Friday, June 5, 2009

Caged Bird


  1. What a beautifull way of telling us how we can be set free.
    and do what God wants us to do .

  2. Good on you Doona. Thanks for showing us close up your lovely little dog. I am a big dog person myself but I love the look of yours. "Being set free" I do not know how this is going to happen but seeing that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and under treatment for it. I feel very much led to reach out to other ladies and speak to them so that they will
    have mammograms and have breast
    cancer found early like I did and therfore save their lives
    God bless you all Barbie M

  3. Hi Donna and lovely dog! - We live in a "bird cage" when we narrow our mind and limit our thinking. Or when we have an unplasent job situation, like I. - I had to give up my job, because my salary didn't came in as it should. It looked like I have had to work for free. Now, I take a little time out and I'm prepared to open my eyes and set my job limites free, like you with this bird. - I mean I'm prepared to do a lot of things I even thought years ago I'm not able to do them.

    God's blessings for you and your family, Rosemarie

  4. Hi Donna,

    I loved your message! We live in the Seattle Washington area and this is the last place I ever wanted to live. Even though I grew up in a military family I have always considered Texas home. I was born in Texas and have lots of family there. My husband and I were lucky enough to live there and were very happy. The company he works for kept asking him to move and he kept saying no because he knew how happy I was in Texas. Finally the company said you will move or risk losing your job. I grumbled and complain but we moved and I am ashamed to admit made everybody miserable because I wanted to go "home" to Texas. (I'm also ashamed to admit I grumbled for about 5 would think a person would get over it after a while.)

    Last summer my husband got a lay off notice in June. He had 60 days to find another job within the company or he was gone. Thankfully he was able to network and found another job and started right at the end of his 60 days. Our friends who work for the same company but still live in Texas were not as lucky. My husband not only got a job but got to make a terrific career change, something he had been wanting to do for a long time but was not willing to pursure because I kept holding out that we would move back to Texas. I finally realized God had his hand in this plan the entire time. Especially since my husband has made it through the last two round of lay offs and more of our friends in Texas are now without a job.

    I can tell you I know longer grumble in fact I feel very humble at the lessons I have learned. Untill your message I never realized I had been living in a "bird cage" and was not happy with how life was going. As I look back to last June I look at all the changes we have made and how much happier I am. Letting go and letting God take over was a long time coming and I'm happy to have him in control again.

    Blessings to you all,

  5. Thank you for sharing a bit of your hearts with me. Sometimes we get so content with where we are that we don't think there's anything else out there for us. Transitions are difficult but a necessary part of life. Donna

  6. Donna, I'm happy for you that you can find satisfaction with your congregation here!!! - May God bless you richly! - Rosemarie

  7. Thanks for the story of the friend who had to pry his caged bird off its perch! I know that I had a time in a comfortable work situation that met what I felt were my primary responsibilities as a husband and father; to bring home the money to support my family; to organize my career to ensure I had time to spend with my family.

    Yet, I was not fulfilled in my other personal needs; too afraid to risk a change that would upset what seemed a secure life!

    Then, of course, after 20 years in a safe job, making it up to senior VP, the company was sold, dismantles and I was out of a job. After
    the fears of the future (initially I had a good financial settlement) and spending a month worrying, I suddenly had a sense of calm! I really feel now, some spiritual sense 'spoke' to my soul and said, 'you have a chance to spend time with your family like never before. You have a 20 year track record and would you not hire a person with your qualification?'

    I prayed a lot over whether this was fair to my family or selfish and the answer came back 'It would be selfish and unfair to your family NOT to take the time with them'

    So, I made up my mind to take 6 months and not even look for a new position 'til the kids were back to school after summer holidays.

    We had a wonderful summer and the day after school re-opened I made some calls and within a month I had settled on what became an even better career decision, better than if I had written the job description myself! I was able to do things that I had always wanted but were not available in my old job of 20 years. I had dreant of turning a business career into a way to work on businesses that helped the disabled and the needy. I wrote a plan of how I would get all those accounts for charities and healthcare facilities and make their businesses and non-profit organizations better!
    I sold my plan to an established company.

    It all worked and led to 15 great years 'til I had to leave due to Multiple Sclerosis and vision loss. The company caries on without me except as a consultant when needed. I am progressing well in things I love to do.

    I believe God somehow set in motion a way of prying me off my safe perch and opened my eyes to what I had been missing by staying safe.

    The best summer with my family and the best new career, all once I was forced off the 'perch'. And finally, I learned so much working on the business of charities and the physically challenged, that when I became challenged physically myself, I had a lot of the knowledge I needed!

    I now tell friends who have lost their job due to the economy or whatever, that this can become an oppotunity though that will be hard to see right away. I know that just like your friend's caged bird, it is always hard but God wants us to soar and will lift us up if we release ourselves to His care!

    God is blessing us all.

  8. [barbie said in part...
    "I do not know how this is going to happen but seeing that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and under treatment for it. I feel very much led to reach out to other ladies and speak to them so that they will have mammograms and have breast cancer found early like I did and therefore save their lives]

    Barbie, I am sending your post info on the importance of mammograms to all the women in our life here in Canada so, to some extent I guess, your message is going to be spread in your words albeit anonymously, as I have removed your name from your post words.

    Bless you for your advice and words that I, as a man can send along to ladies in our life as a testimony from another lady, you!


  9. Hi Donna and cute puppy dog!

    I love your caged bird blog and all the comments from our "congregation." :) We all certainly need each other in the body of Christ. Over the past 3 years, I have been my elderly mom's (age 81) sole caregiver 24/7. She has alzheimer's bad enough now she has to be put in a memory care facilities in a few months. I am the youngest sibling with 2 older brothers. I have tried my hardest to keep this from happening but I know mom is gettin to be beyond my ability to care for her. Even though I have been happy to assist mom, my life has been on hold. I have been so involved with mom, I have burned out. Being in nursing school and working full time plus 24/7 care has totally drained me.
    I have felt like a caged bird desperate to fly though. God has blessed me with wonderful friends and extended family but sometimes I fear I am missing God's purpose for me due to these situations. My brothers leave all mom's care to me but I have finally convinced them I can't do it alone anymore. I am the only Christian. I feel alone sometimes but I do feel I am beginning to fly. I am young enough to have a career, relationship, and independence. Thats my "caged bird" experience - learning thats its OK to fly into God's plan for ME! I feel guilty sometimes though.
    I need to know God's peace and freedom. That is my prayer.


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  11. I just took delivery of a Red 4 wheeled Fortress Scooter and had to tell you all that I am not feeling caged physically by my MS as I have been for the last while.

    A bi-lateral walker and cane just didn't work for me anymore. My kind of Multiple Sclerosis is like that. One day instead of a slow downward slope, you suddenly know a big hill is coming and you need to get ready!

    Sure enough the doctors and Occupational Therapists confirmed this was not a blip and yup, "No more walker and cane but a scooter for you and do it now", they said!

    This is not bad you know. The Scooter goes 30 miles on a charge which is a lot more distance than I could ever do with a walker. And it is environmentally friendly as opposed to our car which gets 40 MPG but uses gas. My wife drives me when necessary but now I can do shopping, medical visits and get over to the park or the lake which is a couple of miles away. And I can do I myself! Thank you Lord!

    In fact I am going to scoot(er) over to watch the end of the kids ballgame now! Haven't been able to do that for a long long time on my own!

    I feel truly blessed!

    Blessings to all

    This is what I got:

  12. Hi fans from this blog and Donna!

    An interesting article.- I have the hint to it from Crystal Cathedral/One Community. HoP/ Robert A announcemen, page 2

    My oppinion to it, is just sadness and incomprehension.I have difficulty to see CC as my Church as I did. I go more and more some steps backwards. - I do no not dwell in this, I look positively in the future for you Donna and Robert . Nevertheless...

    My love and blessings, Rosemarie

  13. Pls. take this link, other do not function. Why?!

    Blessings, Rosemarie

  14. Robert V.(Bobby) Schuller's The Gathering move into Orange,CA this week and first service there is so exciting. I can hardly wait to get the Podcast of the service! Bobby's Q&A on the Podcast last week explaining the vision was excellant and the whole concept of The Gathering and the new beginning is great.

    I know you Donna and Robert have been in the background of Bobby's The Gathering the past few months particularly so congratulations to Bobby and all who have assisted and inspired the new church plant and plans.

    Wow, RVS' The Gathering, RAS' in the fall and Donna's Blogspot every week. It all just gets better and better!

    God is so blessing us



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