi,

    What a great blog! I am so happy to see you guys back....missed you so much! God is great - when one door closes another one opens!

    Take care, Chalsey

  22. And all God's People said "WOW"!!! How wonderful to see your picture and know that both of you are doing so well. Know that we have prayed for you and have looked forward to hearing from you. I will be following your blog and, being a resident of Southern California, hope to be able to lend support in the future. I am so excited to hear from you that my thoughts are not very organized right now but I will continue to pray for you and your family.

  23. congratulations on finding a new way to express your voice! I hope that this blog continues to allow you to find a way to heal and that your projects become all that you want them to be.

  24. Great Blog, Donna.

    Nice to meet your mom and daughter at the office today.

    God Bless you and Rev. Schuller as you reach out to the community.

    Irene Lin-Dilorinzo

  25. Thanks so much for the update. Can't wait to hear Robert speak again. Miss him on Sunday so much. Glad to hear of all the exciting plans. We will support you.

  26. What a lovely message Donna. I will be following this blog, and praying for you and those you love.

    Blessings, Sande Herron

  27. I have missed you all so much.I was delighted to see this blog and know you will both be active again. You are MY pastors. You two baptized me and I will never forget you and your work.

    I am praying for you,
    Elayne Alexander

  28. Hello Donna Schuller!

    I am really happy to see that you and Robert will continue the ministry that you have always been called by God to do and continue helping others all over the world!
    I have a really slow internet, so I won't be able to watch the videos unless I go to college or my library, but I don't mind, as I know that tv time is quite expensive, especially if wanting to reach all around the world!

    If the project ever needs financial support(like some mentionned previously), I have some savings left on the side just in case! ;D

    I will keep you in my prayers!

    -Elena Kozlova

  29. Hi Donna, because there is an Ocean in between us, it is so good to be reconnected with you through this blog. It looks fantastic! I say this from the bottom of my heart. Thanks also for your bright update,and also thank you so much for answering my e-mail it's highly appreciated by me and my son (book signing in Amsterdam) I sent you an e-mail with a video of the seasons of life, i just wanted to share this with you. The Lord has listened and answered our prayers for you and Robert. May God bless you richly in your new ministry and projects.
    What a blessed day it will be to hear Robert speak again.
    I'll pray for you and your loved ones.

    With much Christian Love,

    (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

  30. I finally found some peace where I actually felt good and that was watching the "Hour of Power" with Robert A Schuller preaching. We lost our son (28 years old) in 2004 and I have been struggling with life and the daily routine of living. I started to watch the "Hour of Power" for a couple of years now and found the strength and sense of peace that I so desperately needed so I could put one foot in front of the other and face another day. I need to hear his preaching no one else can make me feel the power and love of God like Robert A Schuller. He makes the "road less traveled" a little easier.

  31. How wonderful to hear of your ministry plans for the future! I'll stay tuned to this blog so I know how to pray for you and Robert and the rest of your family.

  32. I am so happy to hear from you again. I miss seeing you "in my home" on Sunday mornings. I look forward to following your new journey.

  33. I am so happy to hear from you. I miss seeing you "in my home" on Sunday mornings. I look forward to following your journey.

  34. Great blog. We certainly have missed you and Robert. God is good and he does have a plan for you!!


  36. A very profound blog and eloquently presented.

    "The wilderness and dry land shall be glad, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom." --- Isaiah 35:1

    Arizona John

  37. Dear Donna and Family,

    Your blog is beautiful. I look forward to more messages about the healing power of spring. I love the vision you and your family have for helping others around the world. I am attaching a poem I recently composed:


    The earth is on a spiritual quest
    To teach its inhabitants to rest
    In the fold of its mantle and sky
    To harvest truth about you and I

    You and I, and all that came before
    Bear witness to what the earth implores
    A solid heart that knows no limits
    To nature’s rhyme and all that’s in it

    To wander into the wilderness
    To seek the path of its righteousness
    To bear witness to the awe of land
    To live, and to learn, and understand

    We are not a speck of floating dust
    We are one with our God, and His trust
    There is no passage for us to claim
    We were made to live in His domain

    You cannot quell the image of God
    It is the seed of man, and the sod
    It rests in dreams, and the heart’s desire
    To live, and to learn, and to inspire

    For every arrow that slings despair
    There is a comfort in what earth wears
    The falling snow and the raging rain
    Feed the earth and proclaim His name

    The sun will rise and the sun will set
    We will toil and tarry and reflect
    Our destiny is one with the earth
    We till the story, we sow the birth

    We reap what we sow, in this, our land
    We measure our life in grains of sand
    It is not time that takes life away
    It is the errors of how we play

    Look longingly into each earth’s nest
    Find comfort in helping others rest
    Know that tomorrow is a new day
    Plant what you want tomorrow to say

    Kathy Paysen 2009

  38. After all the years of listening & watching Crystal Cathedral & Dr Schuller, I am appalled that he seems to have NO realization that God directs the Church. I pray that you are still able to be in contact with him. God should have been the One to call Robert to that ministry & not his father. God bless you all

  39. I was at Mass this morning, glanced down at my watch and thought about you, remembering Roberts sermons and missing you both so dearly. Can't wait until you can feed me spiritually again. Mary Alvarez

  40. How wonderful to hear of you both again I have prayed so hard & searched the web daily for news.
    God has greater plans & the St Patrick's project sounds wonderful. As I am of Irish descent know that you have chosen well & it will be a huge success. We look forward to hearing more of it & seeing Robert once more on our TV screen. Easter blessings to your your family & selves.
    Helen Australia

  41. So happy to hear from you....finally. If you have an email message service..would you please include me..Thanks.My email address is ""
    God bless you in your new ministry.Prayers are with you.
    Hal Willems

  42. The Crystal Cathedral Today, the church newspaper for April, 2009, had a front page article on your new blog. I have been trying to post a comment, but it does not go through. I opened a Google account. I hope this will help. Don Schnake, Crystal Cathedral usher from Palm Springs

  43. Delighted to see you have found your own calling among those who desperately need it -- the poor and downtrodden rather than the rich oppulance that so many other ministries are characterized by.

    Glad to see you have found your purpose, and was thrilled to know about Bobby's outreach and that you do so together, laboring in GOD's Kingdom.

    God Bless you all.
    Jenni Bige

  44. I was so happy to discover that you had a blog. I have been searching for information about you and Robert to find out if there would be a new ministry. I could see the annointing grow and grow upon your husband as he allowed the Holy Spirit to lead him and incorporate more of the WORD into his messages. I have been blessed many times as I watched THOP on TV. I'm looking forward to the new ministry. May the GOOD LORD bless all that you do.

    Love in Christ Jesus,
    Billie Ruth

  45. Great Blog! Am thrilled to hear you and Robert will again be available to us!!! We were with you as members, back in the Rancho Capistrano Church and those were the most spiritually rewarding and uplifting times in our religious experience! We have never found a church to fill that void to this date. Looking forward to hearing Robert's inspirational message which we dearly miss, and I know we will all want to help in anyway we can, God Bless ,
    Kathy and Mario Alvarez

  46. I feel a hole in my heart has been filled, knowing that you and Robert are active and contributing to God's work (not that there was ever any doubt, just not knowing how you were all doing). You are special people and we love you!

    Thank you for the blog - you have obviously had a great mentor. Isn't it funny how the teachers become the students and the parents become the children in our technological world?

    Looking forward to future years of the Schuller's and their walk with the Lord!

    Greg and Rita Faber
    Woodstock, GA

  47. We also feel like Greg, that a hole has now been filled. Isn't God so awesome? We have been praying for you greatly, knowing that God would have a new plan for your ministry. It was so great seeing you on the video and we look forward to seeing you and supporting you in your upcoming ministries. There was never a doubt that you both would follow God's will to a new path. We have missed you so very much and look forward to seeing you and supporting your ministry. God Bless you and RAS!

    Sheila & Eddy Keyes
    Spring Hill, Tennessee

  48. I am so glad that I came across this blog. I have been devastated since the changes of the HOP and the Cathedral. I find it hard to relate to so many various pastors (whom are all good). Anyway, I am so happy for you that your re-connecting and I know you will have followers as your love for Christ shows and your teachings also reflect the love of Jesus. I wish you and your family all the best and I will keep tabs on what your all doing. Sincerely,

    Larry Marvin - Mesa, AZ

  49. Donna, Needless to say I was shocked, I had been faltering away from old Dr Schuller for quite some time ( been a watcher and supporter for 20+ years) but I was getting the feeling that it was more about Dr Schullers drama and acting than about the Lord. When Robert A took over I was thrilled and again started supporting Hour of Power, until the day I received the news of what happened. I have not watched since and have stopped all support. not out of spite, out of shock of how Dr. Schuller can possibly think he can have a prima donna attitude and expect US to agree. So congratulations on yours and Robert A's new ministry. I loved all of your teachings and will be so glad when I can again start watching you MC from AZ

  50. Hi Donna and Robert...

    Glad to have seen some news from you. Just wanted to remind Robert how much I enjoyed his radio show back about 10 years ago. My daughter and I would listen to him every morning on the way to Orange Lutheran High School.

    Robert...we miss you on the HOP now that we live in Bar Harbor Maine - you can see us at - the B&B we own and run up here near Acadia National Park.

    Take care and God Bless

    Jeff Shaw

  51. A big hearty "HELLO, HOW ARE YA" to Robert and Donna! What a wonderful treat for Easter weekend to hear from you folks again. My heart has been grieving for the Schuller family for months now, and there seemed no convenient way to make contact. The stories I could tell (and maybe I will) of the blessings I have encountered being a part of this families global ministry. I had a brief encounter with Robert when he and his father hosted a dinner in Grand Rapids, Michigan several years back, which convinced me he "was" the "heir apparent" for the HOP ministry. What a shame that it all fell apart.

    Please, please keep in contact so we can all support you in what I am sure will be a new and vibrant calling from the Lord.

  52. Many have asked if The St. Patrick Project is set-up to take donations. The answer is "yes". It is a real church and not for profit organization. The CA tax i.d. # is 26-4170831 and the mailing address is: P.O. Box 1584 Orange, CA. 92856-6584
    Thank you and Happy Easter! "He is risen, He is risen indeed!" Donna

  53. It is a gift to hear from you Donna, and to look forward to seeing you and Robert again. I was at the Care Conference and was blessed to hear Bobby speak, and to hear just a little about the two of you. I consider Robert "my pastor." When I know where you will be ministering, I'll be there. May the joy of Easter bless both of you. NH Joanne

  54. This is GREAT! Happy Easter to you all.

  55. Happy Easter!
    Love the blog...
    Paul and I tried to connect w/u the past two weeks but were dealing with the passing of his Mom...God is great, miracles occur daily - hurts are healed, people are reunited, ministry happens! We know God is going to continue to use both of you in many ways more than we can dream of or imagine!
    Jeanne (tennis anyone) :)

  56. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for this blog! I have missed both you and Robert so very much! I'm looking forward to reading your inspirational message each week. I also look forward to seeing Robert again! His teaching were not only inspiring but comforting as well. You can count on my support! A very Blessed Easter to you all! Debi

    PS I love the name of your new outreach program, St. Patrick! The church I belong to is called ST. Patrick's plus I've got a little irish in me!

  57. Rev. Robert A. Schuller: Do you have any date when your TV ministry will start? You (and Donna too of course) are greatly missed by those of us who enjoyed and were uplifted by your tv services.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  58. Happy Easter. Hope it is a fabulous year for the two of you and your family.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  59. So glad to be able to hear what is going on in your lives. I, too, am anxious to be able to hear Robert A. preach again. He was such a breath of fresh air and his scriptural preaching was what we all need to hear. Glad for this way of connecting with you again and am anxious to hear more of your plans.
    Beverley in Wisconsin

  60. Donna, Robert A & Bobby,
    I am delighted to have "found" you again! I had watched HOP for years (and even had a crush on Robert A when I was a teenager!), and had some concerns when I learned Robert A had left Crystal Cathedral. I wish you much success as you journey together on a new path. I have felt your pain with you. It is so difficult to witness rifts in families. I will pray for all of you, including Robert H and his wife and daughters (Robert A's parents and siblings). I have felt your pain and now feel your joy.
    Peggy in Mesa, AZ

  61. Dear Donna and Robert. I just found your beautiful message today. Thank you for communicating with us all. My husband and I have been mourning the loss of you and Robert on Sunday mornings. Robert A., we consider our pastor, since he was the one who brought us back into a faith in Christ, and we, too, have been going through a dark winter because of what happened. But, guess what? There was a miracle this morning! We found you again! We have been praying,for you, and we will continue now to pray for you in your new ministry plans! Keep us all posted and let us know how we can support.

    Lots of love to you both!

    RuthAnne and Jim Krause
    Reedley CA

  62. Dear Donna and Robert,
    I am deeply troubled that two powerful Christian personalties could not compromise and make the HOP more wonderful. I like the guest speaker program as it gives us a chance to hear them speak; however, I have not heard anyone who can deliver a message like Robert A. I continue to watch the HOP every Sunday but I miss Robert and Donna. Please let us know when and where we can listen to Robert again.

    God bless you.


  63. I am very happy to heat that all is well and that you have moved on to the next level in life and will always be available to support Robert in his future plans

  64. Dear Donna & Robert,

    Every week I've been "Googling" for news about you. Yesterday I found you! So many prayers for two wonderful people. I've missed your presence and your spiritual thoughts. I will follow your blog.

    Carol in Alaska

  65. Donna,

    So glad to find you again and thankful that you and Robert A. are okay and looking now towards the future. I have been watching HOP for over 40 years and enjoyed Robert A.'s sermons. They were so uplifting each Sunday. When I lived in Calif. I often attended the church. I do not get that now from HOP and feel so sad at the direction it is now going. I am looking forward to somehow hearing Robert A. again. Thank you.

    Pat in Iowa

  66. I have watched "The Hour of Power" since I was a child and remember seeing Robert on the program.It is not the same anymore without him and his teaching.My pastor went to Fuller Seminary with Robert and shared a couple of stories about him at my church.I have been praying for you and hope that God is opening doors for you.I'm glad that you are blogging and revealing what is going on in your life.Let me know when Robert is back on TV, so I can tune in.Thanks for being a part of my Christian walk.

  67. My husband and I miss hearing Robert A. and seeing you by his side. Somehow we felt that you helped start our week right with the comfort of your sermons and warmth you both project. Having watched for years and visited the cathedral we were ready for change in 2006. The story of the beginning of this ministry was over done and our hope was that you would get back to the bible and concentrate on it's real meaning. We need a church, be it wood or glass. It is what is inside that is important. It is not the same without you both!


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