Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unexpected Tomatoes


  1. Donna, I love your videos or all other messages. - They have a lot of significance in it. - Dear Gold, I'm thankful for Donna and her inspiring words.- Blessings always to you and Robert, Rosemarie

  2. Donna, this video is so good...I mean, so very good! Wow, you have an inspiring message couched in a real story that I can relate to!

    When we bought our house, my wife and I were so wanting to keep the previous owner's meticulous lawns and gardens looking good. I cut the lawns regularly and never did they look unkept but then one year I was no longer able to trim them for 2 months after the spring, due to illness and so decided to just give the lawns a chance to renew themselves,
    all over the overgrown lawns after 2 months, when the sun came out, there were these little white flowers. My wife who knows flowers said, "Oh my goodness, Star of Bethlehem"! Those lovely little white flowers growing on green stocks that looked like grass, never died but rather spread the few times they were struggling to life, then to be cut off unknowingly by me! They lay in the mulch of grass clippings! That happened for about 20 years from when we bought the property in 1979 til I got sick in 2000. Then God's seed blosomed with Star of Bethlehem, everywhere!

    I found out the previous owner had Star of Bethlehem bordering a vegetable garden before we bought the house. It was a wonderful lesson for me to not always try to create beauty in nature but rather to take care of the wonderful world God made and be his gardener but not to forget He will do all things beautifully if we are patient and do not expect that it is our hand that will be the real creator of something beautiful. God is in charge and we just need to wait til He is showing us the way and time to get started!

    The last few moments of your video is so natural and honest and full of love! Well, I am obviously blown-away at this latest video.

    Thank you Donna and, as Robert wrote in one of his books, "God is blessing you". And, I think through you, God is blessing all of us who are following your website!

    Shalom, Donna
    With Love
    Jan-Michael in Canada

  3. Another great video Donna.. We so appreciate all that you share...

    May we ask, when will we be hearing from Robert?
    We miss his ministry a GREAT Deal!
    Together you were a perfect pair, and we will be so happy when we can once again hear from the 2 of you together.

    Can you convince him to join you in one of your video updates?

    God Bless

    Pastor Roger & Shirley Johnson
    Vancouver, BC

  4. Robert cannot join me until he is prepared to share his new Christian business plan with the world. I know you all want to hear from him, which I hope will be soon! Donna

  5. what a clever way of using tomatoes and God's word together! Donna that was very well done and I will watch it again to "catch that unexpected fruit!" lol


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  7. Dear Donna,

    I too, would echo Lois' comments and may I add that these videos are a really good length allowing and encouraging me and many others following world-wide, to watch several times!

    Often, some other minister's videos get too long and I have to read a copy to remember the main points I watched. You and your producer have found the right balance of "what is the message, how to connect the story to the speaker (our sincere Donna) and the audience (we who are motivated each time you add a video or write a message) and we are left wanting more, another time"!

    Jan-Michael here will, I know, always want your blogs and I hope they stay your personal ministry. While I use Bobby's The Gathering for a Sunday Ministry and follow St Patrick Project of all of you and await Robert's future plan, I now need you too!

    It is really exciting to see how it all is coming together for the Glory of God and for all your followers, Donna.

    God is blessing us through your Ministry

    Jan-Michael (Canada)

  8. Donna,

    This video is so encouraging. To me, it speaks to keep planting the seeds with with deligence and God- who is faithful-will produce a beautiful harvest in due season. God's plans are soooooo more awesome than ours. This is beautiful. thank you! oh, I can't wait to hear from your husband Pastor Robert again. In God's timing, I know.

    blessings! Marcianne

  9. Donna: Really enjoyed your words. I have to add that I you may not have much luck at tomatoes, but your roses are gorgeous. My husband grows the prettiest roses and he just loves and nutures them, a gift I do not have. I guess God saved me for other types of nuturing. Blessings, Lynn

  10. Donna, I so enjoy your blog. and what an encouraging video again. You put so much into it. I admire you for that. I also like to read the comments, as I live in The Netherlands I don't practice the English language that much anymore, (I lived in Canada for a year but that is a very long time ago)
    Thanks for the e-mail Donna, it's highly appreciated.

    Much Christian Love

  11. Plants growing without a gardener's nurturing, how humiliating. ;) Does that mean God can run the universe without my help?
    My husband loves to garden.
    He can grow poppies when others can't. I think the poppies know he was born in CA and they're willing to oblige.

  12. What a loving and sweet video, and commentary on our outlook on life. I put off watching it until I knew I could spend time listening and accepting the lovely sentiments of your message. I will watch it again, perhaps several times, to remind me to be patient, and watch as new and glorious gifts grow naturally from their souce, our Lord. You are special and I am thankful that you choose to communicate with us who are in need of our pastor and his team, once again. Your friend, Melody

  13. I love that video after being in
    hospital for nearly a week. It is so marvelous to be back again and watch this lovely video. When I started to watch the video what was a eating but a tomato and ham toasted sandwich.

    We have found that some of our vegatables that are selfsown are better than deliberately planted ones God bless Barbie M

  14. This reminds be to remember the old saying "Bloom where you are planted".

  15. Thank you for your encouyraging words. It is marvelous you are back. I missed your husband's words every week on tv. Wish Robert lots of success with his new plans and activities. Hope to see and hear him somewhere soon!
    I am sure God will bless you, your husband and your activities.
    Ben Holthuis, The Netherlands.

  16. Dag Ben,

    Hoe sta jij tegenover een initiatief om Robbert en Donna en Bobby in Nederland te ondersteunen.

    Jeroen Kokke

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  18. Hi Donna. I watched your video before my husband and I went on a business trip to Oahu, Hawaii. Little did I know the impact it would have. My husband and I were golfing on a beautiful golf course at Turtle Bay. After the 13th hole (I was riding along not golfing)I started to become restless and bored. I remembered your video and decided to apply what I had learned. We were waiting to play the next hole and I thought to myself what can I focus on....I looked to my left and right and saw all of this beautiful foilage. It was overwhelming...I started looking at each and every individual plant and flower in my range of sight. I decided to count all of the different plants and flowers I could find. Then it occured to me... there is a saying you can't see the forest for the trees. But I couldn't see the trees for the forest. When we approached the next hole there was a rock with a Hawaiin(sp) saying." Remember and say thank you". I interpretted that to mean... remember God in the Glory of all of His Creation and thank him for it. Hope you and Robert are thriving. You are always in my prayers and loyalty. Mary Alvarez

  19. Pls. do us a favor, write in English! I as Swiss understand you a bit but others certainly not. Blessings, Rosemarie

  20. http://www.free-translator.com/

    Rosemarie, thanks for thinking of all of us who wish to share in the comments of all and regretably, here in North America our exposure to other languages is not as diverse as in Europe.

    I thought that I would post the free translation site that is easy to use and add that I hope everyone will be able to use and follow Donna's Blog, so maybe the site I have posted will help.

    I often write in one language and as an addendum, do the free translation, copy and paste it below my initial post entry.

    It really is fun to do it twice in English and then to Dutch, French or German and see how it comes out! I knew of some people who were intimidated at posting for fear that they would not have it down correctly and now we have free-translator.com/ so I think.. how great that is!

    Rosemarie, thank you again for kindly thinking of the majority here like I, who speak English only or a few words in one other language but for me, I do not mind and, as I say, it can be good to see the words in the writer's tongue along with English.

    "God is Blessing us" through you as RAS would say ( Ref: Getting Through What You're Going Through book)

    Take care and Shalom to all..Jan-Michael(Canada)


  21. he Ria, dank je voor je reactie.
    De mail van Donna heb ik ook ontvangen.
    Anthony was in Nederland van de week. Heb wel de behoefte om naast HOP Nederland ondersteuning te gaan geven via mijn eigen organisatie aan het St. Patrick Project. Zou het leuk vinden daar met anderen over te brainstormen. Mis de contacten met geest verwanten.

    Groet Jeroen

  22. Hi Rosemarie, I deeply apologize to all of you for this. My mistake!! I posted my comment to Jeroen very, very late. So by accident in my own language, it should have been written in English of course and now it seems so very impolite.
    It was not on purpose so I hope you will forgive me.

    With much Christian Love

  23. Jean-Michael. Better we learn the language we like to use/speak. I tried it with several translators, English to German. Just lousy. - Blessings, Rosemarie

  24. Dear all.
    Easy thinking thats what is . Sorry to all the readers. My comments wich i'll write in the future shall be in englisch. It's such a joy to hear from you all. Keep writing and thinking. Gods way to communicate through us is happening now at this verry moment. God is blessing you all.
    Jeroen Kokke

  25. That's okay by me. I have a translator on my MacBook that my son Anthony showed me this morning!
    No worries! Donna

  26. Rosemarie, Thank you for trying it out and I was trying to suggest that if one puts it in their own language then translates to English if the writer does not speak English, it would hopefully make everyone comfortable to at least post a comment.

    Yes, you are correct if you translate from English to another language on the Free site it is not great (but is understandable I think). Anyway, I see Ria has posted her thoughts and I too hope everyone tries using English but please, if as one person who wrote me a few weeks back in "poor English" and apologised, "Heh", I wrote "your English is much better than my non-existant Polish"!

    Thanks, Shalom and With Love from Jan-Michael
    PS As a Dutch person raised in England and then moved to Canada I guess I have always yearned for Dutch ability and so I enjoyed Ria's use of Dutch, though a translation by her would have been best. I would maybe have learned a bit more fluency if that is possible for a fella my age(58). Never too old they say but I don't know, maybe just never too old too try, as a Schuller might say, eh?

  27. Today is probably one of the saddest in my life.
    A very dear friend of mine is diagnosed with brain cancer today. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and went through the chemo's etc. And all seemed to be prosperous for her untill a view days ago. She had been dizzy for a couple of days and to make a long story short,she went through the scan. The cancer has spreaded out into her brains and the doctors can do nothing for her anymore.
    I would kindly ask you to please remember her, her daughthers and husband in your prayers.
    Thank you

    Blessings to all

  28. ria: I know that everyone is praying for your friend. That is so sad. She is so lucky to have you and others during this time. May you be comforted to remembering what a blessing you and your friend are to one another.

    Linda C

    People isn't this more important than fussing over language or Hour of Power.

  29. Hi Dazay, pls. be not so hard with us here. It was just a hint, because you Americans, most of you, speak only English and tranl. progr. are really bad. Anway, I certainly pray for Ria. I know important on this Blog, are Robert and Donna. I'm sooo... thankful that we now have it. Thanks dear heavenly father!!! - Blessings, Rosemarie

  30. Ria I am so sorry to hear of your friend and I will indeed be praying for her and for YOU and her family as well. I, too, saw a dear friend/ cousin of ours go through brain cancer and I kind of know the feeling of sadness and helplessness one feels at this time! God be with you and your friend!

  31. Ria,

    Thank you for letting us into your heart and inviting us to pray for your friend and her loved ones.

    Through your open expression of empathy and loving outreach, I believe God is blessing your friend and all of us here!

    Stay strong, Ria, and believe that there will be better days yet to come. I know that maybe seems impossible just now but I believe it. And nothing is lost by believing!

    With Love Jan-Michael

  32. Dear Ria,
    I am just reading your comments regarding your friend who was diagnosed with brain cancer. I am sure this must be a very difficult time for her, her family, and you. I pray that God will continue to give you peace and understanding. I pray for her comfort and also that her husband and girls would find some sense of hope and encouragement during this difficult time.
    God is blessing you, Donna

  33. Hi Ria,
    Our prayers and thoughts are yours. Special for youre friend and her family.
    Be strong and be hopefull . Always and speciali now God is walking with youre friend not an easy way , but He is there as always.


  34. Beste Jeroen,
    Er moeten volgens mij mogelijkheden zijn om
    Robbert, Donna en Bobby in Nederland te gaan steunen. Hoe kom ik me je in contact?
    Ben Holthuis

  35. Hoi Ben,
    Groet Jeroen

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  37. Ben Holthuis

    I was pleased to see you write to Jeroen in your and his native language. I was able to follow a translation and I am sure Donna will be also be able to help you if Jeroen is unavailable immediately, as she posted that her Apple Computer has a translator now.

    Thank you for helping me, through your post, to see your words as they were meant and then in English through my translator I have on my computer. This Ministry through St Patrick Project is wonderful!

    I can tell you, currently I send Canadian cheques monthly to

    St Patrick Project
    P.O. Box 1584
    Orange, CA 92856

    and their bank just does the conversion to US currency. Soon the whole picture will be clearer when RAS has finalised his Ministry. I am hoping Donna is part of that or that she continues this Blog Ministry I have come to love.

    With Love and Shalom
    Jan-Michael Wildeman (Canada)


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