Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot Glass


  1. Dad (Robert Anthony) filmed this one! I only did a little editing. Nice work :)

  2. So true Bobby! I'm sure he will appreciate the credit...a newly acquired skill! Now he can work on both sides of the camera. (you should have heard me giving him direction!) Thank you Betsy for this beautiful piece of art! With love, God is blessing all of you, donna

  3. Beautiful Artwork, great message, liked the dog meandering onto the set and the camera panning up at the end was very grace-inspiring.

    I just watched Ukraine's Got Talent where the artist tells her stories with sand on a light-board and with a candle lit. The reason I mention this is she draws the people by removing what should not be there by removing the sand that is obscuring the picture of the real person.

    I thought this so true that we are born pure and then stuff happens and we are hidden somewhat, overwhelmed by events and insecurities.

    If we can shake off the dark sand and reveal the truth underneath...we would reveal something more of what He wants us to become!

    If you wish here is a link you can copy and paste or type into your search site:

    He is so blessing you and your followers through you


  4. Hi Jan-Michael,
    Thank you for this great link. I had fun doing this video with Robert. I am glad you liked it!
    God is blessing you, Donna

  5. Hello Donna. I like this video
    very much. I am glad that one
    small white dog was in the backr ound You have given me a lot of food for thought. One thing I do know and that is whatever problem we have including health problems. If we know and acknowledge that God
    is with us we can cope with these problems whatever they are
    God bless you all Barbie M Brisbane Australia

  6. Donna, nice to watch your video early in the morning, with your cute dog in the background, when I woke up this morning, still dark outside. - Wonderful example with the big glas ball. You are creative and talented! - As beautiful everything looks outside as confused we can be inside. Sometimes God created us as tender as your big glas ball. So we can suffer and grief, but He gave us as well the ability to get out of it, if we decide to resit we are one day in the inside like this glas ball. - Next time we see your nice camera man (Robert) not only behind the scene!!! Blessings to you all - Rosemarie

  7. Donna, indeed a beautiful peace of art, thank you for sharing this with us.
    I'll be flying to the Canary Islands in a couple of hours, you gave me enough spiritial food to keep me busy on the plane.Thank you!!!
    Cute to see your dog and I believe I heard the nice voice of a chime. Very relaxing.

    God bless you and Robert

    Ria (The Netherlands)

  8. In the aftermath of the earthquake (Indonisia)
    I am praying for all in Sumatra and vicinity, especialy for your son Anthony in Papua New Guinea.

    God is Blessing him and others affected or worried...J-M

  9. Dear Jan-Michael,
    Yes, we all need to pray for those who suffered or died from the earthquake and the sunami. Anthony is okay...he is still in Australia and will be leaving for PNG in about two weeks.
    Thank you for your concern. Donna

  10. The above comment was posted by me, Donna. My daughter's gmail was up on my computer so it looks like she posted it! Donna

  11. Thank-you J-M for bring this forward . I will be praying for everyone over there. And also that Donna & Family hear from Anthony soon.
    God Bless Everyone

  12. Thanks for letting me know that Anthony is still in Austalia and safe. Thank God!...J-M

  13. As a person who has experienced both the bad and the good in life, and who has recently come through an extremely difficult time into a much better place, I was moved to tears by this video post.

    God bless you.


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