Thursday, May 28, 2009

American Life Television Network!

I have had several inquiries as to how to get ALN. We are currently on cable and continuing to build our subscription base. To inquire please log-on to On the right side of the screen you will see "click here to request ALN in your area" Once you enter your zipcode and then click on "search" a drop-down menu with your possible providers will appear. From there it takes another 30 secs to complete the form to be sent directly to the cable company! Please also encourage your family and friends to do the same. The more letters the better! Donna


  1. Hoi Donna,
    How is Robert feeling after such a busy and hectic time.


  2. Donna, I hope Robert is finally fine!!! He didn't speak in public like you do with your wonderful blog. I hope he will come to your blog personally once in a while. Even I didn't expressed my feelings to much to you personally, I didn't wanted to hurt him or you. I miss him a lot!!! I finally thought I found my church with HoP, because of him. But... what happened sadden me and still do. It's still a mystery to me?!.- Dear Havenly Father give this two people strength, hope, satisfaction, peace and a lot of patience to fully overcome. Amen - My love and understanding is with you both and your colose family. - Swiss Rosemarie

  3. Dear Donna,

    I read about Robert's television vision this morning. It sounds like a beautiful plan and a plan that will grow. God bless this vision.

    On Memorial Day I composed a letter to President and First Lady Obama because an idea swept through me last week. This idea is worthy of consideration and prayer. It is an idea that could bring America together and help restore America's drowning economy.

    In an effort to share this idea, I am posting part of the letter on your blog. I know you have an international audience and we need an international partnership to restore America. It seems connected to Robert's new vision for cinema arts.

    March 26, 2009

    “I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled poets to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean.” –Socrates 469 BC – 399 BC

    Dear President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama:

    If one ember can displace a forest, could one thought displace humanity? Could one single thought, caught in a dream, be the scheme that could uproot the nation from the ravages of economic hardship, and surrender the world’s population into the arms of another renaissance? It is the intent of this writer to communicate one thought that could change the course of America’s current economic climate, and the spiraling decline of our world’s view on divinity. My American Cinema Bill concept will be fully expressed in the body of this communication.

    We could create an American Cinema Bill that releases classics or makes new movies for the sole purpose of replenishing our broken state and federal government finances. There are wealthy Americans that would invest in this renaissance of American dreams. I believe if we build an American Cinema Bill, they will come. Americans will invest in the movies and the proceeds from these special movies could go into our state and federal budgets.

    Is art a reflection of life, or is life a reflection of art? The arts are, and always will be, the great gift to timeless treasures of history. Let us step back and examine what an American Cinema Bill would have. The American Cinema Bill can be a model for thinking.

    Movies are lessons. Let us find the rights and the objectives to release great moments of cinema history to ignite great thinking. Children across America could pay for field trips to select American Cinema Bill presentations. Great lesson plans could be written on these timeless themes, and our president or the First Lady could have fireside chats, for the first time in history, with tomorrow.

    I think this is such an exciting prospect. This idea takes us where we are, and has the potential to lead to where we need to go. We will do this together, as a nation, united as one.

    The state lottery system could create movie tickets with numbers and bring a new dynamic to the state lottery. The lottery could be more than winning money; it could be a home that has been foreclosed on, it could be a visit to the White House, etc.

    Countless homes sitting vacant could be delivered to a lottery winner. Let us take the lemons and make lemonade.

    The White House is the people’s house; a lottery winner could win a trip to have dinner at the White House. Life has more promise than money, it has the promise of relationships and freedom of expression in a great land.

    Education could be turned upside down with the President, First Lady, and the nation taking the American Cinema Bill to the highest level, an exercise in compassion, learning, and the power of one single thought.

    Respectfully yours,

    Ms. Kathy Paysen


  4. Your vision Kay reminds me of stories my parents told me of The Depression and the WWII years being times that wonderful ideas were born!

    It is ironic or maybe natural that there can always be great ideas spawned from the hardest of times; "When times get tough the tough get going"? Or perhaps it could be said that 'God is always ready to help when he sees a seed of a great idea and He quietly embellishes the idea, puts our plans into words, as your eloquent letter reads just so, and then the seed blossems!

    Donna's blog has opened a forum for your fine idea sent to your President and First Lady. A wonderful idea by the way and now here in Canada I am excited by your plan and others across the globe will read your plan. We all need to work together as we are all in this together!

    May I add that the film industry has become so international ( Toronto has a Disney Studio here now for computer animation ) and many films are made outside USA though the centre of the undustry is Holleywood.

    The whole world could use your plan and I hope others can find a way to help the seed you have started become a "Mighty Oak"!

    God is blessing you

  5. To Gail / Kathy ...I posted my comment and wrote Kay but see yours was posted by Gail with Kathy in the letter signature. So I got a bit confused and ended up calling you Kay!

    Whatever, your idea is good and sorry if I got the name wrongly in my post...Jan-Michael

  6. Dear Jan-Michael,

    You are so sweet to post a correction on my name.
    I posted Gail Wilson (my middle name and maiden name) when I first signed on to Donna's blog and then mindlessly put my married name (first and last name) on my writing(s). Sorry for the confusion.

    I have attended the Crystal Cathedral for the past few years. I have always admired Robert H. Schuller.

    My youngest daughter was in several of the Cathedral's Glory productions - as an angel and a ballet dancer. She works for the church part-time.

    I was in the Crystal Cathedral Choir for about six months. I needed to stop participating when my Mother had a stroke last November.

    I am so happy to hear of Robert Anthony's new vision. My prayers are with him and Donna.

    God has done great things!

    I posted my personal letter to the President because it felt right. I wanted to share my vision with Donna and friends.

    I love Canada. I have relatives in Prince Edward Island.

    May God bless and keep you today and always.

    God bless you,

    Kathy Paysen


  7. Kathy it is a small world...My wife was raised in Prince Edward Island and we have had many wonderful trips back to the Island (Oyster Bed Bridge) near Anne of Green Gables house and Charlottetown. Lots of beach days searching treasures there, too!

    Great to hear of your times at Crystal Cathedral. My wife and I were there for a month (Actually Palm Desert) then onto CC and along the Pacific Coast Hwy to San Juan Capistrano across Anzo Barago to Salton Sea.

    What a trip!

    Your vision that you wrote to President Obama of is a great plan and again I wish you great success.



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