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  1. Hi Donna,

    Your inspiring video with message today {WINTER IS OVER)is excellant! Your openess in your message and through your eyes was such a blessing and a soothing balm to my spirit! Thank you so much. I again can hardly wait for more!

    With Love and prayer for your continued ministry which so inspires,


    PS 'You Tube' often links other videos and I think you only intended your "Winter is Over".
    It would be good to know if you are posting just one as I suspect. You Tube sometimes goes on automatically and that happened when I watched your video the first time but not after then. So maybe it got fixed.

  2. Donna. It was so good seeing you
    with this message. Your message really spoke to me after having told that I have breast cancer a few days ago. This message of yours really spoke to me and gives the the strength to face the future. Thank you so much
    Barbie from Brisbane Australia

  3. Donna,
    You bring me to tears.... But give me hope for the future. Thanks for posting the video. You are a beautiful woman on the outside and a pure genuine spirit on the inside. That combination is extremely rare. I send a virtual hug to you and Robert. I know you are going to build a very successful ministry, I'm certain of it. Mary Alvarez lvs2crus

  4. Donna, What an enchanting and beautiful message you bring us. I thank you so much. I think I will watch it much more than once. I can hear the renewed hope in your voice and that makes me happy. I just got a new job today, after a long spell of waiting, needing, praying. It came to me out of the blue, I had not even applied for it, but here it is, so I feel that my long winter has ended and spring is in my heart now, too. Thanks again for putting words to this joyful feeling. Melody

  5. Thanks for posting this inspiring message. Do you have others on YouTube?

    The Internet is a wonderful way to communicate, isn't it? Ever think of setting up a site?

  6. Follow you dear Donna and your family here in the Netherlands on Blogspot. New spring, new beginning has started.Just the roses after dying new roses bring hope and understanding. After suffering resurrection because go in the steps of the Lord suffering always included, just as joy and victory.Easter is coming soon, love you all!!

  7. Dearest Donna, how beautiful and inspiring is your video message. It brings me to tears.It is so good to see you again. I'm sure going to share your message with my son tonight.
    May the Lord bless you and Robert richly.
    Much Christian Love,
    Ria from The Netherlands

  8. (Posting again from my mom's Google account as I do not have any of those accounts xD Hehe...)

    So yeah, I'd live to say thank you for that awesome message. I downloaded it from the internet to only have to do so once and then come back to listen to it again! :D It's really uplifting and I'd like to thank you.
    You and Robert were always like my extra set of parents, so I always look forward to the next message!

    Thank you, God bless you!

    -Elena K.

  9. Dear Donna,
    Many miles separate us but the Spirit of the Lord connects us. My heart has grieved over the circumstances that occurred, but my spirit knew that our Heavenly Father has bigger plans. Now, you both can have the freedom of being who He wants you to be and to be you!
    Love in Christ,

  10. Thank-you for the message of hope and knowing you all have come through the winter. God Bless you all. Looking forward to your mesage and when we will be able to hear Robert.

  11. Thanks so much Donna! This is such a good word of hope. I know it's been a tough time for you but you are emerging as fine gold. God is good to bring Spring. - Bev Johnston

  12. Donna ~ What an inspiring and positive message! It meant so much to me today as I have been through a long, hard winter, too, and spring hasn't quite yet arrived! Truly there are some snowflakes drifting down today, but I know that Spring is coming because the daffodils are in bloom! I'm keeping you and Robert in my thoughts and prayers & am so glad that you are communicating & inspiring all of us through the internet!


  13. Dear Donna

    I like your shared message. So much truth in it.

    My thoughts and prayers are always with you and Robert. I’m glad to hear that you step by step come over your winter grief.

    With much heart and God’s continued blessings, Swiss Rosemarie

  14. Wow, very powerful and beautiful....very healing also. Thank you!

    Kathy and Mario

  15. Donna,

    It was so good to "see" you again in the video, I miss seeing you in person so much. Thank you for ministering to me in such a powerful way, and thanks to your vidographer - what a great job, what a great video!
    I knew the Spring would come, how ironic everything did happen in the fall and winter and the timing is amazing. It is amazing also that you can heal others just by sharing your healing, much love, Darlene Grimes

  16. I was heartened today as I read my emailed copy of Crystal Cathedral Today, inviting all to learn and follow the RAS Donna new ministry news on this blog.


    New! Donna Schuller’s Blog

    Have you been wondering what the next step in
    ministry is for Robert and Donna Schuller? Now
    you may read and watch the latest updates on their lives and ministry, and those of their children, as well, through Donna’s new blog at
    continued on page 14

    This is good that all members or adherants now will know of this inspiring site and that RAS and Donna will have the new ministry.

    Easter Blessings to all



  18. Hi Donna, Can you tell me if this is Bobby's church? Seems to have same name in same area...but looks to be something else?? Glad you guys are ok. Have a great week!

  19. Well done, Donna! I particularly like how you acknowledge the pain during winter times. So often we try to ignore that and focus on the positive, which really invalidates the pain, preventing the grief process.

    @jacquesnz: That is not our Gathering. Our website is

  20. Yes, there is indeed hope. Thanks again for providing us with a way to connect with you, RAS, and the rest of your family. Thanks to Bobby and the St. Patrick Project for helping with the video.

  21. Hi Donna, You are an inspiration to everyone who goes through down times. We are watching and praying for you both with great expectations. It is great to know what you and Bob are doing. Thanks for the email.

  22. Hello Donna,
    Greetings from S. Florida!
    What a powerful video! Yes, Winter is Over, and God is doing new things in all of our lives. How beautiful! We celebrate with you in the newness of life!
    We love you and miss you!
    Linda and Dan Scalf

  23. Such An Awesome Video Donna !
    So full of hope and inspiration...
    God Bless you and Robert and you refocus and rebuild, and allow God to lead you into and even greater ministry in the days ahead.

    Continued Love and Prayers

    Pastor Roger & Shirley Johnson
    Associated Family Ministries
    Vancouver, BC

  24. Hello Donna,
    As I read your blog, the song and Scripture "Beauty for Ashes" went through my head. I'm glad your winter
    is over. (I worked in a greenhouse,
    and one of my jobs was to take the
    young tomato plants outside to "weather"
    them so they would last the growing
    season and produce hardy and delicious
    tomatoes.)The winter served a purpose.
    Good day and God bless. Lauranne

  25. Thank you for your beautiful message!

  26. Dear Donna:

    I too have been through a long dark winter. My husband lost his job of 33 years due to downsizing. I also have been unemployed from a position that I felt that God called me to working with homeless families.

    We are both being refined. Our faith is being tested for our every day living. Our spring has not come yet but I anxiously await what God has been preparing for us and us for it.

    I miss seeing both Robert and yourself and pray that your relationships with family and the Crystal Cathedral staff are being mended.

    God has a plan for all of us. It is just difficult to submit to his will and and see the end result when we are in the midst of the changes.

    Blessings to both of you.


  27. Dear Donna,

    I was so very happy to find your blog and to read and listen to your videos. My entire family was shocked and so very hurt by everything that happened at the Crystal Cathedral. We live in Seattle and have been here for about six years. It has been very difficult to find a church so we considered the CC our church and considered Robert our pastor. We felt very lost when we stopped watching the Hour of Power. This is the first city that we have lived in and have not been involved in church locally. We always watched the Hour of Power and attended our local church. It has been lonely not having any church in our lives these past months.

    However, over these past months we have been working on devotions and doing a lot of Bible reading. Looking for comfort in God's word. It took a long time but we have achieved some sort of peace and hopefully in the next few weeks will start looking for a local church again.

    In the meantime it is wonderful to read your blog and hear your messages and the St. Patrick project sounds terrific and a perfect place to give our tithing.

    Blessings to all of you!


  28. Once again, you bring a very important message across and indeed without those unexpected dark winters and storms in our life, we would not truly be able to appreciate the beauty of spring and hope. I do have to admit though, even through the darkest days of those painful winters and whenever I was truly concerned and scared, all I had to do is close my eyes in the dark and think of Jesus and God and I would immediately see light. I truly wish you and Robert a long and lasting Spring and Blooming Future.... Sherin

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