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  1. Donna, I love to hear about your wonderful beach experience. - I have something similair at our riverside. There I enjoy God's peace in the middle of the nature. A lot of trees, birds sing , ducks on the river, orange butterflies, nice small shells and beeing together with friends. - My thoughts and blessings are with you and Robert - Rosemarie

  2. Thank you for taking us to the beach, Donna and reminding us again of the wonders of nature and the blessings of the world God has created!

    I too love finding hidden treasures on a beach or anywhere! Today I was helping clear some stuff that had sat for 20 years or so in the house of a gentleman neighbour of my Mum who passed away in a nursing home and the house was rented to several different families over the years. We were asked to check if there was anything we wanted now there is no family left it seems!

    I found a door in the basement to a cupboard though paint had made it almost invisable! Inside was an old electrical box and inside the box were all the keepsakes of a woman who owned the house with her now departed husband. I think the woman's husband had kept them after his wife died in the 1970's.

    Wonderful treasures from old hairclips and curlers to a gold watch that still worked when I wound it up! The woman's husband had saved all these special keepsakes and now I need to find a special way to honour the "owner" and her keepsakes.

    Donna you have raised my spirits not only through your story and memories of the beach but your wonderful animated approach to God and life's blessings brought back to life or renewed by childhood memories. It is so inspirational!

    It certainly connected to me and now, with a box of treasures lost for years to honour, I feel a special mission on behalf of this man and his wife! It is almost like these treasures were waiting for the right person to find them and I hope I am the right person. I will do my best for the memories!

    Thank you and have a great week!


  3. Hello Donna and thank you for taking us to the beach. I had to smile when you talked about spending a lot of time at the beach because I truly can relate.

    I grew up as a military brat and when I was 5 my father was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. We went to the beach often and it was a magical special world. To this day whenever I am at the beach I have a feeling of peace and calm and I feel so very close to God.

    I remember once asking my dad, who grew up on a farm in North Dakota, if he ever thought he would see such wonders when he was on that farm. He told me the first time he stood on a beach it took his breath away and he never thought he would see so much of the world and the wonders that God has created. My favorite recent memory of my dad is when he and my mom came for a visit to Washington. We drove to the coast and spent the day at the beach and I remember my father going into the water with his new shoes. My mom stood on the sand yelling he was going to ruin his shoes. My dad turned to her with a huge smile and said they were just shoes and enjoying the day was more important than a pair of shoes.

    The beach holds such treasures and memories. A wonderful place to go for healing.

    Thank you so very much for sharing!

  4. Hidden treasures. I was an only child. My sterp-mother died before my father. So when my father was terminally ill it was up to Len and I to look after him
    and keep an eye on him as long as we could.

    One day I had been looking after
    him and he produced a parcel and
    sat with it in his lap. I asked him what it was only to be told
    that he was thinking. Shortly after that I had to put him back into hospital and he never came
    home again. The night before his
    funeral, Len and I spent it at his hous. I remembered this parcel. I remembered where he had put it. I found it and opened it up. I found that it was photos of my father and my
    real mother on their honey mooon
    Photos that I had never seen before.

    Finding these photos the night before his funeral gave me the
    strength to face his funeral the
    next day.

    God bless you all Barbie Maple

  5. Thank you for sharing this Barbie. This must have been bitter/sweet for you. I am sure that your treasure those photos.

  6. To everyone who has shared such heart-warming stories about the beach and "hidden treasures", I really appreciate you! I think we are starting to have a little community here and that's great!!

  7. Yes Donna, I loved reading the stories too.
    I am glad you appreciated them. When I put my story I wondered if it was appropriate to put on your Blog and was glad other stories followed.

    It really is nice to find a community growing here as you say. We trust you and your blogspot and it makes us 'think' and then we want to share our stories.

    Thanks for drawing stories out of us!

    God is blessing you

  8. Dear Jan-Michael,
    Thank you for your rich stories! I really appreciate your participation. He is blessing you too Donna

  9. Hello Donna,
    My family recently took a trip to Padre Island.
    My husband said his father told him fifty years ago about Corpus Christi and my husband always wanted to go. We rearranged our finances and took a short vacation to Padre Island, near Corpus. We walked along the beach and I looked for treasures. A jellyfish had washed upon the beach, not a big deal to anyone else, but I remembered forty years before as child, my family stood on the same Island and wondered about a jellyfish we had seen on the beach. I guess the long trip held more than just sun, sand and surf.


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